On the second day of the 2024 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected:

  • 2nd Round: S Tyler Nubin, 6’1”, 205lbs, 4.62, University of Minnesota
  • 3rd Round: CB Andru Phillips, 5’11”, 190lbs, 4.48, University of Kentucky

Sy’56’s Scouting Report on S Tyler Nubin: Fifth year senior. Three-year starter. All-Big. Ten three straight years, first team in 2023 in addition to second team All-American honors. Nubin is one of the most experienced defensive backs in the class and one that contributed on special teams all five seasons. He led the Gophers on special teams tackles in both 2020 and 2023, a taste of his usage and impact along multiple mediums on a roster. At safety, Nubin improved his tackling year after year. He is both physical and technically sound, smart and aggressive. The ideal combination of traits as the final line of defense will be there for the team that brings him in. While his movement traits are good enough, there are issues with him playing a deep coverage role that needs to reach the sideline against vertical speed. His downhill bias has put him in bad spots and that fluidity to turn and catch up is not there. While some of those issues can be hidden with his excellent and consistent instincts and intelligence, he will not be the guy that can carry a secondary. Instead, he will be the reliable underneath and intermediate defender that can direct traffic and make plays on the ball when the opportunities are there. His 13 career interceptions set a program record and are top five all time in Big Ten history among safeties.

*Nubin is a guy you will like on tape 90% of the time but then you occasionally see something that worries you. He has the look, he has the footwork, and the dude made plays every year. 1 interception in 2020, 3 in 2021, 4 in 2022, 5 in 2023. All these boxes get checked left and right but the athletic profile for a guy who needs to play with a lot of range is questionable. He is a borderline first rounder for me but the elite special teams performance over his career could easily break the tie between him and someone else. High floor, limited ceiling.

Sy’56’s Scouting Report on CB Andru Phillips: One-year starter. Also part of the heavy rotation in the Kentucky defensive backfield in 2022 which hosted two eventual pro outside corners. Phillips moved from the slot to outside, although he played all over the defensive backfield all three years, in 2023. Former high school track standout that starred in triple jumps where he finished number one in the nation. That burst stands out on film. Although slightly undersized, Phillips already has a lot of pro traits in his arsenal. He is smooth as butter in his backpedal and his ability to stick is foot in the ground and explode downhill created a lot of impressive tape. The inside-out versatility in addition to impressive tape in both zone and man coverage will make him attractive to any team looking to upgrade the cornerback room. There are off-field concerns from an arrest in 2021 that need to be answered. He also failed to grab a single interception over his career. Phillips does not react as quickly in man coverage and there are too many missed tackles. The good and bad with him creates a wide margin within his projection, but this guy has starting corner written all over him.

*Phillips is a guy that picked up a lot of steam over the season. His movement traits and fluidity are so pro-caliber. When he makes plays on the ball, there are a few elite, hard-to-find components that immediately jump off the screen. That is how I first found him. I was watching Florida offense tape and this kid kept jumping off the screen. The physical limitations did impede some of his playmaking potential. He may have to be a slot only but man I love how he turns and runs. The character concerns need to be a part of his process, no question.

Media Q&A with General Manager Joe Schoen and Head Coach Brian Daboll (Video):

BRIAN DABOLL: So just before we start, Korey Cunningham, our thoughts and prayers are with his family. You know, not much to add to it. Just unfortunate circumstances that happened, and it’s tough. Tough on the coaches. Tough on the players. And we’re just praying for everybody involved.

Q. Can you talk about the safety in the second round, there was a big run on cornerbacks.

JOE SCHOEN: Yeah, there was.

Q. I’m sure you noticed that.

JOE SCHOEN: There was but we were very, very fortunate to get (Tyler) Nubin there, a guy that we spent a lot of time with. He had an injury. We went out to his pro day when he was healthy to see him out there. Obviously losing (Xavier McKinney) in the off-season, to get Nubin at that value, a guy with high character, leadership, smart, tough, dependable, and then the 13 career interceptions. Just a good football player. Culture changer at the University of Minnesota and he’s going to bring that type of mentality here, and I think that will come out tomorrow when you guys meet with him and spend some time with him. Just a really special kid that’s a good football player.

