Mar 312012

Andre Brown Suspended by NFL: HB Andre Brown, who spent the 2011 season on the New York Giants’ Practice Squad, has been suspended for four games by the NFL. Brown allegedly violated the League’s policy on performance enhancing substances.

Brown is eligible to participate in all offseason and preseason practices and preseason games. If Brown makes the Giants’ 53- man roster in September, he will have to sit out four games without pay. But it is not a given that Brown will make the team.

Mar 302012

Chris Snee Has Scope on Elbow: RG Chris Snee revealed yesterday that he had arthroscopic surgery performed on one of his elbows last week. Snee says he will be ready for the Organized Team Activity (OTA) practices in May. “Some things that add up over the years, stuff I’ve been choosing not to get done, and I decided that I had to do it,” Snee said. “A lot of maintenance to be done in there.”

“I didn’t let anyone know (about the injury),” Snee said. “It’s funny, you see negative stuff written about you, but…we’re tough guys. We’re supposed to play through things. I don’t feel it’s anyone’s business what I’m dealing with. The only people that hear about it are the training staff and my wife.”

“The thing is it already feels better than it did before surgery,” said Snee. “So that tells you what I was dealing with.”

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Quotes: RG Chris Snee on the loss of HB Brandon Jacobs: “Brandon loves the game of football, plays with a lot of passion, plays very physical. Probably one of the toughest guys I’ve ever played with. He will be missed, there’s no doubt about it. He will be missed, he got us all fired up on game days. He loves to play the game of football, he loves it, and that rubs off on other guys.”

Snee on the loss of potential loss of RT Kareem McKenzie: “Kareem and I have had a great, very productive seven years together. We’re similar in many ways in the way we’ve handled the game. We’re quiet. We’re film junkies. I’ll miss the guy if he’s not back. I’m hoping he’ll get a call here shortly. I don’t know what the plan is. It would be similar to last year when Shaun (O’Hara) and Richie (Seubert) left. The bond that Kareem and I have is special. We’ve worked a lot of hours together.”

Snee on HB Da’Rel Scott: “A guy like Da’Rel Scott, he kind of showed a little bit in the preseason. He can run, I’ll tell you that. The guy can run. It’s just a matter of understanding what we’re doing.”

Snee on Head Coach Tom Coughlin: “It’s just a yearly battle with him. I’ve said this over and over again, but I feel bad for him because all he’s done is win football games and make this team a bunch of class guys. But I don’t think he gets appreciated. I still think that, even after winning this, if we go through a rough patch this year or the year after someone will be calling for him again. But I’m certainly happy for him. He’ll be coaching until they take him out of here. He’ll be coaching here longer than I’ll be playing here, I’ll tell you that.”

Mar 292012

WR Devin Thomas Signs With Bears: Unrestricted free agent WR Devin Thomas has signed with the Chicago Bears. The contract is reportedly a 1-year deal. According to The Daily News, the Giants made no move to re-sign Thomas.

HB Brandon Jacobs Signs With 49ers: HB Brandon Jacobs, who was waived by the Giants earlier this month, has signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

According to The New York Post, the Giants had offered Jacobs a 1-year, $1.5 million contract to return to the Giants, but Jacobs wanted $2 million. “This whole thing happened over 500 grand,’’ Jacobs said. “Five hundred thousand dollars apart and we still couldn’t get it done.’’

“Brandon wanted the opportunity to go out into the marketplace and see what he could do with the opportunity, and it was granted,’’ said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “Brandon was very, very professional, very classy and really did a great job of conducting himself in terms of being gracious about his experience with the New York Giants and what it meant to him, how much he wanted that second Super Bowl for his second son.”

Coughlin Would Like Umenyiora Back: Head Coach Tom Coughlin was asked yesterday if he believes DE Osi Umenyiora will be back with the Giants in 2012. Umenyiora has one year remaining on his current contract but has made it known that he would like a new deal.

“From my stance, he is (coming back),” said Coughlin. “I’m not thinking about anything else.”

Coughlin Confident a New Deal Will Get Done Soon: Following up on the remarks made by Giants’ President/CEO John Mara on Monday that the team is working on a new deal for Head Coach Tom Coughlin, Coughlin yesterday also said he is confident a contract extension will be finalized soon.

