Aug 022002
Q&A: Cornerback Will Peterson

by BBI Reporter walterb

walterb: What positions are you playing and what packages are you in during the practices here at Albany?

William Peterson: Regular defense, nickel, quarter defense. Right now I am mostly the right corner.

walterb: What happens when Jason Sehorn comes back full? Will you end up being in the slot more then?

William Peterson: No, that has not been determined. Now I am on the field all the time, and as of right now I am playing right corner.

walterb: As a player what do you do best?

William Peterson: I have a lot of athletic ability and that allows me to get back into plays and make plays. I also think I am aggressive. I bring aggressive play to the table, and I can support on the run. You can have good cover guys, but they won’t always come up against the run. My cover skills are real good too. So I think I have the total package.

walterb: Do you then prefer to play man coverage or zone coverage?

William Peterson: I like man coverage more. Because you know when you have a guy in man it is just you against him. Zone sometimes is tricky because you can start off with a man, and then another guy comes into the zone – and then it gets tricky. You might end up taking another responsibility.

walterb: Who are the toughest receivers that you have played against?

William Peterson: The Jerry Rice and Tim Brown combination. They both use experience. They are both proven, and they both have a great work ethic. I think they are hard to go up against.

walterb: When something goes wrong on a play, what usually goes wrong? Last year the defensive backfield had numerous breakdowns – what went wrong?

William Peterson: Miscommunication mainly. When you have miscommunication in the secondary a player may think he is playing one thing and he really may be playing another coverage. It was not about the athletic ability – because the athletes are here. We have good athletes in our defensive secondary. It really boils down to miscommunication- even though everyone was hustling. You can’t have a good secondary without everyone communicating- and you really have to be consistent.

walterb: What is it that you would like the fans out there to know about you and your character that is the most revealing?

William Peterson: (emphatically) That I love the game of football. And when they see me on the field they are going to see energy and enthusiasm – and yeah – I hate losing! I am competing to win.

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