New York Giants 2005 Free Agency Scorecard


Last Updated: 6/30/2005

New York Giants Exclusive Rights Free Agents:

DT Kenderick Allen (Re-Signed with Giants; 1-Year, $380,000 salary)
SS Curry Burns (Re-Signed with Giants; 1-Year, $380,000 salary)

New York Giants Restricted Free Agents:

LB Nick Greisen (Re-Signed with Giants; 1-Year, $656,000 salary)
FS Jack Brewer (Re-Signed with Giants; 1-Year, $656,000 salary)

New York Giants Unrestricted Free Agents:

QB Kurt Warner (Signed by Cardinals; 1-Year, $2 million salary, $2 million SB)
QB Jesse Palmer (Re-Signed with Giants; 2-Years, $1.085 million salary; $415,000 SB)
HB Ron Dayne (Signed by Broncos; 1-Year, $540,000 salary)
HB Mike Cloud (Re-Signed with Giants; 2-Years, $1.21 million salary)
FB Jim Finn (Re-Signed with Giants; 5-Years, $3.095 million salary)
TE Marcellus Rivers (Signed by Texans; 1-Year, $540,000)
RT Ed Ellis (Will not be re-signed)
DE Lance Legree (Signed by Jets; 5-Years, $6.1 million salary; $1.2 million SB)
DE Chuck Wiley (Will not be re-signed)
DE Regan Upshaw (Will not be re-signed)
LB Wes Mallard (Not tendered as a restricted free agent; Signed by Patriots, 1-Year, $455,000)
PK Steve Christie (Will not be re-signed)

Free Agents Signed from Other Teams:

LB Antonio Pierce (Signed from Redskins; 6-Years, $19.25 million salary, $6.5 million SB)
OT Kareem McKenzie (Signed from Jets; 7-Years, reported $20.5 million salary, $12.5 million SB)
PK Jay Feely (Signed from Falcons; 3-Years, $1.635 million salary, $760,000 SB)
QB Jim Miller (Signed from Patriots; 1-Year, $765,000 salary, $25,000 SB)
DT Kendrick Clancy (Signed from Steelers; 1-Year, $540,000 salary, $25,000 SB)
WR Plaxico Burress (Signed from Steelers; 6-Years, $16.75 million salary, $8.25 million SB)
LT Bob Whitfield (Signed from Jaguars; 1-Year, $765,000 salary)

Players Claimed Off of Waivers:

FB Luke Lawton (Waived by Falcons, claimed by Giants)
QB Tim Hasselbeck (Waived by Redskins, claimed by Giants)
TE Victor Sesay (Waived by Dolphins, claimed by Giants)

Signed “Street” Free Agents:

HB Clarence Farmer (Released 3/8/2005)
WR Ataveus Cash (1-Year, $305,000 salary)
WR Tony Johnson (Released 3/23/2005)
WR Jason Geathers (Released 4/26/2005)
WR Michael Jennings (1-Year, $230,000 salary)
TE Chris Luzar (2-Years,$840,000 salary)
OG Lewis Kelly (1-Year, $455,000 salary)
DE Claude Harriott (Released 4/26/2005)
CB Art Thomas (1-Year, $230,000 salary)
CB Lamont Brightful (1-Year, $380,000 salary)
PK David Kimball (2-Years, $540,000 salary)
P Eddie Johnson (Released 3/23/2005)

New York Giants Salary Cap Casualty Cuts:

WR Ike Hilliard (Signed by Buccaneers, 1-Year, $665,000 salary)

SB = Signing Bonus