Q. A bunch of teams traded up to get corners?

JOE SCHOEN: Yeah, there were.

Q. Was that ever a consideration for you?

JOE SCHOEN: Yeah, there were enough players there that we liked, and where we are, again, we have needs throughout the draft. And we were able to get a corner in round three that works out about as well in (Dru) Phillips.

Q. The top safety pick, the first safety, what separated him from some of the other guys?

JOE SCHOEN: I would say that he takes the ball away. 13 career interceptions. He’s a ball hawk. To me, the leadership, the character, the smarts, safety, the ability to communicate out there. To get guys to lined up I think is very important, and this kid is elite at those types of things.

Q. You mentioned the 13 interceptions a couple of times. Phillips had zero interceptions which stands out on the other end.


Q. Why is that not a concern, and what does he do well to make up for it?

JOE SCHOEN: Yeah, it is and some of these guys that are 5-11, 200, run 4-4 would be playing receivers if they had really good ball skills unfortunately. But no, I mean, he’s sticky. He’s in terms of coverage, he’s around the football a lot. And watching him down in the Senior Bowl on one-on-ones, he has a lot of traits and those are things we are going to work on. He’s in position, but he just has to finish a little bit better. But I really like the athlete, like the kid, look forward to him getting here. Told Wan’Dale, he’s got to be ready for practice because Dru said he was going to be locking him up. That will be good competition there.

Q. Do you view him as a slot corner?

JOE SCHOEN: He can play both. He’s got the versatility to play inside, and outside. But we have options because Flott can play inside, and outside as well. If he goes inside, Flott can go outside or vice-versa. The versatility is also attractive for all these guys with the new defense.

Q. Sounds like you’ll begin with him in the slot.

JOE SCHOEN: Most likely. I’ve leave that up to Dabs and his staff. We have options with him being able to play both and with Flott being able to do both.

Q. Playing sort of the opposite with Flott, do you plan to start him on the outside?

BRIAN DABOLL: We just drafted this young man. So, we’ll figure all that stuff out when we get into practice. We’ll be able to play both those guys at different spots and see how it all unfolds.

Q. Coming into the Draft, cornerback, and safety would have been looked at as your bigger needs. Taking these guys, does that preclude you from still adding in free agency after the Draft?

JOE SCHOEN: No. We still can. I think continuing to add depth throughout the roster is important, and again, there was — when we picked in the second, there was, gosh, there were probably five or six players that we liked, and you know, a guy goes — you can’t take them all, unfortunately.

I wish we could, but we were able to get a good football player, and that’s the most important thing, and we’re excited about Nubin.

Q. Four years ago, this franchise, not you, drafted Xavier in the second round. Is this almost getting a younger, cheaper version of him or just the position value kind of thing?

JOE SCHOEN: Younger and cheaper, yes. This young man has not played a snap in the league yet, so he’ll come here. He’ll compete. We still have some guys in the safety room that we like and he’ll have to come and earn his spot but we like the young man. He’s a good football player, and again, he’s got a lot of dominant traits in his play.

Q. Was there any consideration to quarterback in round two or three?

JOE SCHOEN: We took the best player at both spots. The way it fell, the two guys we took were the best guys at that time.

Q. Nubin said that he played most of the year, or six games with a meniscus. You mentioned last night how you liked the toughness of Nabers with the shoulder. I don’t want to say that’s a trend but that kind of toughness for you what did that mean for both of you guys?

BRIAN DABOLL: I’d say the college scouts, Joe, and his staff, have done a really good job of identifying these traits that we covet. Toughness being probably near the top. And all three of the players that we’ve acquired so far, really fit that mold in terms of, I’d say mentally tough and physically tough. I think that’s important. Defensively, tough tacklers. You know, Dru, he’ll bring the wood now. And Malik’s mentality, how he is, and then you guys talked to Tyler. Both Tyler and Dru, were pretty emotional when we called them. They care about the game. They have the right mindset, and it’s a credit to our college scouts, Joe, and his staff, for really identifying some of those traits and we’re happy to have both of them.

Q. There was a burglary arrest in Phillips’ background that got dismissed. I think the teammates even filed a lawsuit after. What did you learn about that in your research?

JOE SCHOEN: Yeah, there’s nothing there for him. You guys can read up on it but he was cleared and yeah, there was a lawsuit eventually after that. So yeah, we’re good with all that.