“I think there will probably be a little bit more than just one more year,” Coughlin said. “It’ll get done. I’m not overly concerned with that part…As always, no matter how many years you sign a contract, it’s a one-year deal. You know that. I’m going to go forth with the idea of enjoying each season as it comes and rallying the troops. I want to be a motivator for the staff, players and organization and trying to do the best we can to win another world championship.”

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Quotes: Head Coach Tom Coughlin on losing WR Mario Manningham and HB Brandon Jacobs: “Those are two outstanding players that have played well for us. Mario, obviously making the huge, huge plays at the end of the Super Bowl this year to put us in the position to win. Brandon has been with us through two Super Bowls. So outstanding players, outstanding contributors, outstanding young men. But the nature of our business is that there is change and there will be change and there always will be change. So we’d like to say that everyone could stay together, but it really doesn’t happen.”

Mar 282012

New York Giants to Open Season Against Dallas Cowboys: The NFL announced yesterday that the New York Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys in the season opener on Wednesday, September 5 at 8:30PM on NBC.

“We had two great games with them last year, and I’m sure our fans will be jacked up for it,’’ said Giants’ President/CEO John Mara. “I’m sure they’ll be ready to play, too. I think it was a good choice on the part of the league. If you look at the last 10-12 games we’ve had with them, we’ve had great games that went down to the wire. I’m sure this one will be no different.”

Aside from the usual home-and away contests against division opponents, the Giants will also face:

  • Home: Packers, Saints, Buccaneers, Browns, Steelers
  • Away: 49ers, Falcons, Panthers, Ravens, Bengals

New Contract for Coughlin Coming Soon: The New York Post is reporting that Giants’ President/CEO John Mara said that a new contract for Head Coach Tom Coughlin should be finalized in the next 4-6 weeks.

“We’ve had a lot of good discussions since the Super Bowl, and I have no doubt it’s going to get done very soon,’’ said Mara. “As I’ve said, Tom is our guy, and we think we have the best coach in the league.”

Tollefson to Meet with Packers: Unrestricted free agent DE Dave Tollefson will meet with the Green Bay Packers on Thursday and Friday. Tollefson met with the Seattle Seahawks last week.

Mar 272012

Jerry Reese Talks Giants: General Manager Jerry Reese was on Sirius Radio yesterday. He made the following comments:

On whether or not the Giants are done with free agency: “There’s still some things to do in free agency for us, I think. We’ve just got to kind of slow-play it a little bit and see who’s out there and what’s available for us and what our needs are as we continue the off-season process, and kind of look down the road and see what the draft’s going to bring for us, see what’s available there.”

On the middle linebacker position: “If we had to play tomorrow the mike backer…I’m not sure (who it would be) because we have some interesting candidates for that job. We have some young players that we think can step in and do the job. Obviously Herzlich Is a guy we like. We like Greg Jones. There are two young kids that played a lot for us last year until Mark got hurt. (Michael) Boley. We have linebackers. We do. Competition at every position is what’s important for us.”

On losing WR Mario Manningham: “The salary cap rules the world. If you have a lot of good players you just can’t retain them all. That’s just the way it is. That’s reality. Again, we feel like we have some players on the roster that can come in and step up. You know, everybody gets paid. We think we have a good core of players and we have some players still waiting to step out of the shadows and make some plays for us.”

On who might replace Manningham: “We expect those guys to step out of the shadows. Ramses Barden’s been hurt a little bit ever since he’s been in the league. We hope he can stay healthy and prove to us he was worth — I think we picked him with a third-round pick. We expect those guys to play. And (Jerrel) Jernigan, the same thing. He’s a young guy trying to learn the offense. He should have a better grasp of what’s going on to be a slot type. Ramses has got that length that you like. So we have some targets we need to go to.”

