May 042015

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Jerry Reese Says Victor Cruz is at 85-90 Percent: During a post-draft interview on WFAN Radio on Monday, New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese said that wide receiver Victor Cruz was at 85-90 percent recovered from the patellar tendon tear in his right knee that he suffered in October 2014.

“We think Victor is going to come back at 100 percent,” said Reese. “He’s doing really great.”

“We feel really good about Victor, he’s working hard every day,” continued Reese. “I was down there watching him work out a couple of days before the draft. He’s excited, he’s jumping up on boxes as tall as he is, almost, so he must be doing pretty good for me. We think he’s probably 85, close to 90 percent right now, but they’re taking him at a snail’s pace just so he won’t have any setbacks.

“We expect him to walk out in Dallas (on opening day) and play for us.”

The audio of Reese’s remarks, including his take on the team’s six 2015 NFL draft picks, is available at CBS New York.

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