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Walter Thurmond, Seattle Seahawks (February 2, 2014)

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Maybe just before signing with the New York Giants this offseason, former Seattle cornerback Walter Thurmond took a bit of Richard Sherman’s personality with him to East Rutherford.

During yesterday’s player availability portion of the first offseason workout, Thurmond was not short of claims, boasts and everything in between, telling all media in attendance he is, well, the best.

“I think I’m the best slot cornerback in the league,” Thurmond said. “It’s being confident and studying other guy’s tape. That’s it really.”

Thurmond’s self promotion was instantly questioned by a fellow cornerback who plays several exits down on the Jersey Turnpike. The Philadelphia Eagles’ Brandon Boykin.

Thurmond is a key component of the Giants’ offseason overhaul in the secondary. Out are Terrell Thomas, Aaron Ross and Corey Webster, in come Thurmond and Dominqiue Rodgers-Cromartie.

The 26-year-old was a key contributor in “The Legion of Boom,” a nickname given to the Seattle Seahawks secondary that helped lead the team to a Super Bowl title last year. Throughout the season, Thurmond and his teammates worked to strike fear into their opponent’s eyes.

According to ESPN, Seattle allowed the fewest total yards, passing yards and passing yards per game. Opponents managed an average of just 14.4 points per game throughout the season.

“It’s that mindset of being physical and having teams fear you,” Thurmond said. “That’s the mindset we had out there. It came down to work ethic and how we prepared each week.

“I’m passionate about the game, I love the game and you need to play like it’s your last.“

Thurmond hopes to help the Giants’ establish that same reputation. He sees no reason it couldn’t be “Legion of Boom 2” for the Boys in Blue next year.

The Giants two projected starters, Prince Amukamara and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, have both flashed shutdown capabilities. Combine that with Thurmond and last year’s starter Trumaine McBride, and the California native senses a recipe for success.

“The sky really is the limit,” Thurmond said. “It’s a very talented group. The guys here are older than in Seattle, but there is a lot of potential. The organization has made great transactions this offseason to revamp the defense.

“We have the potential to be the best in the league.“

Best in the league? That would mean better than the original Legion of Boom, is that possible?

“Most definitely,” Thurmond said.

For more from Walter Thurmond, see his media Q&A from Giants.com.

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