On CB Terrell Thomas: “Well Terrell, he’s very much ahead of schedule. We feel good about him. Our doctors feel good about his progression so far. And he’s a good football player. He’s going to make us better. We feel like you’ve got to have three corners because you play these spread offenses in the National Football League. If you only have a couple of corers…we got away with it a little bit trying to put Antrel Rolle down in the box last year, but it’s tough for a safety to get down and play that third receiver, because those guys are good as well. With three receivers it’s like three starters for those guys.”

On the offensive line: “We try to develop players. We believe in developing players. We hope (James Brewer will) make a step forward. David Diehl is still available for us. Will Beatty is still available for us. And our inside guys are still available. So I think we’ll have a good core of our offensive line coming back. But we do expect James Brewer to step up and challenge for some spots.”

On DT Marvin Austin: “We’re worried about him a little bit. He hasn’t played in such a long time now. He tore his pec. He’s been out for such a long time…This offseason is going to be big for him to get going again and get acclimated to playing football, if nothing else, and playing at this level, which is going to be shocking to him because he hasn’t played in such a long time. To go out in there and tussle with those big guys, it’s going to be tougher than you think it is. But he’s a talented kid. We hope he can get in there with Linval Joseph and Chris Canty and give us a good rotation inside.”

Giants Get 4th Round Compensatory Pick: The Giants were awarded a 4th round compensatory draft pick by the NFL for their free agent losses last off-season. The pick is the 131st overall.

In 2011, the Giants signed free agents OC David Baas and P Steve Weatherford, but lost WR Steve Smith, TE Kevin Boss, and DT Barry Cofield.

Re-Signing of QB David Carr Official: Though we reported that unrestricted free agent QB David Carr agreed to terms with the Giants on March 14, Carr officially signed his contract last week. The contract is reportedly a 1-year, $990,000 deal that includes a $65,000 signing bonus.

“I’ve said it before, these guys, you play ball in high school, you play ball in college and there’s really not a better locker room that I’ve been in, and that’s including those times,” said Carr. “It’s a great environment. Guys keep you humble. They keep it loose. No one takes themselves too seriously, and with all the egos and all the good football players, you’d think that would be a problem. But there’s really not that issue in this locker room. That’s why I like to be a part of it. It makes it very easy to come back.”

“(The Giants’ offense is) just natural for me,” said Carr. “I feel really comfortable in it. I’ve run this for the majority of my career, partly with Chris Palmer who was here before, and now with (Kevin Gilbride and Eli Manning) for my fourth year. So it’s very familiar to me. I feel really comfortable here. I know that if given the opportunity and put in the position to play on this team, I would do well. That’s also a comforting feeling knowing that if you get into the game, you’re in there, first of all, with the world champions, so how can you go wrong? And secondly, to know that you’re going to go out there and succeed is also a positive.”

“I think when we beat the Jets out here, and the spark when Victor (Cruz) made the catch and made that long run, when we won that football game, I was like, ‘We could do this,’” said Carr. “Then we beat Dallas. Honestly, when we got in the playoffs, I didn’t think we were going to lose just because of the talent level that we have in this locker room. If we could get on the same page ever at some point during the season, I knew we’d be all right because honestly I haven’t been around a team like this before – physically, mentally. It’s a mentally tough football team. There are so many times we came from behind in the fourth quarter and pulled them out. It’s just a pleasure to be around. I think it’s one of the reasons I came back.” Q&A With QB David Carr: The video of a recent Q&A with QB David Carr is available at

Mar 222012

Ron Erhardt Passes Away: Former Giants’ offensive coordinator Ron Erhardt has passed away. Erhardt was with the Giants from 1982-1991 and helped the team to win two NFL titles. Erhardt was 80.

“Ron was a wonderful man and a great coach,” said Giants’ President/CEO John Mara. “He was a big part of our success in the 1980’s and was an important contributor to our first two Super Bowl championships.”

Head Coach Tom Coughlin worked under Erhardt as wide receivers coach from 1988-90. “We’re all saddened by the unexpected news of Ron’s death,” said Coughlin. “I just sent him a note at the end of the season when he celebrated his 80th birthday.”

“He was a great guy to work with. He was a lot of fun,” Coughlin said. “He kept things pretty loose. He was good on the field. We had some good football players here, so we were pretty successful. But I think the working relationship is the thing I remember the most.”

