Tyler Johnstone, Oregon Ducks (October 3, 2015)

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2016 NFL Draft Prospects: January 2, 2016 Bowl Games (Late Games)

by BigBlueInteractive.com Contributor Sy’56


#64 LT Tyler Johnstone – 6’6/295

38 career starts. One of the best athletes you’ll find along the OL this year. Undersized and will need bulk if he wants to stick. Great footwork. Aggressive and loves to get physical despite not being a heavy guy. Some say a Joe Staley kind of guy. Could be a 1st rounder.

*#11 WR Bralon Addison – 5’10/190

Hasn’t declared yet. Missed 2014 after suffering an injury in spring. He looked like a big time player in 2013. Been playing OK in 2015 but inconsistent QB play has hurt him. Very good out of the slot. Gets open with ease and dynamic after the catch. Could be a 3rd/4th rounder.

#44 DE DeForest Bruckner – 6’7/300

One of the top DL in this class. Has a shot at being top 10. He bounces inside and out, big time matchup problem. Really big, really physical. 39 TFL and 13.5 sacks over past two years. Elite run defender that blockers can’t attach to in pass protection. He is the real deal and complete package. 1st rounder for sure.

#35 LB Joe Walker – 6’2/240

Need to see more of him. Has three down ability. Will tackle well in space and run with tight ends up the seam, also a very good inside run defender that can get off blocks. Middle rounder.

#33 LB Tyson Coleman – 6’1/233

Speed linebacker that loves to play the pursuit game. Has range but also plays with some power to him. Limited in traffic and isn’t good in coverage. 5th/6th rounder.

#56 DT Alex Balducci – 6’4/310

Haven’t watched him much. He carries the weight comfortably and he gets out of his stance fast. Not great after engaged but he plays hard and through he whistle. He’ll make plays 30 yards downfield. I want to see him a few more times.

#48 LB Rodney Hardrick – 6’1/250

Thick bodied, powerful bull type. Very good instincts and reactions. Limited athlete in space that won’t wow anyone. May need to be in a 3-4 scheme if he’s gonna stick.

Other Notables:

#62 LG Matt Pierson – 6’6/290
#72 C Matt Hegarty – 6’4/295
#3 QB Vernon Adams – 5’11/202


#7 WR Kolby Listenbee – 6’1/183

Big play guy. Averaging over 20 yards per catch over past two seasons. Might get more looks with Doctson out. He looks like a track athlete stillt trying to figure the game out. Project WR but with elite speed.

#74 LT Halapoulivaati Vaitai – 6’6/315

Three year starter. Not a fluid mover but he’s a tough guy to get around. Big time wingspan and hand power. He got away with a lot of holding in games I saw. He’s a little sloppy but I think he can stick somewhere as a backup caliber OT. Maybe eventual starter. Day three guy.

#22 RB Aaron Green – 5’11/206

Has been very solid over past two years. Over 6 yards per carry 2014/2015 combined. Part of a committee approach. Benefits from their spaced out offense. Solid all around but doesn’t stand out. Wasn’t used as a blocker or receiver as much as I want. Late rounder if he runs well in workouts.

#26 S Derek Kindred – 5’10/210

Undersized but good tackler, very physical. Fills the lanes hard. Good in zone coverage, anticipates well but is tight hipped. Late rounder best case.

Other Notables:

#55 C Joey Hunt – 6’3/295
#90 LB Terrell Lathan – 6’5/280



*#4 RB Wendell Smallwood – 5’11/201

Hasn’t declared yet but he submitted paperwork and he had a big year. I haven’t scouted him yet. I’m excited to because he has some really good movement ability. Very quick and fast, waterbug type. Little undersized but he has the frame for more weight.

#35 LB Nick Kwiatkoski – 6’2/235

Three year starter, has been the team’s leading tackler all three years. Need more looks at him but from what I’ve seen he can be a mid round prospect that starts early in his career. Smart and aware, reads the action, right place right time type.

#9 S KJ Dillon – 6’1/203

In the box safety that can be a force in the right role and scheme. Very good tackle and enforcer. Struggles to stick with WRs in space but he can make plays in coverage. Just can’t handle too much responsibility.

#36 LB Shaq Petteway – 6’0/230

Athletic in short space. Has a lot going against him but I like him from the little I have seen. He is a great tackler. Good blitzer that can feel the action. Late rounder.

Other Notables:

#78 LT Marquis Lucas – 6’4/318
#42 Jared Barber – 6’0/232


#55 LG Christian Westermann – 6’4/300

Fifth year senior, started off at Auburn. Widely know for his freakish weight room strength. He moves like a weightlifter. Stiff and slow to react to players. He is a good bender and wins off the snap initially often, but needs work on what happens after. I see a mid rounder, others think top 45.

#15 WR Devin Lucien – 6’2/195

Finally got his opportunity in 2015 and he shined. He made a ton of plays downfield. Really competes for the ball and showed some nice ball skills. He could be a big time value grab if he falls to day 3.

#8 WR DJ Foster – 6’0/195

Jack of all trades guy. He’s been a hybrid WR/RB his entire career. Fought some nagging injuries in 2015. I think he projects best to the slot in the NFL but he will need to refine his route running. Some people really like this guy. I think he is a mid rounder.

#2 QB Mike Bercovici – 6’2/210

He’s in that third or fourth tier of QBs but I think he is draftable. Nice arm and he had a lot of responsibilities in this offense. Throws a tight ball, puts the ball on the money downfield. Late rounder.

#81 WR Gary Chambers – 6’4/215

A deep sleeper of mine. Only saw him once and it was against Oregon, probably his best game in his 2 years at ASU. I see tools in this kid. Ball skills, long strides, physical. May lack some speed but this is the kind of kid I want to see at East/West Shrine or in private workouts. I think there is something here that ASU never got out of him.

#8 CB Lloyd Carrington – 6’0/195

Nice body for a a CB. Strong and long presence. Can run downfield with speed. QBs don’t look his way often, he can lock guys up. 2nd or 3rd rounder.

#32 OLB Antonio Longino – 6’2./230

Huge senior season. Plays a position that let shim roam and blitz all day. 19 TFL and 10 sacks is still noteworthy. Hustler that will pursue hard. Bends will and can punch the blocker hard. Fun player to watch. Still a day 3 guy.

Other Notables:

#73 RG VI Teofilo – 6’3/315
#50 C Nick Kelly – 6’2/296
#94 DT Demetrius Cherry – 6’6/300
#10 S Kwelshi Brown – 6’0/210