Feb 282010

Jerry Reese Addresses the Media at NFL Combine: General Manager Jerry Reese addressed the media at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis yesterday. Excerpts of what Reese said are available at NY Giants General Manager Sees Possible ‘Transition Time’ For Offensive Line by Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger.

Some of the more interesting quotes:

Reese on DT Chris Canty: “Obviously we expected more, but he was injured most of the season. We’re hopeful he’ll be healthy and come in and be a starter for us and contribute in a big way on our front. He’s a big-bodied guy that can definitely play a three-technique in our defense,” Reese said. “And he can swing and play some of the defensive end stuff. We like interchangeable guys on our front. We thought he could play several positions in our front. But primarily, we think he’s going to be a three technique for us. He’s been in almost every day. He’s been working hard trying to get back. He’s driven to come back and prove that we made the right decision with him. So we expect big things from him.”

Reese on DT Jay Alford: “Jay is an inside pass rusher for us. He’s one of those guys that can penetrate up front. He’s on schedule to be back and we expect him to be a hundred percent going into training camp. It’s unfortunate. He had a great summer last summer and we were expecting big things from him. And he had the injury. We expect him to come back. He’s a hard worker and if anybody can come back from that kind of injury, it’s him.”

Reese on S Kenny Phillips: “Kenny is doing great. He’s on schedule (recovering from knee surgery). There’s no pain right now with his knee. He’s got a great attitude about it. We expect him to come back and be one hundred percent. I don’t think you can put all your eggs in Kenny’s basket right now, because that’s a tough injury he’s coming back from. We’ll try to be prepared if he doesn’t come back a hundred percent.”

Reese on S Michael Johnson: “He has to play better. For a young guy you think is ascending, he has to play better and we expect him to play better.”

Reese on OT William Beatty: “We think Beatty has a left tackle skill set. He played quite a bit for us and did a pretty good job in there for a young player. There will be some competition at that left tackle spot for us. We like competition. We always try to create competition on our roster, so that will be some competition for the left tackle spot. And David can play guard and he can play right tackle. He’s an interchangeable guy and we like those kinds of guys.”

Reese on soon-to-be unrestricted free agents QB David Carr and LB Danny Clark: “There has been some conversation with David Carr. There has not been a lot of conversation with Danny Clark as of right now. But with Carr, there has been some conversation. You’re never confident. We’d like to have him back, for sure. But we have other options if he doesn’t come back.”

Boothe Tendered: The Bergen Record is reporting that soon-to-be restricted free agent OG Kevin Boothe has been tendered. However, it is not known at what level Boothe was tendered at.

Bernard and Johnson Have Offseason Surgery: According to The Star-Ledger, DT Rocky Bernard and CB Bruce Johnson had offseason surgery. Bernard had a torn labrum in his shoulder that apparently was bothering him all of last season. Johnson had surgery on his wrist.

Quotes: Head Coach Tom Coughlin on his team: “I expect us to return to being the kind of defensive football team the New York Giants have always been. We play the game a certain way. We play the game with great balance and with team in mind, with the way we talk about the non-turnover game, running the ball, defending the run. That’s how we play.”

Feb 272010

Tenders Keep Rolling In – Hixon, Hagan, Moss: According to The Star-Ledger and The Daily News, the Giants have tendered soon-to-be restricted free agent wide receivers Domenik Hixon, Derek Hagan, and Sinorice Moss.

Hixon, originally a 4th round draft choice, was tendered at the higher 2nd round level (1-year, $1.684 million). Moss, a 2nd round draft choice, was tendered at the lowest amount (1-year, $1.176 million). There is no word yet at what level Hagan was tendered at.

If any tendered player is signed to an offer sheet by another team, the Giants will have the right to match that contract or receive draft-pick compensation from that team. The compensation for Hixon or Moss would be a 2nd round draft pick from the signing team in the upcoming draft.

Restricted free agents can be tendered at the following levels: (1) the round that they were originally drafted at, (2) a second-round tender, (3) a first-round tender, or (4) a first- and third-round tender. The higher the tender, the more expensive the player is to re-sign.

Dockery and Johnson Not Tendered: In a somewhat surprising move, according to The Star-Ledger, the Giants have not tendered CB Kevin Dockery. That means Dockery will be an unrestricted free agent on March 5th. Not tendering Dockery suggests the Giants have little or no interest in retaining his services.

