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Ereck Flowers New York Giants Press Conference: Offensive tackle Ereck Flowers, who was drafted with the ninth pick in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, addressed the media on Saturday. A video of the press conference is available at Giants.com. A video of Flowers arriving at the New York Giants team facility on Friday is also available.

Q: What have your last couple days been like up here?

A: It is going pretty good. It is a lot different than Miami. I am getting used to it.

Q: What is different about it for you?

A: There is a lot more traffic. A lot more going on. The city never really sleeps. I like it. It is going pretty good.

Q: Have you been recognized yet around town?

A: Yeah, I have been recognized. Maybe because I always have the [Giants] gear on.

Q: Have you been to New York before?

A: This is my first time.

Q: You have a lot of exploring to do then…?

A: We have mini-camp next week, then we have OTA’s, so I will be at the hotel busy until June.

Q: Who have you had a chance to meet and talk to and who has made an impression on you?

A: I had a chance to talk to [David] Diehl. Everyone around the building, all the coaches and everybody. I haven’t really seen the players. I guess I will wait to meet them.

Q: How do you think landing in the largest media market is going to play out? Thoughts?

A: Miami is a pretty big city. Same thing, just focus on football. Clock in and clock out. Get the job done.

Q: How does it make you feel when you hear people say you have a nasty streak in your game?

A: It is just who I am. It is not something I am really sticking out about. It is just how I play.

Q: Can your turn being nasty on and off?

A: Yeah, whenever you’re on the field, it is a different mindset.

Q: Can you talk about the physical nature of your game…You seem to be a strong run blocker?

A: I love run blocking. That has dated back to high school. My running back from college went to the same high school as me. Mostly what we did was run the ball.

Q: What do you like about run blocking?

A: Opening the holes, watching the [running back] get through and running the ball wins games. [I enjoy] everything about it.

Q: Do you feel you have an advantage run blocking with your size and strength?

A: I have played against some big dudes and some real athletic dudes. I would say I didn’t have the advantage with my size, but the effort and everything I put into it going into [the games]. That maybe gives me more of an advantage more than my size.

Q: What do you remember about the Nebraska game last year?

A: That we should have won that game.

Q: Do you remember the matchup up with Randy [Gregory]? How’d that go?

A: Yeah.

Q: He was just drafted by the Cowboys and you may face him in the opening game… Are you looking forward to that?

A: I am looking forward to that.

Q: Were you disappointed when Nebraska played [Gregory] on the opposite side of you for most of that game?

A: It is more so a team mindset. I was really looking forward to any matchup. I was just looking to win the game. At that point we really needed that game to turn our season around.

Q: Are there any skills that you developed from playing basketball that have translated into your offensive line career?

A: My footwork, more than anything.

Q: What aspects of your technique will you focus on working on this offseason?

A: Hand placement.

Q: Why?

A: At this level, technique plays a bigger role. That is one thing I am focusing on, getting my technique better.

Q: Have you heard from Eli Manning yet?

A: He called me.

Q: How was that conversation?

A: It went pretty good. He was welcoming me and stuff. He was telling me about it and telling me to get ready to go to work.

Q: Do you take it to heart that it is your responsibility to keep Manning clean?

A: Yeah. I take everything.

Q: Did he remind you of that?

A: No. he didn’t remind me.

Q: Did you get a chance to talk to any of your fellow Giants offensive linemen?

A: Yeah, some of them have texted me or tweeted me. I am ready to come in and meet them.

Q: Do you have any relationship with Jon Beason because of the Miami connection?

A: No, but he texted me though.

Q: How did it meet your expectations being a top-ten pick? How did it play out for you?

A: I didn’t really have too many expectations of where to go. It was more so just trying to land in a good spot. A place where I could progress. I didn’t really have a mindset of having a certain spot [to be picked in the draft]. I just wanted to get to this level and find a place I really fit and can progress. That was more so my mindset.

Q: Does it mean something to you that you ended up in the top-ten?

A: It is great to be in that. It is just a selection. It is more so what you do now than when you are selected.

Q: Can you talk about your relationship with your father and what is has been like the past few days and months?

A: It has been good. We have been working out and taking visits. Just setting everything up and getting ready to go. We will be ready to go this Thursday when we come back up.

Q: Without an agent, was it hard to set up his visits?

A: No, they just called [my father] directly.

Q: Would you say he is your toughest critic?

A: Yeah, or after myself.

Q: Is that physical play a mindset or an attitude?

A: It is how you were taught to play. In high school the coaches I had – we had to play a certain way. After playing a certain way, it just becomes who you are. I can’t really sit here and say I have a certain mindset. It is just how I play.

Q: Were you usually bigger than the kids you were going against when you were younger?

A: I was always taller than everybody. I was never fat. I was just taller and bigger.

Q: You will go home now and then come back for the weekend?

A: Yes.

Q: Have you found or looked at places to live?

A: Oh no. I just got here. I don’t even know my way around yet.

Ereck Flowers, New York Giants (May 1, 2015)

Ereck Flowers – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Q: How was it yesterday at the Mets game?

A: It was good. I never really went to baseball games. The game was good. It was a pretty good game to go to.

Q: How was your first pitch?

A: It was pretty good. I had a pretty good pitch.

Q: Were you nervous?

A: No, I wasn’t nervous.

Q: When was the last time you threw a baseball before last night?

A: Probably about fifth grade.

Q: Did anyone give you advice on throwing it?

A: Don’t let it hit the ground.

Giants.com Interview with OT Ereck Flowers: A video of a Giants.com interview with OT Ereck Flowers on Friday is available at Giants.com.

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