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2016 NFL Draft Prospects: December 29, 2015 Bowl Games

by Contributor Sy’56


*16 QB Jared Goff – California – 6’4/215

Widely, but not unanimously, considered the top QB prospect in this class. As clean a thrower as you will find in the group this year. Spins it real well and is very far along when it comes to putting proper touch and zip in the ball depending on the situation. Top tier accuracy. I like his poise. He is always under control, never too high and never too low. That’s important. Has better running ability than you think. Goff had a rough stretch halfway through the season. Just got caught up trying to in games by himself. I am totally confident in him as a passer. My issue is the same one I had with Sam Bradford years ago. Does he have the body to take hits on a weekly basis from NFL pass rushers? You’d hate to spend a high pick on a guy that in only a matter of time will break in half. Goff needs bulk, and plenty of it. Still will be a 1st rounder and is in the running for #1 overall.

*#4 WR Kenny Lawler – 6’3/195

Junior that hasn’t declared yet. He is 50/50 as of right now. Led the Bears in catches and TDs. There aren’t any real standout WRs on this team but Lawler has the best tool set and upside. He is the best hands catcher of the bunch and he hosts a nice combination of height/reach/leaping ability to make him a mismatch for most corners in one on one situations. Lawler can be tossed around by more physical cover men and is too easily altered by contact, but with the NFL trending towards quicker release passing games, Lawler could easily find a starting spot early in his career. If he comes out I see a day 2 pick here.

#9 WR Trevor Davis – 6’2/180

Fourth year senior. Came in to 2015 on everyone’s radar as one of the top kick returners in the country. He broke out as a WR as well. It helps to be in this scheme with this QB but he made some elite plays. Really good concentration downfield. Tracks the ball with balance and speed. He may be the fastest WR on this team, he can really run away from people. Slight frame and limited route tree will hurt his grade a little. Looking at a 4th or 5th rounder here with some interesting upside and roster versatility.

#1 WR Bryce Treggs – 6’0/181

Four year contributor, mainly as a screen game factor. Nobody has given this kid a ton of attention but he has a level of explosion and acceleration that lot of these other WRs do not. He can go from 0-60 in a blink. Tough with the ball in his hands, constantly gaining extra yards after contact. He is a a bit of a gimmick player but he can find a role somewhere. I think he has enormous upside from the slot. Day three target here with high potential.

#89 TE Stephen Anderson – 6’3/230

Fourth year senior. Listed as a tight end and I guess he starts with his hand in the firt every now and then, but he plays more WR than anything in this spread attack. Anderson has shown glimpses over his career of being a big time matchup problem. He was a huge factor in 2014. He may have actually suffered from a system full of quality WRs that simply got more looks from Goff. Anderson is a tweener without special physical traits. So I don’t see the point in spending anything more than a 7th rounder on him but like I said earlier, he’s made plenty of plays over his career. Someone could fall for him and draft him earlier,

Other Notables:

#10 WR Darius Powe – 6’3/220
#73 Jordan Rigsbee – 6’4/300
#13 DE Kyle Kragen – 6’2/245
#41 DE Todd Barr – 6’2/240
#7 LB Jalen Jefferson – 6’2/240



#12 QB Marquise Williams – 6’2/225

Fifth year senior. Was a backup for a couple years then took over in 2013 because of injury. Started off as a running QB that would be a passer second. Really turned a corner in 2014, setting several single season records. He’s been the leading rusher in addition to a very solid pocket passer. Williams is going to get a shot somewhere. He has the talent and the intangibles. He has choppy footwork and will lose his release point at times. I’ve seen him get too aggressive near the red zone and make some costly mistakes as well. He has what a lot of offensive coaches want to work with though. Anywhere from round 3-5 I think.

#14 WR Quinshad Davis – 6’4/220

In 2012 Davis was being talked about as the next big thing among ACC WRs. He had one of the best seasons for freshman in SCC history. 2013 was more of the same with 10 TDs…but 2014 didn’t go as planned. His weaknesses are obvious. He has a hard time getting open from man coverage. He has speed but lacks the short area quickness and agility. I think Davis can be a lethal red zone threat in the NFL but there are techniques and nuances to the position he needs to really work on. He has a high ceiling. If he works out well he could be a 3rd or 4th rounder.

#78 RG Landon Turner – 6’4/325

Fifth year senior. Three year starter. Turner is massive from head to toe, I wouldn’t be surprised if he weighs in higher than what he is listed. Naturally he is a very good straight ahead blocker, he can win battles in the run game consistently. He doesn’t get out of his stance laterally very well and he lumbers in pass protection. He can dominate guys when his hands are inside though. There is potential here. Good test for him in this game. 4th or 5th rounder.

