Will Hill, New York Giants (July 28, 2012)

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August 13, 2012 New York Giants Training Camp Report

by BigBlueInteractive.com Contributor Marty in Albany

On a Cloudy Day, TEs Martellus Bennett and Adrien Robinson Shine

It was good to see LT William Beatty and LB Jake Muasau playing.  Beatty still split a little time with OT Sean Locklear, but not as much as yesterday, I think.  The one time I noticed Muasau, he had good coverage on a short outlet pass that QB Ryan Perrilloux completed to WR Julian Talley.

WR Rueben Randle continues to look smooth as silk catching the ball regardless of whether it is high or low.  He made one of his patented semi over the hip basket catches in one drill and it looked completely natural.  He he made it look so easy.  I bet that there are WRs who would kill to be able to make that catch.  After the catch, I think a coach told him not to do it again.

There was a drill for the RBs on pass blocking.  It looked like RB David Wilson is learning.  It is clear that the Giants want to get Wilson into the game as soon as possible, and not just on special teams.  Speaking of special teams, there was a kickoff return drill and Wilson was the first returner.  He turned on the jets and while running full at speed he veered off by 30 or 40 degrees.  It would have been almost impossible to defend.  The guy leaves me breathless at times.  Wilson also had several outlet passes come his way in the flat (as did the other halfbacks).

CB Jayron Hosley is playing nickel back with the first team.

Eli was not as sharp today as I have seen him.  Perhaps it was the quartering wind.  Anyway, in the 11 on 11 drill, he found TE Martellus Bennett who made a great play by tipping the ball to himself to make the reception.  I did not have a great view of it, nor did I see another of Bennett’s catches.  On that one, all I saw was Bennett whizzing across the field to catch the ball.  On another play, Bennett caught a tipped pass.  I’m not sure if he was the intended target.

WR Ramses Barden had a good day making several fine catches, but so did WR Dan DePalma and WR Isaiah Stanback.  WR Brandon Collins made a great play where he slid and then got up to make the reception.

CB Prince Amukamara had an up and down day.  He did a good job of defending a sideline pass by QB Eli Manning even though it was caught WR Ramses Barden, because the pass was too good.  On the next play Eli victimized CB Corey Webster with an equally good pass to WR Domenik Hixon.

Hixon took Prince to school.  On one pass he made a move which put Prince down on his fanny.  On the following play, Prince managed to remain vertical, but Hixon still got good separation.  Prince did not give up.  In the red zone drill, Prince intercepted an Eli Manning pass.  Also in that drill, CB Jayron Hosley defended a Manning pass intended for WR Victor Cruz over the middle and LB Mathias Kiwanuka was in the backfield to watch Eli make one of his throws.

In other defensive news, Coach Merritt gave S Will Hill a lot of praise.  I don’t know what Hill did, but Merritt said that he was watching and that he liked it.  LB Greg Jones had a fine pass defense by slapping away a Ryan Perrilloux pass in the 7 on 7 drill.  LB Chase Blackburn also had a pass defense on an Eli Manning throw intended for WR Victor Cruz.

There was also good defense from CB Antwaun Molden who intercepted a tipped or juggled pass thrown by QB Ryan Perrilloux in the 11 on 11s.

RB “Jersey Joe” Martinek, as the coach calls him, did not get much play, but he did catch a bubble screen pass from QB Ryan Perrilloux in the 11 on 11s.

In the 11 on 11 drill, QB David Carr was having a pretty good day but had one pass blocked at the line of scrimmage by DT Dwayne Hendricks (?).

TE Adrien Robinson had a pair of catches today.  The best one was in the 7 on 7 drill where he made a diving, tumbling catch of a Manning pass that was defended by LB Greg Jones.  This guy gets better every day.

In the kickoff return drill that I mentioned previously, the name of the Giants’ formation is “Tebow Right.”  That’s an interesting name.  I wonder if it is the religious right.