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2016 NFL Draft Prospects: January 2, 2016 Bowl Games (Early Games)

by Contributor Sy’56


*#14 QB Christian Hackenburg – 6’2/228

Fourth year junior. Has always been a high ceiling kid but he’s been as inconsistent as it gets. Has had a rough situation with the poor OL. Would love to see him go back to school, he needs more time. If he comes out maybe a day 2 pick but I don’t see it. Too many negatives.

*99 DT Austin Johnson – 6’3/323

Hasn’t declared yet. Solid space eater inside with the quicks and strong punch. Has the upside of a starter. He seems stiff to me after engagement. Might be a day 2 guy if he comes out.

#98 DT Anthony Zettel – 6’3/288

Active and and quick off the snap. Plays low and strong. Annoying guy to block but I think his upside is limited. Wasn’t much of a factor in 2015. 3rd or 4th rounder.

#95 DE Carl Nassib – 6’7/272

Broke out in 2015. Had 15.5 sacks after just 2 in his career prior to. Lacks quick twitch. Won’t beat guys off the snap but does well after engagement. Another limited upside guy. 3rd or 4th round best case.

Other Notables:

#10 CB Trevor Williams – 6’1/200


#26 WR Malcolm Mitchell – 6’1/195

Team leader type. Has seen time at WR and CB. He has the tools for both in the NFL. Tough kid with good ball skills but isn’t a great athlete. Day three pick.

#71 RT Jon Theus – 6’6/303

Started off as a Freshman All American in 2012. Hasn’t lived up to the hype since. Struggles with speed and quickness. Has a long frame though but needs time to develop physically. He’s sloppy. Late rounder.

#59 OLB Jordan Jenkins – 6’2/246

Not a big time athlete but he is a guy that controls the point of attack and adds a physical element to the defense. Tough as nails. Strong and powerful. Very reliable player assignment wise. He can start day one in the NFL. 2nd rounder.

*#84 OLB Leonard Floyd – 6’4/231

Hasn’t declared yet. Some will love this kid and put a 1st round grade on him. Typical explosive edge athlete that needs bulk. Can run with WRs. Has length. Easy bender, very agile. Athletic upside is as good as it gets but he gets moved by blockers too easily. Could be a top 45 guy on my board but right now he is a 3rd rounder.

Other Notables:

#4 RB Keith Marshall – 5’11/212
#51 LB Jake Ganus – 6’2/227
#93 DT Chris Mayes – 6’4/323
#58 DT Sterling Bailey – 6’3/282



#55 LT Cody Whitehair – 6’4/309

Has played all over the OL. He projects to OG in the NFL and he may finish as my top guy at that spot. I like him a lot. Incredibly strong and powerful from head to toe. He can bend guys backward. Very good athlete off the edge. Has an easy time with speed and quickness. Won’t lose the strength game. 1st round possibly.

#33 CB Morgan Burns – 5’11/202

Could be drafted on his return ability alone. Fastest guy on team, some say 4.35 guy. Returned 4 kickoffs for TDs in 2015 alone which is amazing. As a CB alone he could be a 4th or 5th rounder. Combine the two and he could sneak in to day 2. High upside pick.

Other Notables:

#77 LG Boston Stiverson – 6’4/316
#68 RG Luke Hayes – 6’6/295
#65 RT Matt Kleinsorge – 6’5/310
#48 DT Travis Britz – 6’4/293
#45 DE Marquel Bryant – 6’3/254


*#84 TE Hunter Henry – 6’5/253

Hasn’t declared yet. My favorite prospect of the day. He’ll be my top tight end if he comes out. He is the prototype. Has the athletic ability to move outside and create mismatches. Has the size and strength to start with his hand in the dirt and block. He can be a starter right away, a good one at that. Does it all and could be a premier TE in this league.

*#3 RB Alex Collins – 5’11/215

Hasn’t declared yet. May finish as my top overall RB in this class. Love his running style. Very good vision, very decisive. He breaks tackles almost every time he has the ball. NFL caliber footwork and hip agility. Changes direction, fast in the open field. Team player. Great blocker.

*#55 LT Denver Kirkland – 6’5/340

Hasn’t declared. Moved to LT this year but I think he makes a move back inside in the NFL. Maybe a RT. Huge frame but not a good bender and he has heavy feet. Size helps but doesn’t solve his movement issues. I think he needs another year, right now I see a 4th rounder.

#73 LG Sebastian Tretola – 6’5/334

Has bounced around over past 5 years. Good run blocker. Little sloppy and lacks great lateral movement but he gets the job done often. May need time to develop physically and get in better shape, clean up some stuff but has solid backup potential. Day three guy.

#10 QB Brandon Allen – 6’2/210

Played his way in to serious draft consideration this year. I saw him plenty and while he lacks ideal triangle numbers and arm strength, he put out some of the mosrt gutsy performances I saw all year. Tough as nails. Accurate and decisive. He impressed me on a lot of occasions. Still a late round, backup type player.

Other Notables:

#93 DT DeMarcus Hodge – 6’1/340
#26 SS Rohan Gaines – 5’11/195