Meanwhile, The Daily News is reporting that TE Darcy Johnson was not tendered, thus again suggesting that the Giants have little or no interest having him return. Johnson will be an unrestricted free agent.

Tom Coughlin Does Not Guarantee Osi Umenyiora Starting Spot: Head Coach  Tom Coughlin was asked by the media yesterday if he would guarantee that DE Osi Umenyiora would start next season.

“I don’t know how you do that,” said Coughlin. “Our field is the field, and competition is good. It’s like we tell everybody: go earn it.”

Umenyiora, who lost his starting job last season, has threatened to retire unless he starts. Coughlin confirmed that both he and General Manager Jerry Reese have met with Umenyiora recently. New defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has also talked to him.

“I just reassured Osi our expectations for him were very high,” said Coughlin. “He’s an integral part of our plans and of our defensive football team. Osi is a big part of our team and the word ‘team’ is critical to me.”

“Osi’s a big part of our team and we expect he’ll come back, work as hard as he can and be a big part of our defensive rejuvenation, if you will,” Coughlin said. “Competition is a very good thing. We’ve been able to, over the course of the last few years, have a very good system whereby we waved our defensive linemen in. It helped us in our Super Bowl year and we continue to do that. But Osi’s a big part of our plans.”

Coughlin was asked if he was upsset that Umenyiora went public with his complaints. “Naturally, it did. It should start with me,” responded Coughlin. “He should come in and talk to me, which he did do, and we had a good talk but that’s where it’ll stop.”

Coughlin was also asked if this situation will end up like TE Jeremy Shockey’s departure with the team. “I don’t think so. I hope not,” Coughlin said. “There’s great respect for Osi and his ability and I think vice versa. Osi, for the New York Giants, I think he wants to be here and I think he wants to be a part of our team.”

Media Q&A With Head Coach Tom Coughlin: Most of the transcript of yesterday’s media Q&A with Head Coach Tom Coughlin at the NFL Combine is now available at NJ.com. A few other quotes from Coughlin not appearing in that transcript:

Coughlin on new quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan helping QB Eli Manning on the fundamental aspects of the game: “I am very confident. Not only that, he has got Kevin Gilbride, I am there, we are all wired into that spot. The kind of coach that Mike is, the kind of individual that he is, he will be busting his tail from Day One. He just looks forward to this and I think Eli feels the same way.”

Coughlin on Manning’s need for coaching: “We all need it. We all need to just make sure we are on the right track. He wants to be coached. Eli wants to be coached and be the best he can possibly be. He wants people around him that are coaching him. That’s the kind of individual that he is. He aspires to greatness, to wanting to do everything in his power. He wants to be coached, he wants to be motivated, he wants to be told when he’s doing something right or wrong or how he can improve it. That’s just the way he is. Matching him up with Mike Sullivan as quarterbacks coach…Mike Sullivan is very intelligent, very meticulous, very detailed, very organized. He’s already begun to compile his technique book if you will after studying Eli and trying to come up with ways in which he can help Eli recognize how to improve his game.”

Coughlin on whether LB Antonio Pierce’s neck injury was a factor in his release: “Not really. Those decisions are made at the highest level. I’m really not going to shed a whole lot of light on it. Antonio, again, was a great player for the New York Giants. He was a wonderful acquisition for us. We played against him when he was in Washington. He was the kind of player I really looked forward to having with us because he had the qualities of leadership and was able to inspire other guys around him. He certainly was a huge part of our Super Bowl team and continued to be a leader on the field.”

On what Coughlin told Pierce: “I said, ‘I love ya. You’re a part of the New York Giant history and you always will be.’”

Feb 262010

More Tender News – Barry Cofield and Guy Whimper: According to The Star-Ledger and The Daily News, if there is no Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) by the time free agency starts on March 5, the Giants will have tendered free agents DT Barry Cofield and OT Guy Whimper.

Without a CBA, 4- and 5-year players who would otherwise have been unrestricted free agents will now be restricted free agents, and thus eligible to be tendered.

Cofield, originally a 4th round draft choice, was tendered at the higher 2nd round level (1-year, $1.759 million). Whimper, also originally a 4th round draft choice, was tendered at the lowest amount (1-year, $1.176 million).

