August 5, 2005 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Afternoon Practice)

by Contributor slefrak

All of us were gathered up in one set of bleachers to watch practice. Actually my lovely wife chose to sit apart in the shade but probably to maintain deniability. There was the usual banter and good and kindly humor from our group that all the fans in Albany have to come expect and admire. Comments follow:

This was the best practice of the week if not one of the best I have seen in however many years I have been attending. It was sharp, crisp and the offense looked on its game, which of course makes me worry. What’s wrong with the defense?”

QB Eli Manning looked very good. His passes were thrown mostly with touch and lower than they have all camp, except for one overthrown rocket to I think WR Amani Toomer which he couldn’t hold onto. I don’t think anyone could have. Manning to TE Jeremy Shockey produced one great play deep in the middle which excited all of us, until I realized how badly FS Brent Alexander was beaten, and he is our starting safety.

What was interesting was how much work the “starters” on offense and defense got. They seemed to spend a lot of time out there. I wonder if this means they will not do much tomorrow. We’ll see soon enough. The other thing which stood out at least to me is the number of reps that HB Brandon Jacobs got. He seemed to be in regardless of whether it was first or second or third team. That must mean something and I can only speculate.

Place kickers Jay Feely and David Kimball seem about equal in terms of field goal accuracy, I think Kimball leads in KO distance. This may play out over the preseason.

Rich Seubert was back to second string left guard and seems to be holding his own. He is tough and hard – although I am not sure he is quick enough or rather has lost a step. Nevertheless it is a tribute to his work ethic that he is even on a football field and one can only hope he is rewarded.

RT Kareem McKenzie has DE Michael Strahan under control or vice versa. A draw seems about right for now. We’ll see how they do against the Jets. RG Chris Snee was back and he is solid as was LG David Diehl.

TE Visanthe Shiancoe is still hurt I think and has done nothing so far. Chris Luzar, if he can block, is going to be the second TE as he can catch the ball, is big, and can move. Tight ends Wade Fetcher and Darius Williams are along for the ride but Fletcher seems to be a better receiver right now.

WR Plaxico Burress was back and looked good as did Toomer and Willie Ponder. Tim Carter as reported by BB56 really looked very good. Gosh if he can only stay on the field and we get Jamaar Taylor back. We’ll see.

Nothing new on the quarterbacks except that Manning looked the best I have seen him thus far. Jared Lorenzen gets a lot of work. Jesse Palmer seems awful, although he did complete one pretty long out. And Tim Hasselbeck may well become the #2 guy.

Now, since the offense looked good I have to worry about the defense. The line seems adequate, the linebackers lacking at least in depth, and safety is a real concern. I know I am the “sky is falling” guy, or as someone said today, “Dr. Doom.”

DT William Joseph continues to work with the number one defensive line. He turns in some solid performances. DE Osi Umenyiora, if he stays healthy, will be very, very good. Strahan is there. He looks smaller, and hasn’t done much, but he is a great player so I wouldn’t worry much. Depth on the ends is nonexistent.

Linebackers Antonio Pierce and Carlos Emmons are real NFL guys with a chance to do some good work. Nick Greisen has looked very good in coverage and may well beat out Barrett Green if Green doesn’t get on the field. After this, there is not much. Reggie Tobor, who wears #53, seems to be a non-factor so far. And Jim Maxwell and the others just don’t show much.

The corners are OK although they were repeatedly beaten today. Corey Webster has shown very little to this observer so far. The safeties are very worrisome. SS Gibril Wilson hasn’t done much, Alexander runs a 7.6 40 time, and Shaun Williams hasn’t exactly shined. There is good corner depth and I would not be surprised, or I would hope, that some like Curtis Deloatch move to safety.