Q. Do you think the knee during the season may have slowed down and changed how Nubin played maybe if he was a hundred percent healthy?

JOE SCHOEN: I’m sure it was bothering him at some point during the season but again that’s the way the kid’s wired. You had the question about the injury, and again, it’s a long season, 17 games and training camp. These guys are all playing through nicks and dings and whatever it may be. So it’s a testament to the kid’s character and toughness to play through that stuff because it’s going to happen here. It wasn’t a light injury. He was in some pain. So just the fact that he wanted to be out there his last year at Minnesota and not let his teammates down, I think that’s a testament to who the kid is.

Q. You have a new defensive coordinator, how much is what his vision for what he wants to manifest in these two players?

BRIAN DABOLL: I’d say that Shane (Bowen) has done a really good job along with the defensive staff of identifying the players that fit what we want to do, communicating with Joe and his staff, and like I’ve said, they have done a great job of putting people out there that we think can help us on both sides of the ball.

Q. From a scouting perspective, was there anything different you were kind of looking for for secondary players in these guys with Shane and the new defense?

JOE SCHOEN: Yeah, I would say that –

Q. Obviously less man.

JOE SCHOEN: Yeah, probably less man, not as much press. But still the versatility piece I think came up multiple times, whether it was if we would not have gotten a corner in the third, well, okay, Dane Belton has versatility, J-Pinn (Jason Pinnock), Tyler, like how can those guys play, (Isaiah) Simmons. The versatility and the chess pieces, I think Shane is going to do a good job moving those guys around. The versatility piece came up multiple times in our meetings.

Q. The Panthers traded up right in front of you in the second round for a running back. Do you think they thought you were thinking running back there?

JOE SCHOEN: I’m not sure. I’m really tight with Dan. Dan Morgan is one of my best friends in the world. We didn’t talk much about that. They called us, as well, so it was like, hey, would you maybe want to move back? I don’t know if he just got antsy. In some of those situations, it’s not always just us. Maybe other teams are trying to trade up with the team from us. So you don’t know, when you find somebody you like and you want to go get them and they are within range, you try to pull the trigger. I’m not sure if he thought we might do that or not.

Q. Were you contemplating running back at all today, and is it something you would like to fill at least at some point in this draft?

JOE SCHOEN: Yeah, again, just the amount of needs on the roster, we were looking across the board. Again, we were taking the best player available the first three days and that will shift. Maybe if there’s a safety, we like in the fourth round, maybe you look a different direction or if it’s — maybe receiver, so you kind of adjust your board as you — based on who you’ve picked before. So yeah, we won’t rule that out.

Q. Didn’t ask this last night, but did picking neighbors impact Darius’s stats? He’s in an unsettled spot. Does that make him more apt to be traded?

JOE SCHOEN: No, again, we’ve already paid a roster bonus. He had one that kicked in the fifth day of the league year, and you look at the P5, where that is, and you want to look at the production from last year to this year and you take all those things into account. Us drafting Malik Neighbors doesn’t affect where we are on that.

Q. What do you like about your defense now after the moves you’ve made?

JOE SCHOEN: I know the players that are under contract for more than one year. So again, Dexter is under contract. His contract status. Burns is for five years. Kayvon for three. Okereke for another three, Tae Banks for four, and just got Nubin for four years. You’ve got a young core group of players that will be able to be together for — and again, I know people want instant gratification, but it takes time to build this, and then over time, you have guys that are able to create continuity because they play together year over year. It was something we experienced in Buffalo. By the time we left, some of those guys had been playing together for four years in the same exact scheme, same defense, and playing together. I think that’s important from communication and just being on the same page when you’re playing as 1/11 and everybody knowing their job. I’m excited about the young core that we have together and the guys that are under contract for multiple years and even guys that may only have a year left that potentially we can extend down the road. But I do think we have pieces in place that I like that are going to be together for a couple of years here.

Q. Have you had any further clarification on Darren, whether he’s coming back or —

JOE SCHOEN: No, nothing’s changed there. We’re still giving him space and when he’s ready to make a decision, we’ll have those conversations.