If either player is signed to an offer sheet by another team, the Giants will have the right to match that contract or receive draft-pick compensation from that team – a 2nd rounder for Cofield and a 4th rounder for Whimper.

Restricted free agents can be tendered at the following levels: (1) the round that they were originally drafted at, (2) a second-round tender, (3) a first-round tender, or (4) a first- and third-round tender. The higher the tender, the more expensive the player is to re-sign.

Article on DE Osi Umenyiora: Disgruntled Osi Umenyiora Meets With NY Giants General Manager To Discuss Future by Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger

Feb 252010

Dave Tollefson Receives 2nd Round Tender; Gerris Wilkinson 3rd Round Tender: According to The Daily News and The Star-Ledger, soon-to-be restricted free agent DE Dave Tollefson has received a second-round tender from the Giants. By tendering Tollefson at that level, it pretty much guarantees that Tollefson will return to the Giants by signing the 1-year, $1.684 million tender.

If another team offers to sign Tollefson to a larger deal, the Giants now have the right to match that offer. If they do not, the Giants would receive that team’s 2nd round draft pick in the upcoming draft.

Restricted free agents can be tendered at the following levels: (1) the round that they were originally drafted at, (2) a second-round tender, (3) a first-round tender, or (4) a first- and third-round tender. The higher the tender, the more expensive the player is to re-sign. Tollefson was originally drafted in the 7th round, so the Giants felt it was worthwhile to tender him at a higher level.

Meanwhile, The Daily News and The Star-Ledger are reporting that LB Gerris Wilkinson was tendered at the lowest level, meaning the round that he was drafted at, the third round. The tender is a 1-year, $1.176 million offer. It should be noted that Wilkinson will only be restricted free agent if there is no renewed Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) by the time free agency begins, which is looking more and more likely.

Nick Folk Signs With Jets: As reported on February 18 in “News and Notes,” according to The Star-Ledger, PK Nick Folk did work out for the Giants. However, Folk signed with the Jets yesterday.

Article on S Kenny Phillips: Giant Kenny Phillips Eyes May Return by Paul Schwartz of The New York Post

Feb 232010

New York Giants Hire Kevin Gilbride, Jr.: As had been speculated (see “News and Notes” from February 13), Kevin Gilbride, Jr. has been named the Giants’ new offensive quality control coach. Gilbride is the son of Giants’ offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. Gilbride, Jr. replaces Sean Ryan, who the Giants recently promoted to wide receivers coach.

Gilbride, Jr. served as the wide receivers coach of Temple University for the past three years.

“Kevin is very aggressive and a very energetic young coach,” Head Coach Tom Coughlin said. “Quite frankly, I investigated him three or four years ago. He’s busted his tail to get where he is. He was a graduate assistant at Syracuse, so I knew about him there and the coaches were very favorably impressed by what he was able to accomplish there.”

“In this day and age, your coaches are relying on the quality control coaches’ ability to take off segments and situations (from game tapes) before they can start to game plan,” said Coughlin. “It’s a grinder’s job. It’s very much a behind-the-scenes job. They are responsible for self-scout. They are responsible for the next opponent and he has already started, because very shortly we will be on our divisional opponents. During the season, he has to provide us with self-scout information on a Monday night, get the next opponent off and he runs the scout squad. And when you talk about professional football, and you talk about the quality of your practices, those scout squads have to be run to perfection.”

“Kevin happens to be an early morning guy and I like that,” Coughlin said. “He’s here very early and he works until late at night. He wants to learn and he wants to be a successful coach. This is a great opportunity for him.”

“In terms of getting into coaching,” said Gilbride, Sr., “my wife and I did everything we could to discourage, not encourage, because we know it’s a challenging life and there are a lot of potential pitfalls. He was adamant that he wanted to get into it and he’s been very fortunate. He made a decision he wanted to try pro football. And again our efforts to discourage were met with non-compliance. He was fortunate enough to get the interview with Tom, and Tom was impressed enough with his knowledge of the computer and the things that he’ll have to do in the quality control position to bring him on board.”

Because of this move, we have updated the Coaching Staff section of the website.

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Feb 202010

Shaun O’Hara Has Surgery: The Star-Ledger is reporting that center Shaun O’Hara had his left elbow scoped last Monday to clean it out. Apparently there was no structural damage and O’Hara is expected to recover in 4-6 weeks.