#42 LB Shakeel Rashad – 6’2/235

Perhaps the linebacker that improved his stock the most via his game tape in this class. Rashad was a little-used rush linebacker/bandit for three years until the Tar Heels implemented a new scheme. He’s second on the team in tackles and shows top tier speed to the sidelines. He is a pursuit linebacker that works well in space. He doesn’t bring that ability to coverage and he struggles in traffic to find the ball, but Rashad’s speed and ability to close will be sought after. 4th or 5th rounder.

Other Notables:

#98 DT Justin Thomason – 6’4/295
#10 MLB Jeff Schoettmer 6’2/235


*#1 WR Corey Coleman – 5’11/190

Fourth year junior that has already declared. I could write 300 words alone on his statistical accolades. Coleman was known as a workout warrior, hosting a team best 40, 3 cone, and vertical on a squat full of elite athletes. 2015 from start to finish may have put him in to top 10 consideration. His route tree is limited and the Baylor offense is very stat-happy, but Coleman has traits that will be attractive to teams in need of a young playmaker. Coleman has elite ball skills. Hands catcher. Will come away with the ball in traffic. I’ve seen several contested catches where it looks like he was being hung on to by defenders. Coleman is a strong kid. Plenty of muscle, tough after the catch. My issue with him is lack of effort on running plays, poor body language when things don’t go his way. He is a different player when the ball isn’t coming to him. That stuff worries me, especially with the WR position. He’ll be a first rounder but it he completely dominates the Combine, he could be the first WR taken.

#58 LT – Spencer Drango – 6’6/310

Fifth year senior. Has been starting his entire career. Has been the top LT in the Big 12 for a few years now. Drango almost came out in 2014 after an All American season. I think he will make a move to guard in the NFL ideally. He is a very good run blocker, can maintain power on the move. Lacks the ideal length and foot speed for the outside but in a pinch he could play tackle. Team leader, very good intangible guy. He is a blue collar player that will have a long career in the league. He is maybe the surest prospect on this team. Late 1st round is possible.

*#32 RB Shock Linwood – 5’8/195

Third year back that hasn’t declared. Big time explosion and change of direction. He may seem undersized but now a days with the committee approach tat many teams use, Linwood can be the gamebreaker most teams are looking for. He may run a sub 4.4 and I think he has more vision and awareness that some of the other backs that have cone out of Baylor in recent years.

#4 WR Jay Lee – 6’4/220

Fifth year senior. Lee is a height/weight/speed guy that doesn’t get thrown to a lot but he’s made several plays that leave you wishing he had more opportunities. The scheme and spacing helps but he has an upside based on tools that could get him drafted in round 4 or 5. He’ll need time to develop.

#2 DE Shawn Oakman – 6’8/280

Fifth year senior that started off at Penn State. Sat out 2012 because of the transfer to Baylor. Oakman almost came out after an 11 sack season in 2014, but that was only his first year as a starter and wisely chose to go back to school in 2015. Oakman is arguably the biggest “freak” in this class. What he can do in workouts is remarkable and rare. He has a combination of measurables that are very rare. He will be drafted based on upside, as he’s shown flashes of complete dominance. If you watch him a lot though, you’ll notice there are a ton of plays where he simply doesn’t factor. He still has some awkwardness to movement in short spaces. He doesn’t react well. He can really lumber around when it comes to changing direction. A guy this tall will always have a hard time winning the leverage battle, veteran NFL OL love to play against that. It will be a long road for him. He’ll make someone drool though and could be a 1st rounder.

*#75 DT Andrew Billings – 6’2/300

Another underclassmen here, most expect him to come out. Has world class level weight room strength. He has set world records among weightlifters. Interesting prospect here. He looks really stiff to me. Doesn’t bend that well and won’t easily change direction. But he is explosive from a standstill and he has a lot of functional strength. He is being coached by the same guy that coached Aaron Donald, and he has been quoted saying Billings can be a better player in the NFL. That is extremely high praise. Upside guy here but at the very least he can be a stout run defender. 1st rounder if he comes out.

#92 DE Jamal Palmer – 6’3/250

Fourth year senior. Backup for 2 years, starter for 2-ish. His 2014 ended after just 5 games because of a knee. Palmer is the guy that jumps off the screen when you turn Baylor on to watch Oakman. He is explosive out of his stance and he has a violent approach to blockers. Relentless motor, wants to finish every play himself. He can react and change direction faster than Oakman, he can change direction faster. I’m not saying he’ll grade out higher but the gap between the two is not nearly as large as some want to think.