Media Q&A with Tyler Nubin:

Q. Tyler, congratulations…

TYLER NUBIN: What’s going on, man. Thank you, thank you so much.

Q. Just curious, how much interaction did you have with the Giants in this process and what was your reaction when they called you to let you know you were their pick?

TYLER NUBIN: I had great interactions with them. They came out and saw me. I did a workout for them. Got on the board, had a great conversation with their coaches. A great conversation with them at the Combine, too, as well, going over film. It was a great atmosphere being around them, and being around Coach Daboll, as well. It was great, honestly. I was so happy when they called me and when that call came in because we already had a connection.

Q. What kind of player are you and what are you bringing to the Giants, do you think?

TYLER NUBIN: I’m an everything player. I feel like I’m a guy that can do it all on the field. I like to call myself a Swiss Army knife. I can move around everywhere. I can blitz. I am come down and hit the box, I can play over the top. Anywhere on the field I’m comfortable.

Q. Who from the team was there for your work out?

TYLER NUBIN: The safeties coach (Michael Treier) and I think their assistant GM (Brandon Brown).

Q. What about your ability to track the ball and intercept it? Seems to be something you did quite well in college.

TYLER NUBIN: It comes from my preparation, for real. I feel like that’s really what it is – how I approach the game, the things I do throughout the week to set myself up for success on the weekend, on Saturdays, now Sundays, to make the game easy.

Q. When you met with the Giants, you know, they are coming in with a new defensive system and with a new defensive coordinator, did you get to do any work with them as far as what you’ll be asked to do, what they expect their safeties to do?

TYLER NUBIN: Yeah. We did a little bit of work on just understanding the basics of their defense and what they ask their safeties to do. Not specifically what they want me to do. Just being able to teach me a couple things.

Q. How emotional of a moment was that when your phone rang and it was the Giants?

TYLER NUBIN: Oh, man, I’ve been crying the last 35 minutes (laughs). No, for real.

Q. What were you doing tonight? What were the plans and how were you approaching tonight?

TYLER NUBIN: I had a bunch of my family and friends, we had a little venue that we rented just with couches and tables to watch the Draft. I was surrounded by all of my close family and friends. So when that came in, it was awesome, man, to be around them.

Q. For you personally, why did it hit so hard? What about it made it so special to you?

TYLER NUBIN: Honestly, not even thinking about the work that I put in. The work everybody around me put in, my parents have been working so hard for me all my life, being able to set me up in a good situation. You know, teach me the right things. All of my family and friends around me, on top of the work that I put in, there’s just so many people and so many sacrifices that were made over a long period of time leading up to this moment, it just all came out. Honestly that’s what it was.

Q. I read a story about you in The Star Tribune that when, I believe, you were in Illinois, living in Illinois and you kind of met with a coach to say that you were going to put in the work to get to be, frankly, in the position you’re in now. Do I have some of that right or all of that right?

TYLER NUBIN: Yeah, yeah, that was my high school coach.

Q. Okay…


Q. Have you heard from (center) John Michael Schmitz yet?

TYLER NUBIN: I have not. My phone is blowing up. I’ve got to call him, actually.

Q. Are you good friends with him or do you know him pretty well since you guys were teammates?

TYLER NUBIN: Oh, yeah, me and John Michael are super close. I was actually hoping I’d get a chance to play with him and (inside linebacker) Carter (Coughlin).

Q. I read that you had a knee surgery after the season. Just what was the problem with your knee and how much did that affect you in the pre-Draft process?

TYLER NUBIN: Yeah, so I played like six games on a torn meniscus last year. Got it scoped at the end of the season. I kind of accelerated my recovery process to get myself ready for the Combine because I really wanted to compete at the Combine and pro day. So, that kind of bit me in the butt a little bit. It affected me, but honestly, I wouldn’t do anything differently than I did because I really just wanted to compete.

Q. I saw some clips of you. You looked like you are a center fielder out there. Is that how you read the play?

TYLER NUBIN: Yeah, I’m real comfortable running under the ball and going to get it. That’s my game for real.

Q. I think you were the first safety taken. Does that mean something to you, and were you aware of that? Like did you compare yourself to the other guys throughout the process?

TYLER NUBIN: Honestly, I’m just thankful for this opportunity. I was going to cry my eyes out no matter where I was picked, if I was picked here or picked 199, I’m just thankful to be in this position. I can’t wait to get to work for the Giants.