Article on the Giants and Free Agency: Dansby a Giant Option by Paul Schwartz of The New York Post

Article on the Giants’ Offseason Strength Training and Conditioning Program: NY Giants Taking A Cue From Endurance Sports To Improve Offseason Training by Jenny Vrentas of The Star-Ledger

Feb 182010

Nick Folk to Try Out for New York Giants: According to ProFootballTalk.com, PK Nick Folk will try out for the Giants and Jets. Folk was cut by the Cowboys during last season after only going 18-of-28 on field goal attempts. The Giants currently have two place kickers under contract: Lawrence Tynes and Sam Swank.

Article on LB Jonathan Goff: NY Giants Linebacker Jonathan Goff Prepares For Career Off The Field, Without Speculating What’s Next On The Field by Jenny Vrentas of The Star-Ledger

Feb 132010

New York Giants Hire Mike Sullivan as New Quarterbacks Coach: The Giants announced yesterday that Mike Sullivan is the team’s new quarterback coach, replacing Chris Palmer who retired last month. For the last six years, Sullivan has been the Giants’ wide receivers coach.

“The major reason that I felt strongly about Mike Sullivan coaching the quarterbacks here is that Mike has been with us for all six years and he’s been an integral part of the progress of our pass game,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “He was the position coach for the wide receivers last year and worked very closely with the quarterbacks and the offensive coordinator. He has a very good understanding of our passing game. He did the majority of the work in assembling our first and second down pass game. He is an industrious, very hard-working, very intelligent coach who looks forward to each challenge. In the words of Eli, he knows exactly what we can expect from Sully and that Mike is a grinder. Mike is going to work extremely hard in the face of any challenge – and his challenge is to continue the development of Eli.”

“I’m excited about getting to work with Coach Sullivan,” QB Eli Manning said. “He’s been in the system with the Giants and been working with the receivers for the past six years, so I’ve been working closely with him, trying to get on the same page with the receivers. We have a good relationship and we communicate well, so I’m excited about having him in the quarterback room. I think we’re going to have a great relationship on and off the field. He’s helped me become a better quarterback and I’m looking forward to that opportunity. I talked to Coach Coughlin about this. I feel very comfortable with Coach Sullivan. I knew he was in the mix. I feel very good about him moving to the quarterback position. He’s a guy who knows what we do and we can grow as an offense. I think he’ll be good in the meeting room, giving me different ideas and things we can work on and I look forward to that.”

“I feel very proud of everything we accomplished as a wide receiving group and I enjoyed my experience working with some tremendous players over the years,” said Sullivan. “But this is a new challenge and a chance to grow professionally and stretch myself as a coach. It’s exciting to move to the quarterbacks, particularly to work with Eli Manning. We’ve been together for six years and we’ve worked together to develop our knowledge of the scheme and the pass game particularly. And just to take that next step and have that one-on-one relationship with him and work with him and try to become the best possible player is really an exciting challenge for me.”

“We spent a lot of time just by the nature of the positions, the receivers and the quarterbacks, not just out on the practice field but in the meeting room and many areas,” said Sullivan. “In many cases that transition is one that is a lot easier than someone coming from the outside that doesn’t know the system and doesn’t know how we operate and doesn’t have years of experience in a relationship built up. From that standpoint, it makes it a lot easier.”

“(Manning’s) done some great things and shown the ability to be the quarterback that we want him to be,” Sullivan said. “My job now is to do everything possible to help him achieve that high level of consistency, to be a guy that is going lead our team and help us be successful – to be that guy that’s going to lead us. I look forward to it and I feel honored, humbled and excited for this opportunity.”

Because of this move, we have updated the Coaching Staff section of the website.

New York Giants Hire Sean Ryan as New Wide Receivers Coach: The Giants announced yesterday that Sean Ryan is the team’s new wide receivers coach, replacing Mike Sullivan. For the last three years, Sullivan has been the Giants’ offensive quality control coach.

“Sean has made outstanding progress as a young coach,” Coughlin said. “Last spring, when Mike Sullivan was working with a very young receiving corps, Sean was very instrumental in working with that group as well. In truth, in training camp and all through the fall, when Sean has worked with a group on the field, it has been with wide receivers. He has communicated very well with the receiver group. He has been in their meeting room with them for the better part of two years. I think everyone on the offensive side of the ball that has had a chance to work with Sean knows that he is ready for this assignment. Sean is eager to get his position and to coach his own group. We feel like he’s a young aspiring coach who certainly is prepared for his first assignment at the pro level with regard to a position.”

