August 8, 2006 New York Giants Training Camp Report (Evening Practice)

by Contributor Ben in Adirondacks

The guys were in pads instead of the lousy shells. Practice seemed like it was cut 15-20 minutes short. They did some 2-minute drills, some quick field goal drills, and a lot of timing things utilizing a 40 second clock. Then more kicking.

There was one point where DT Jonas Seawright was very agitated about something (one might think a hold or just not being able to finish through for a hit) and he was called off the field. Tom Coughlin was directly talking with him about something (and not in a pissed sort of way) and Jonas seemed pretty intently listening. This was sort of interesting as it was Coughlin and not Defensive Line Coach Mike Waufle. Then Jonas went back in and destroyed his man, stopped and reached out and swatted a Tim Hasselbeck (sissy) pass back in Hass’s face.

Another big play was a pass down the sideline from Jared Lorenzen which seemed just about perfect, but CB Gerrick McPhearson laid out and nudged it safely away from the receiver (maybe it was WR Michael Jennings – I can’t remember). Gerrick landed prone and appeared to knock the wind out of himself. He showed great speed and body control to make that play.

P/PK Travis Dorsch’s leg is amazing. I wonder if they may be considering some way of keeping him on as a kickoff specialist/heir apparent to Jeff Feagles. It might be a nice thing for Dorsch to spend a season with one of the greats in Jeff. They not only had Dorsch kicking some field goals, they had him holding for PK Jay Feely. It will be interesting to see what they decide with him. He’s better than any of the second legs I’ve seen kicking around camp before.

I watched the tight end drills at the beginning of practice. Tight Ends Coach Mike Pope is a treat to watch and hear. He was running through first-step drills where he was just trying to get the guys to get a good first step off the line and built that up into these 3-4 step curls. Wade Fletcher had Pope’s focus it seemed. Jeremy Shockey’s mouth was running a hundred miles an hour. He was animated and quick to step in as a teaching tool for Pope any time he was demonstrating something. When Boo Williams caught the ball, Shockey would yell “Boo!” When Shockey caught a pass, someone yelled, “Nice catch Shockey!” Jeremy drawled, “Ah, just lucky.” Any time there was a down minute Shockey was trying to get someone (anyone) to throw him a ball.