Jun 042010
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NFL Network Interview With Coach Coughlin: The video of a recent NFL Network interview with Head Coach Tom Coughlin is available at NFL.com.

Article on DE Justin Tuck: Justin Tuck Says Giants Were ‘Spoiled’ Last Year by Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger

Article on DE Mathias Kiwanuka: Following Motorcycle Accident, New York Giants Expect Mathias Kiwanuka To Attend Team Workouts by Kevin Armstrong of The Daily News

Quotes: Head Coach Tom Coughlin’s reaction to former Giants’ linebacker Antonio Pierce saying that Coughlin is on the “hot seat”:  “I don’t know what he said or why he said it or what his intent was by any means. But it’s a one-year circumstance for everybody. I don’t care if you just won the Super Bowl. You’re expected to come right back and perform at the highest level. And of course, in this market, you’re always going to be subject to that kind of scrutiny. My goals, my expectations, what I demand of myself, what I demand of our team, really is internally driven and has nothing to do with outside.”

General Manager Jerry Reese on Pierce’s comments: “I didn’t think it was inflammatory in any kind of way. It could be taken out of context. You could spin it any way you want to spin it, but I didn’t think he was being malicious in any kind of way. I think he was just saying everybody’s on the hot seat. You work in the National Football League, you’re on the hot seat. There are no (free) passes.”

Reese on new Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell: “I think guys are going to feel good about what they’re doing. He’s going to be solid, he’s going to be aggressive. You see him at practice, he’s got a lot of energy. I think the players like that…(The defense is) attacking. It’s fundamentals. He stresses fundamentals and details. The players like to be held accountable in that way. It should be fun for them.”

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