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Chris Snee (76), New York Giants (September 5, 2012)

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Chris Snee Not Ready to Retire: In an interview with The New York Post on Wednesday, right guard Chris Snee says he is not ready to retire from the NFL. The 32-year old Snee has been hampered by injuries to both hips and and right elbow the last couple of years. He has one year left on his current contract and will count $11.3 million against the 2014 NFL salary cap unless he accepts a pay cut or re-structure.

Snee only started in the first three games of the 2014 season before being placed on season-ending Injured Reserve with a torn labrum in his right hip that required surgery last October. He also underwent elbow surgery last November. Snee had surgery to repair a torn labrum and to clean out bone chips in his left hip after the 2012 season.

“I don’t want my last memory to be a dismal performance in Carolina (in week 3),’’ said Snee. “There’s a changing of the guard, I want to help this team right the ship.

“If I didn’t feel good I would have no decision to make. I’ve always put the team first and I’ve talked to all the doctors who have operated on me and I’ve done all the research. Talked to a bunch of former teammates, asked them what factors they thought in their decision-making process and obviously most importantly sitting down with my wife. I think it came down to the fact I feel really good. Am I the guy who was controlling the line of scrimmage four years ago? No, but do I think I can play at a high level and compete with most of the guards in the league? Absolutely.

“I think I would regret not giving it my all, that’s what I’ve always done for this organization, give it everything I have. That’s what I’ll do, I’ll try to do that for one more year.

“If you would have forced me to make a decision in November or December I would say yeah. My frustration level at that point was at an all-time high, just because this is sort of uncharted territory. I was always able to play through things but when you get up there in years and realize you have to feel good to play well and you can’t hide the injuries anymore.

“The hip last year was in much worse condition,” said Snee. “This rehab was a lot easier and everything came back quicker. Been working out hard for a month now…and haven’t woken up and been sore, which is a good thing…I’m rehabbing (the elbow) now, trying to get the strength back in my arm because they had do some stuff with the nerve, move it back into place.”

The New York Post reports that Snee, who was unable to lift weights while he rehabbed, lost nearly 40 pounds. He is now back up around 295 pounds.

“I’ve had discussions with (General Manger) Jerry (Reese) and there’s interest on both sides (about me returning),’’ Snee said. “If there was no interest from their point of view I’d probably say thanks for everything and call it a career. At this point it’s not about money for me. I’m a Giant, I couldn’t imagine myself playing for any other organization.’’

Regarding his high salary cap figure, Snee said,  “I’m not worried about if the deal will get done but when. I’ve had no issues before restructuring, I just want to win so I’ll do whatever it takes.’’

Snee’s agent told The Post, “I can’t speak for them, but I would imagine that the Giants would want to make some adjustments if everything goes as planned with Chris’ recovery. Chris and all of us are on board and we will do what makes the most sense for both sides to protect the various outcomes. It really is not something that is difficult to work out, and I am sure that if that comes up, we will be able to get it done quickly.’’

“I realized I think I would regret not trying it again, not trying to go out on a high note,’’ said Snee. “That would be something that would eat at me and something I don’t want to regret five years down the road.’’

Snee told The Post he believes he can make it back.

“That’s exactly my mindset right now,’’ Snee said. “If it’s different come mini-camp in June and I’m struggling to get up off a stool I’ll be the first to let the Giants know. I love this team, I love everything about being a Giant and I want to help the team as much as I can. For me to come back lets you believe I think I can help.’’

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