“I’m very grateful to Coach Coughlin and the Giants organization for this great opportunity,” Ryan said. “You dream about this chance to help keep the offense moving in a positive direction. I also feel lucky that I’m stepping into a situation where I have an existing working relationship with these guys. I’ve got three years with them assisting Sully and working with them on a daily basis. I know how they work. I know effective ways that Sully used to coach them and I think that’s going to be really beneficial.”

“Obviously, it’s a younger group of guys, but a younger group of guys who have playing experience, which is a great combination,” said Ryan. “There’s excitement and room to grow for these guys. There’s a ton of potential left to reach. At the same time, they’re coming in with real game experience.”

“I have three years of being in the room and hearing it taught and seeing what works for them and being able to carry on and knowing what Coach (Kevin) Gilbride (the offensive coordinator) and Sully and everybody is trying to get done within the offense – having that to work off of is an incredible advantage,” said Ryan. “You don’t skip a beat. Obviously, I’m going to have my own way of teaching. I won’t copy everything Sully did. But to have that as a background and have that kind of knowledge going in is going to make a great transition.”

Because of this move, we have updated the Coaching Staff section of the website.

Rumor – Kevin Gilbride’s Son To Be Named New Offensive Quality Control Coach: According to The Star-Ledger, there is a rumor floating around that Kevin Gilbride, Jr., the son of Giants’ Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride, will be named the team’s new offensive quality control coach. That position is now vacant with the promotion of Sean Ryan to wide receivers coach.

Gilbride, Jr. is currently the wide receivers coach at Temple University. The Star-Ledger reports that he has already interviewed with the Giants.

Giants May Stay in Albany: According to The Daily News, the Giants are moving closer to a deal that will keep the team in Albany, NY for summer training camp. For the past 14 years, the Giants have held their camp at SUNY Albany.

With the completion of the Giants’ new training/practice facility, the Timex Center, at the Meadowlands last year, it was widely speculated that the Giants may move their training camp to New Jersey.

“We met with university staff last week (and) we had a thorough, productive meeting,” said Giants Vice President of Communications Pat Hanlon. “As has always been the case, the university is working with us to address our concerns. So we are working toward a return, but we’re not there yet.”

The Daily News reports that one of the team’s concerns is that SUNY Albany does not allow the Giants to use their artificial turf fields for practice when the grass fields are wet. In the past, the Giants have been forced to practice indoors on the school’s basketball arena, where obviously not much real work can be done.

“Holding the training camp in Albany is good for both the Giants’ morale and cohesion and the local economy,” said Senator Charles Schumer. “What’s more, the training camp has become one of the favorite ways for Capital Region families to spend a summer day and, quite frankly, it is the Giants’ last physical link to New York State.”

Feb 122010

New York Giants Cut Antonio Pierce: The Giants cut linebacker Antonio Pierce yesterday. Pierce missed the last seven games of the 2009 season with a bulging disc in his neck. He was placed on Injured Reserve at the end of November. The injury did not require surgery, however, and Pierce plans on continuing his playing career with another team.

Pierce had one more year remaining on his contract, and was due to earn $4.75 million in salary in 2010.

“I was shocked at first, but I’m not the one up there up in the office, and they said they felt they needed to go in another direction,” said Pierce. “They said it wasn’t my health, or the way I played, but just that – that they were going in another direction. We left everything smooth and peaceful and I’m happy about that – I felt like I said everything I needed to say to them. I’ve loved my time in New York and won’t have anything but good feelings about being with this team.”

In his five years with the Giants, Pierce led the team in tackles three times, was team captain three times, and was voted to the Pro Bowl once. With the Giants, Pierce accrued 537 tackles, 7.0 sacks, six forced fumbles, seven fumble recoveries, and four interceptions. Pierce also had 44 post-season tackles.

