New York Giants 2004 Free Agency Scorecard


Last Updated: 7/29/2004

New York Giants Restricted Free Agents:

QB Jesse Palmer (Re-Signed; 1-year, $628,000)
TE Marcellus Rivers (Re-Signed; 1-year, $628,000)
DT Lance Legree (Re-Signed; 1-year, $628,000)
CB William Peterson (Re-Signed; 1-year, $1,368,000)

New York Giants Unrestricted Free Agents:

QB Jason Garrett (Signed with Buccaneers; 1-year, $760,000)
WR Ron Dixon
OC Chris Bober (Signed with Chiefs; 5-years, $10 million)
TE Tony McGee
DT Cornelius Griffin (Signed with Redskins; 7-years, $31 million, $8.3 million SB)
DE Kenny Holmes
DE Keith Washington (Re-Signed; 3-years, $2.6-3.5 million, $350,000 SB)
DE Frank Ferrara
SLB Brandon Short (Signed with Panthers; 3-years, $4.5 million, $1.5 million SB)
WLB Dhani Jones (Signed with Eagles; 5-years, $12.5-13.5 million, $2 million SB)
CB Ralph Brown (Signed with Redskins; 2-years $1.38 million, $250,000 SB)
CB Ray Green (Re-Signed; 1-year)
CB Kato Serwanga
CB Reggie Stephens (Signed with Broncos; 2-years)
CB Ike Charlton (Signed with Raiders; 1-year, $535,000)
S Johnnie Harris
S Clarence LeBlanc (Re-Signed) (Later Waived)

Free Agents Signed from Other Teams:

DT Fred Robbins (Signed from Vikings; 6-years, $20 million, $4 million SB)
SLB Carlos Emmons (Signed from Eagles; 5-years, $16.5 million, $4.5 million SB)
OC/OG Shaun O’Hara (Signed from Browns; 3-years, $5.4 million, $2 million SB)
WLB Barrett Green (Signed from Lions; 5-years, $13.25 million, $2.75 million SB)
OT/OG Barry Stokes (Signed from Browns; 5-years, $4.685 million salary, $1.25 million SB)
DT Martin Chase (Signed from Redskins; 2-years, $1.3 million, $160,000 SB)
CB Terry Cousin (Waived by Panthers; 3-years, $2.9 million, $900,000 SB)
DE Lorenzo Bromell (Signed from Raiders; 3-years, $3 million, $300,000 SB)
OT Ed Ellis (Signed from Chargers; 1-year, $660,000, $30,000 SB)
DT Norman Hand (Waived by Seahawks; 2-years, $1.9 million, $340,000 SB)
PK Bill Gramatica (Not Tendered by Cardinals; 1-year, $455,000)
DT Glen Steele (Signed from Bengals; 1-year, $535,000)
WR James McKnight (Waived by Dolphins; 1-year, $660,000)
WR JaJuan Dawson (Signed from Colts; 1-year, $535,000)
FS Jason Doering (Not Tendered by Colts; 1-year, $455,000)
FS Brent Alexander (Waived by Steelers; 4-years)
QB Kurt Warner (Waived by Rams; 2-years, $9.5 million, $1.5 million SB)
OT Mathias Nkwenti (Tender Withdrawn by Steelers; 1-year) (Later Waived)
TE Joe Dean Davenport (Not tendered by Colts; 1-year)

Players Claimed Off of Waivers:

S/Special Teamer Jack Brewer (Waived by Vikings, claimed by Giants)
QB Kurt Kittner (Waived by Bengals, claimed by Giants) (Later Waived)
DT Willie Blade (Waived by Cowboys, claimed by Giants)

Signed “Street” Free Agents:

QB Ryan Van Dyke
QB Kevin Thompson (Later waived)
HB Antwoine Womack
WR Ryan Hoag (Later waived)
TE Mark Inkrott
OG Scott Travis
OT Dion Meredith
DE Radell Lockhart
DE Sean Guthrie
DT Mario Monds
DT Jake Sprague (Later waived)
PK Todd France

New York Giants Salary Cap Casualty Cuts:

MLB Michael Barrow (Signed with Redskins; 6-years)
QB Kerry Collins (Signed with Raiders; 3-years, $16.82 million, $1.64 million SB)

SB = Signing Bonus