Other Notables:

#73 LG Blake Muir – 6’5/310
#61 Jarrell Broxton – 6’5/330



#6 RB Don Jackson – 5’10/210

This will be my third look at Jackson. From what I’ve seen, he looks like a guy that could have a top 100 overall grade on my board. He has the NFL body already. Very muscular from head to toe but he also has the quick and agile lower half. He misses initial contact often and will surge through tacklers, always falling forward. Very aggressive, angry runner. Has rushed for just under 2,000 yards past two years. Hasn’t been used much as a receiver. I will spend more time on him in the coming months but I like what I see so far.

#8 DE Ian Seau – 6’3/250

Nephew of the late Junior Seau. Fourth year senior that spent a season at Community College. 1st Team All Mountain West in 2015, led team with 15.5 TFL and 9 sacks. Emotional leader of the defense that is constantly hustling to the ball. Relentless style. Bends the corner well and plays with stable legs and a strong upper body, Seau lacks some physical gifts but he can make up for some with consistent effort and positioning. He plays mechanically sound. 5th or 6th rounder that may fit best in a 3-4 OLB role.

#94 DE Lenny Jones – 63/270
#55 DT Rykeem Yates – 6’2/280


*#82 WR Rashard Higgins – 6’2/190

Junior that most are expecting to leave early. 1st Team All American in 2014 after an amazing, nation leading 1,780 yard and 17 TD performance. He didn’t match that production in 2015 but it may have been impossible to do so. I saw a lot of Higgins last year and this year. While his stat line is different by a long shot, I actually like what I see now more than what I saw in 2014. Higgins does everything well. He runs quick routes that can get himself open. He attacks the ball in the air with his hands. He can outrun defensive backs downfield. What I would like to see more of is the effort as a blocker and selling routes against man coverage. If Higgins works out well, he will be a 1st rounder and potentially one of the first five WRs taken.

#86 TE Kivon Cartwright – 6’4/245

Sixth year senior that had a redshirt in 2010 and missed 2014 with a slow healing foot injury that required multiple surgeries. Was invited to the East/West Shrine game. Prior to the injury, Cartwright was on his way to being a top tier TE prospect. 2015 was a slow road back but he showed signs of being the guy everyone thought he would be. He can get behind a defense with above average speed. He makes tough catches in traffic. I want to see more out of him as a blocker. It seems he tries to simply get his hands on the defender rather than drive through them. I don’t think he has the potentual to be a receive-only TE, so he’ll need to clean that up.

#26 FS Kevin Pierre-Louis – 6’1/215

Fifth year senior. His teammate Trent Matthews gets more attention but I like Pierre-Louis more. He has the speed, both vertically and downhill, that jumps off the screen. He is very decisive and will attack the ball carriers. Good tackler. Can flip his hips and catch up to receivers. I need to see him more but in a class that lacks cover safeties, I think this kid has an interesting upside.

#31 OLB Cory James – 6’0/245

Fifth year senior and four year starter. James has played the strong side and in the middle. Both positions work for him, he has the tools/skills for them respectively. James is stout. He can take on a block without losing ground. He has the speed to reach the sidelines. He does look stiff in coverage and doesn’t offer much as a blitzer, but he has special team and solid backup potential. The body is there and he can fit in to multiple roles. Limited upside. 5th or 6th rounder.

Other Notables:

#71 RT Sam Carlson – 6’4/295
#25 WR Joe Hansley – 5’10/180
#9 DE Martavius Foster – 6’4/270
#90 DE Joe Kawulok – 6’6/250



#74 RT Vadal Alexander – 6’6/329

Fourth year senior with a ton of starting experience. Has played in 48 our of 49 career games with 45 starts. Has played RT and LG. Will be playing RT in this game. 2nd Team All American in 2015. Alexander is massive, the kind of massive that makes other big guys look average. He is a punishing run blocker that can render a defender useless if he gets off the ball well and gets his hands locked on. Elite level power. His footwork and reaction speed can be exploited by low pad level speed rushers, but even those guys have ahard time getting around the wingspan of Alexander. He could project to guard or RT in the NFL. Day2 caliber pick.

*#77 OL Ethan Pocic

Third year junior that has not declared. There hasn’t been a ton of chatter about him coming out but I’ve been told he is 50/50 at this point. If he comes out, we are talking about one of the top 3 interior linemen in the class. Pocic moves very well. Easy bender and easy mover in space. He is stout at the point of attack, really anchors himself against power guys. He plays hard through the whistle. Pocic led the team in pancake blocks. He is a young kid with plenty of physical development to come. He can play all the interior spots, it simply makes a lot of sense for him to come out. He could be a top 45 pick.

