Dec 222010
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By Eric from

This message is not intended for the fans, but the few Giants players who may read it.

We still love you. Like you, we hurt inside. But we still love you. We may bitch and moan, but we will stand by you regardless of what may come.

Last Sunday does not matter. It was not the end of your season. We Giants fans have endured far, far worse: the ’58 Championship Game, the ’63 Championship Game, the ’89 playoff loss to the Rams, the ’97 playoff loss to the Vikings, the ’02 playoff loss to the 49ers. You are young and not familiar with these painful memories, but we remember. We’ve been through this before. We won’t abandon you.

Unlike those other teams that suffered terrible losses that ended their seasons, you can still fix this. Let me repeat those words and let them sink in: YOU CAN STILL FIX THIS.

I have watched enough football for the past 30 years to know this: if you face the Eagles again in January, you will beat them. I feel it my bones. That victory will be so sweet, so uplifting, it will propel you to the Super Bowl.

But you have to make that opportunity for yourselves first.

All that matters is the Packers. Put the hurt aside. Focus completely on the next game. Do not doubt yourselves. You will get it done. One play at a time. Concentrate all of your focus and energy on the very next snap. One play at a time.

You will face the Eagles again this season. And regardless of what they say publicly, they want no part of the New York Giants again. They know, deep down, you will beat them the next time. You are the better team. Face them again and end their season. Do that and no one – NO ONE – will remember last Sunday.

Your first step begins Sunday. Get it done. We’ll be with you. We promise.


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Eric Kennedy

Eric Kennedy is Editor-in-Chief of, a publication of Big Blue Interactive, LLC. Follow @BigBlueInteract on Twitter.

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