The 31-year old Pierce signed with the Giants as a free agent in 2005 from the Washington Redskins. The contract was a 6-year, $26 million deal. “The one thing that has always been something that I’ve taken great stock in has been competing against players in the division and having a chance to see them first-hand twice a year,” Head Coach Tom Coughlin said. “I felt from the other sideline that Antonio Pierce was a tremendous rallying point for the Washington Redskins when we played against him. He was an extremely strong leader, a guy who was very smart, an intelligent football player, a guy who could line his whole defense up. He was the kind of guy that participated on special teams. He just had a very, very competitive personality. The game was very important to him. If you studied his background, you knew why. He made himself into a football player. He was an undrafted free agent linebacker who did have the ability to play with some great players. He played with Jessie Armstead in Washington. He had these characteristics.”

“When we brought him in here we were interested in A.P. for all of the dimensions he brought to the table – his leadership qualities, his natural charismatic ability to rally the troops, he loved football, he’s a very smart football player – he took great pride in studying the tape and knowing what everybody did on defense,” Coughlin said. “He had the ability to communicate assignments on defense as the leader in the huddle. He was a three-time elected captain here with the New York Giants. He demonstrated great leadership. He has been an outstanding football player. Think of the screen play against Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game and the tremendous play that he made. Had he not made that play who knows where that ball would have gone? He has worn that Giant uniform very, very proudly.”

“When I came to New York I wanted to be a dominant player and help this organization win a championship, which we did in Super Bowl XLII,” Pierce said. “I wanted to be a leader and I did that and was voted a captain for three years and another two years when we didn’t have captains and I was still out there. I wanted to be a guy who always led by example, a guy you could count on every day. You never had to worry if A.P. was going to be at practice or if he was going to show up for the game. I was going to be there.”

“(I was most proud of), obviously, from a team standpoint, the Super Bowl,” said Pierce. “Personally, it’s how the guys on the team looked at me. They looked at me as a guy that led. I led by example.”

“I appreciate everything the Giants organization has done for me,” Pierce said. “I told both Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese when I sat in front of them that I have no animosity, I have no anger. It’s nowhere near that kind of situation. You might not agree with everything that’s said, but you understand how the game is. It comes and goes.”

“I had support from everybody in the Giants organization from Mr. (John) Mara, Steve Tisch and everybody all the way down to Jose (Garcia), the guy that cleans the locker room,” said Pierce. “I appreciate everything. I have nothing but very strong love for the New York Giants. Obviously, I wanted to end it when my contract ended, but it didn’t. It ended a year early. But I have no regrets. I have nothing to look back on and wish I had done it differently. Now it’s time to look forward at the possibilities that I have.”

“A.P. came right in and took the bull by the horns from day one and was very instrumental in helping the New York Giants win a lot of games and accomplishing a lot of our goals during his time here,” said General Manager Jerry Reese. “He has been an outstanding Giant and we wish him nothing but the best for his family and future.”

Pierce does not plan on retiring just yet however. “I’m going to play until I physically know I can’t do it anymore,” Pierce said. “It would be one thing if I knew there were a group of guys around I felt I couldn’t compete with. But I don’t feel that way. I know for 60 minutes, I can go out and compete with the best of them. They might beat me one time – and I always tell you that you can’t be a one-hit wonder in this business. You have to be consistent, you have to have more ups than downs. That’s one thing I feel I have – more ups than downs in me.”

“I don’t know where I’ll end up. I do know I have endless possibilities to where I can go,” Pierce said. “I don’t think there’s going to be a lack of interest for Antonio Pierce. I don’t feel that. I’m not a spring chicken. I’m not a 21- or 26-year-old guy. I know that. But I know what I bring to the table. I’m pretty sure my opponents throughout the league know what I bring. And I’m excited about that. It’s time to go on and write that next chapter. I’m going to end this book the way I want to end it. It just didn’t end in New York the way I thought it would.”

Pierce indicated he would prefer to remain in the NFC East. “I love the division, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the Giants,” said Pierce. “I love the NFC East; that’s one of the reasons I chose the Giants. I love playing against Dallas, Philly and Washington, and when I was back with Washington, playing against the Giants.”

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Feb 092010

New York Giants Claim OT Herb Taylor Off of Waivers: The Giants announced yesterday that they have claimed OT Herb Taylor off of waivers from the Denver Broncos.

Taylor was originally drafted in the sixth round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Kansas City Chiefs. In two seasons with the Chiefs, Taylor played in 18 games with one start. The Chiefs waived Taylor in September 2009. The Broncos signed him on December 9th, waived him on December 19th, signed him again on December 29th, and waived him again on January 2nd.

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