Q&A: Defensive End Eric Moore

Interview Conducted by BigBlueInteractive.com Contributor Russ Polhemus

BBI: How does it feel to be a Giant?

Moore: It feels great to be a Giant. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of this opportunity here, having fun and hopefully making a name for myself.

BBI: On playing with Strahan?

Moore: He’s one of the best there is. A great opportunity.

BBI: Do you know any players personally on the Giants?

Moore: No,sir.

BBI: Did you have a private workout with the Giants and what did they tell you about your role?

Moore: Actually they came to our Pro Day at FSU like everyone else. Coach Coughlin worked me out himself. He worked me out, I did pretty well.

BBI: Have you spoken with Coach Lewis yet?

Moore: Yes I talked to Coach Lewis on draft day. You know how he coaches – he’s one of the best. I’m really looking forward to playing for him. I’m used to playing for a great defensive coach in Mickey Andrews here, so its a good opportunity.

BBI: Has team talked to you of bulking up or seeing time at LB?

Moore: No, they haven’t said anything about that.

BBI: Preferred side of formation?

Moore: At FSU, I played on both sides of the formation,so it doesnt matter which side – I’m really comfortable playing both sides equally.

BBI: What areas do you need to improve?

Moore: Just to get better every day. Work on my hands (techniques) mostly.

BBI: On proving something after some college injuries, being drafted late?

Moore: I just want to show the teams that passed me up in the draft that they made a mistake and that I’m a good football player.

BBI: What offensive tackles challenged you in college?

Moore: I played with some really great players at FSU. I practiced against some great ones every week – Alex Barron, Brett Williams, Todd Williams. Practicing against that kind of talent was good for me. I also played with talented guys on defense like Travis Johnson, Darnell Dockett, Jeff Womble and others. That was a great opportunity as well.

BBI: How can you contribute right away? On the field and and team chemistry?

Moore: Specials teams – Special teams are very important for making it in this league. Some guys try to avoid it, but I see it as a great opportunity. As far as off the field, I try to be a humble person so I guess my humbleness is one quality I bring.

BBI: On getting to know Eli, Plax, Tiki, others…

Moore: They’re very good players. I want to get to know and get along with all my teamates, not just certain guys – everybody.

BBI: A more personal question if I may – do you have an ADHD condition or special medication?

Moore: I have no idea where this story came from – false internet rumors or something. All of the sudden I started seeing on some of these draft sites. I’ve never had any ADHD condition and I didnt appreciate the rumors – I got a little tee’d off about it because I dont know where it came from and its not true.

BBI: Current player you’d compare yourself to?

Moore: Jevon Kearse. I think he’s a great athlete, a good pass rusher. Being here for me is just a great opportunity to show that I can be a good football player too.

BBI: On leaving Tallahassee for New York/mini-camp?

Moore: I’m really looking forward to walking (graduating) this weekend, then off to mini-camp with the team, meet everbody. You know, it’s time to move on; grow up – time to go to work.

BBI: One fan asked if you’d promise to get after the QB if Giants fans do the Seminole war chant (tomahawk chop)?

Moore: I’ll do my best. You know, I just want to become a better player and help the team.

BBI: Thanks for your time today, Eric. May we check back with you during summer camp to see how things are going?

Moore: Sure, that’d be great.