*#65 LT Jerald Hawkins – 6’5/305

Another third year junior that has not yet declared but it looks like he will. I don’t like him much. Every game of his I have seen, I’ve made notes about how easily he was pushed back. He doesn’t dominate anyone. He has the length and feet, but I don’t see the guy that can lock a guy up and control. Maybe there is an upside I just don’t see.

*#18 CB Tre’Davious White -5’11/191

Third year junior, third year starter. 2nd Team All SEC and Thorpe Award Semifinalist. Wears the coveted #18 jersey for LSU. White is one of the best corners in this class if he comes out. Elite press cover ability with long arms and a strong jab at the line and easy turn ability. Can run with anyone downfield. QBs did not like throwing in his direction this year. He can do it all and showed some high level punt return ability to boot. 1st rounder if he comes out.

*#52 MLB Kendall Beckwith – 6’2/252

Third year junior that has not declared yet, but did submit the paper work looking for his grade. Between the tackles thumper that fits best in a 3-4 scheme. Can dominate at times. Very physical and hard to move. Fills the lanes hard, blitzes well. Will locate the football fast and work his way to it. Knows how to finish. Definitely has a lack of speed to the outside and shows heavy feet in coverage. I would advise him to go back to school, as there are too many holes in his game that the NFL just hates to see these days. He may need to play at a lighter weight.

*#92 DE Lewis Neal – 6’2/264

Third year junior that has not declared, but many think odds are trending towards him leaving early. Neal got off to a hot start in 2015, totaling 7 sacks in 6 games. A sprained ankle that he opted to fight though hampered him the rest of the season, notching only 1 sack the rest of the way. He is shorter than ideal and may not have ideal length for the 4-3 DE role. He can beat blockers off the edge though. Plays low to the ground with a strong base and quick hands. I think he should go back for another year, there isn’t anything that screams special in him. He could fall in to round 4 or 5 easily.

#45 LB Deion Jones – 6’1/227

Fourth year senior. Had to wait until this year to get a starting nod. He played really well all year, leading the Tigers in tackles. Jones is a little smaller than ideal but he can play big against blockers. Violent player that delivers a pop. He can stay on the field all three downs, showing decent coverage ability. I’ve seen Jones miss too many tackles in space. He is a weak side guy, so that is an issue. He is not Kwon Alexander from last year. I see him as a 4th or 5th rounder.

#28 FS Jalen Mills – 6’0/196

Fourth year senior and four year starter at CB and S. Has the movement ability to play both in the NFL. Very good footwork. He is quick and mechanically sound. Smart player, always moving in the right direction. He made a few All American teams although I think that was based on popularity more so than performance. Mills is a solid player but he isn’t very physical. He doesn’t have the catch up speed I want out of this style of a guy either. He had a great year in 2013 but didn’t take the next step up. He was hampered by an ankle early, missing 6 games and slowed in others. Solid cover man that can back up a few spots but I don’t think he has starting potential.

Other Notables:

#11 LB Lamar Louis – 5’11/227


#62 LT Le’Raven Clark – 6’6/308

Fifth year senior. Has been First Team All Big 12 for three years in a row. Clark has received a ton of accolades from the media and coaches throughout his career. He rarely gets beat one on one. While he doesn’t always look the part and his technique is very inconsistent, Clark gets the job done. He can project to guard or tackle at the next level. He has a nice combination of size, strength, and foot quickness. Right now I see him as a 3rd round type that could be a versatile backup early in his career.

#21 RB Deandre Washington – 5’8/200

Fifth year senior that sat out a year with a torn ACL. Very good 3rd down back type with hands and blocking ability. High effort guy. I can see him being a factor for someone in the screen game. He has a nice feel for setting up blocks and defenders. Good acceleration and change of direction. 5th or 6th rounder here that can bring excitement to an offense.

#10 OLB Pete Robertson – 6’3/238

Fifth year senior. This is the one guy on this defense that I think has top 100 potential. Robertson is a fierce, aggressive player that pursues hard and angry. He has cruel intentions. Very powerful kid. Has some straight line speed to him as well but lacks the quick wiggle out of his hips. Might not be a guy that beats blockers off the snap but he can play. He makes guys adjust to him and Robertson is playing through the whistle at all times. He has led the Raiders in TFL and sacks each of the past two years. He can fit in somewhere. 3rd or 4th rounder.

Other Notables:

#9 DE Branden Jackson – 6’4/270