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2000 New York Giants Roster Analysis Heading into Training Camp

The following is an attempt to predict what the Giants’ final 53-man roster may look like by the end of training camp. After first listing the likely number of roster spots spent at each position (in bold), I will list each player and breakdown each unit. In this way, it is hoped that we will be able to identify the key upcoming roster battles. Please note, of course, that our predictions cannot take into account injuries any current player may suffer in the future – injuries which may influence this analysis.

Quarterback (3): Kerry Collins, Jason Garrett, Mike Cherry, and Bill Burke.

Burke probably has little chance unless he really shines and Cherry fails to progress at all. Cherry is cheap and he already knows the system.

Halfback (3): Ron Dayne, Joe Montgomery, Tiki Barber, Cordell Mitchell, and Omar Bacon.

Dayne, Montgomery, and Barber are locks. My best guess is that the Giants will carry three halfbacks, but if a guy like Mitchell excels and shows well on special teams, he could stick.

Fullback/H-Back (3): Pete Mitchell, Sean Bennett, Greg Comella, Brian Aikins, Dawud Rasheed, and Craig Walendy.

Many will probably disagree with me, but I see Pete Mitchell as an H-Back and not a true tight end (though he could play there in a pinch). The Giants expect big things from Bennett and Comella is a lock given his pass receiving ability and his play on special teams. The big question is do the Giants carry another true fullback? My guess is no, but I guy like Aikins could surprise.

Tight End (2): Howard Cross, Dan Campbell, Mark Thomas, and Adam Young.

Campbell is a lock. He is the future at the position and could possibly start this year if healthy. Cross is a guy who the Giants keep trying to replace, but they can’t seem to find the guys to do so. This year Thomas and Young get the shot at his spot.

Wide Receiver (5): Amani Toomer, Ike Hilliard, Joe Jurevicius, Brian Alford, Ron Dixon, Anthony Tucker, Kevin Prentiss, Jeremy Watkins, and Thabiti Davis.

Toomer, Hilliard, Jurevicius, and Dixon will make the squad. Alford is not a given. He needs to take the bull by the horns and force his way onto the field.

Offensive Line (9): Lomas Brown, Glenn Parker, Dusty Zeigler, Ron Stone, Luke Petitgout, Mike Rosenthal, Derek Engler, Jason Whittle, Chris Bober, Pita Elisara, Chris Ziemann, John Kuzora, Scott Kiernan, Mark Nori, and Jim Goff.

Brown, Parker, Zeigler, Stone, Petitgout, and Rosenthal seem like the only sure bets. The other three or four spots will be up for grabs between the other nine players. Who has the inside track? Who knows? Most of these guys are no-names.

Defensive Tackle (4): Keith Hamilton, Christian Peter, Cornelius Griffin, George Williams, Ryan Hale, Carl Hansen, and Faiva Talaeai.

Hamilton, Peter, and Griffin are obvious. The Giants could carry five defensive tackles, but my guess is four with Williams, Hale, Hansen, and Talaeai fighting it out.

Defensive End (4): Michael Strahan, Cedric Jones, Jomo Cousins, Jeremiah Parker, Lavell Ellis, Cedric Pitttman, and Frank Ferrara.

Strahan and Jones are the only sure things though Cousins and Parker have the type of athleticism that teams crave. Cousins, Parker, Ellis, Pittman, and Ferrara battle it out for two spots.

Middle Linebacker (2): Michael Barrow, Pete Monty, and O.J. Childress.

I think Childress is gone.

Outside Linebacker (5): Jessie Armstead, Ryan Phillips, Brandon Short, Dhani Jones, Jack Golden, Vernon Strickland, and Kevin Lewis.

Armstead, Short, and probably Jones are locks. Phillips has a good chance to stick one more year. I keep hearing good things about Golden.

Safety (4): Sam Garnes, Shaun Williams, Lyle West, Tawambi Settles, Tinker Keck, Greg Williams, and B.J. Williams.

It’s safe to assume that Garnes, Williams, and West make it. Settles, Keck, and the two Williams’ fight it out for the last spot with special teams play probably deciding it.

Cornerback (7): Jason Sehorn, Dave Thomas, Reggie Stephens, Emmanuel McDaniel, Andre Weathers, Ralph Brown, Bashir Levingston, and Fred Lewis.

Call me crazy, but I think seven corners make it this year as I think the Giants want to keep Bashir for his kick returning skills. Sehorn and Thomas certainly make it. Stephens sounds like an up-and-comer and I liked the aggressive coverage I saw from McDaniel last year. Some consider Ralph Brown a huge draft steal. As long as Weathers is healthy (knee), he has a strong shot to make it too.

Punter and Kicker (2): Brad Daluiso, Brad Maynard, and Bryan Schmitz.

Daluiso and Maynard form the kicking team.

The battles to watch:

  • Dayne versus Montgomery for the starting halfback job.
  • Pete Mitchell versus Sean Bennett as to who sees the ball more.
  • Howard Cross versus Dan Campbell for the starting tight end job.
  • Jurevicius versus Dixon verus Alford for the third and fourth wideout spots.
  • Christian Peter versus Cornelius Griffin for playing time.
  • Cousins, Parker, Ellis, Pittman, and Ferrara for the number one back-up at defensive end.
  • Ryan Phillips versus Brandon Short for the starting strongside linebacker spot.
  • Stephens, McDaniel, Weathers, and Brown competing for the nickel corner spot.
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