Q. What are you most excited about for this opportunity?

TYLER NUBIN: Playing football, honestly, and getting back to playing football. Doing the thing I love most and doing it well and helping the Giants win.

Q. Have you ever been to this area?

TYLER NUBIN: Yeah, I’ve been to New York. We had a Bowl game out in New York. That was actually my first time staying there a couple years ago. It was awesome. I love the city.

Media Q&A with Andru Phillips:

Q. What’s tonight been like for you?

DRU PHILLIPS: It’s been a night. You know, you sit there, you wait for a little bit, you don’t know. But right now, I can’t even explain it, man. This has meant the world to me.

Q. What do you think about coming to New York, playing for the Giants and being in this area and the City?

DRU PHILLIPS: I can’t think of a better organization to go play for. I had one of my Top-30s up there and everyone up there was so cool and it was like, I feel like I fit in right along. I can’t wait to go up there and play ball and fit in with everybody.

Q. What makes you think you fit in, or like on that visit what stood out to you to make you feel that way?

DRU PHILLIPS: It came with the history of the program. I was walking around the facility and it has so much history and then you get to meet the people and the coaches and everyone, we bonded so well and we all have the same goal, which is to go out there and win, genuinely go out there and do anything to win the football game. I met what type of people they are, and they are the same. Just good people and that’s what I kind of lean towards, so I’m happy to be a part of this organization.

Q. What are the practice battles with (wide receiver) Wan’Dale Robinson going to be like?

DRU PHILLIPS: Man, I can’t even describe it. We’ve been talking crap for so long, he even just called me. II can’t wait to go against a great player like him. He’s established himself in a way up there in New York, and being able to compete and just go win and get better each and every day against him. It’s going to be a great competition.

Q. How many years have you played together?

DRU PHILLIPS: We played one year at Kentucky. I was younger, though. He may have had the best of me back then, but I think it’s different for me now.

Q. How comfortable are you playing on the outside? It seems like your best position might be in the slot. How comfortable are you on the outside?

DRU PHILLIPS: Yeah, especially after this past year when I played both, that outside became so comfortable by the last game of the season – I was out there, (inaudible) outside corners, but off my skill set and comfortability, it felt like second nature. It was right there really with the inside. It just takes more reps and stuff, but I’m right there. I can compete with anybody.

Q. How often were you asked about the interception total throughout this whole process and how do you explain, I would imagine, I don’t know if the emotions are frustrating, that you were close. How do you explain not being able to get one?

DRU PHILLIPS: I was asked about it, but in the grand scheme of everything, everybody knows I’m sticky. In coverage, I’m sticky. I’m going to get the ball off dudes. I’m going to do my job in the back end. It was asked, but at the same time, they understand who I am, when I was coming in, I’ve shown (inaudible) going to catch no type of balls in that type of sense. You know, I’m just trying to get the balls off guys, it was a question, but they understand it like I’m doing my job, I’m doing it at a very high level. So, they trust me.

Q. How are your hands?

DRU PHILLIPS: Man, they are really good. They are really good. But at the same time, there’s always work to get better. I’m always going to work to get better at it. I’m on the JUGS machine. I’m going to be up there in New York and just working, I’m going to get the turnovers.

Q. What was your night like tonight? What was the setup and what were you thinking? Did you expect to go tonight? Talk about the emotions of it all…

DRU PHILLIPS: Yeah, so I thought I was going to go tonight. But I have my family and I have my friends over. It’s just how the Draft plays out. You don’t know. I just put my faith into God, and I was talking to my family, and I was hoping to land at a great organization and I’m glad I landed at the Giants. It’s a great fit for me and a great organization, as well.

Q. Do you prefer Dru or Andru?

DRU PHILLIPS: Yeah, you guys can call me Dru. I go by Dru.

Q. How many 30s did you take?

DRU PHILLIPS: I took basically ten 30s. If you want to count one, the Rams, they don’t fly people out, but I did ten 30s (visits).

Wide receiver Malik Nabers, who the Giants drafted in the 1st round on Thursday, held a press conference at the team’s facility on Friday. The transcript and video are available in The Corner Forum and on YouTube.

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