“I was privileged to be coached by him,” said former Giants’ QB Jeff Hostetler. “I learned an awful lot from him. He went on and did some amazing things offensively. What amazes me is that system is still out there, still being used, and works as successfully as ever. It is, without a doubt, out of all the systems I’ve been involved with and that’s probably five, six, or seven different systems, it was the most simple as far as verbiage and most consistent.”

“To a certain extent, that same system followed me to Boston College and Jacksonville and when we came back here,” said Coughlin. “The forbearer of the book we use today was used in those days. And a lot of guys that were in that system took it with them.”

Goff and Tollefson Meet With Other Teams: Unrestricted free agent LB Jonathan Goff met with the Cleveland Browns on Tuesday. According to The New York Post, Goff has an offer on the table from the Giants, but he obviously is exploring other options.

Meanwhile, unrestricted free agent DE Dave Tollefson will meet with the Seattle Seahawks today. The Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Oakland Raiders are also reportedly interested in Tollefson. The New York Post is reporting that the Giants have an offer on the table for Tollefson, but he is looking for more of a commitment, suggesting that the Giants’ offer is only a 1-year deal.

Giants Talking to Blackburn: The Bergen Record is reporting that the Giants have expressed interest in re-signing unrestricted free agent LB Chase Blackburn. Blackburn is apparently considering multiple options, but is also very interested in returning to the Giants.

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Mar 202012

CB Aaron Ross Signs With Jaguars: Unrestricted free agent CB Aaron Ross has signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The contract is reportedly a 3-year, $15.3 million deal.

Amukamara Injury Update: CB Prince Amukamara was spotted on crutches on Saturday, raising concerns about his previously fractured foot. However, according to press reports, Amukamara merely had an injection procedure to promote healing in the foot similar to what HB Ahmad Bradshaw had done recently.

Giants Will Hold Training Camp in Albany Again: The Giants will be back in Albany, New York this year for training camp. Last year, due to the uncertainty created by the NFL lockout, the Giants held their training camp in New Jersey at the Timex Performance Center. Q&A With P Steve Weatherford: The video of a recent from Q&A with P Steve Weatherford is available at

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Mar 172012

New York Giants Re-Sign Steve Weatherford: The Giants have re-signed unrestricted free agent punter Steve Weatherford. The contract is reportedly a 5-year, $12.75 million deal that includes a $3.25 million signing bonus.

The Giants had placed the Franchise Tag on Weatherford before the start of free agency in order to prevent him signing with another team.

Mar 162012

New York Giants Sign Safety Chris Horton: The Giants have signed “street” free agent S Chris Horton. Horton started 15 games for the Washington Redskins in 2008-09, but was out of football in 2011 after the Redskins cut him. The Bergen Record is reporting the contract is a 1-year deal worth the veteran minimum.

After he signed, Horton tweeted, “I would like to thank the NY Giants for giving me the opportunity to continue to play ball. Honored to be a part of the organization.’’

WR Kevin Ogletree Visits: Unrestricted free agent WR Kevin Ogleetree (Dallas Cowboys) visited the Giants yesterday but left without a contract.

WR Mario Manningham’s Tour Continues: Unrestricted free agent WR Mario Manningham visited with the San Francisco 49ers yesterday but left without a contract. He is now meeting with the St. Louis Rams.

CB Aaron Ross Still in Cincinnati: Unrestricted free agent CB Aaron Ross is still visiting with the Cincinnati Bengals. If the Bengals do not sign him, he will meet with the Washington Redskins later today.

QB David Carr Says He’s Glad to Be Back: As we reported yesterday, unrestricted free agent QB David Carr has re-signed with the Giants. According to The Star-Ledger, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and one other unidentified team pursued Carr and one of those teams offered more money than the Giants gave him.

“It was nice to have the opportunity to hear other teams were interested and made some very interesting offers,” said Carr. “But when it came down to it, moving my family again was a factor as well as my comfort level with the Giants, and the fact that if I was to get into a game who better to be in a game with than the champs? In the end, it’s NOT all about the money. It’s about loyalty and being in a situation that, if called upon, knowing that it would be a positive situation for everyone involved.”