Aug 072012
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BBI New York Giants Training Camp Reports: To see the latest BBI training camp reports and training camp schedule, please visit the Training Camp section of the website.

Additional New York Giants Training Camp Reports: The following media source has also provided a training camp report: Video from Training Camp:

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Injury Report – Thomas Will Try to Return Without Surgery: Not practicing yesterday were OT Will Beatty (back), DE Justin Trattou (ankle), LB Jacquian Williams (hip), LB Jake Muasau (hamstring), CB Prince Amukamara (hamstring), CB Terrell Thomas (knee), WR Hakeem Nicks (PUP – foot), TE Travis Beckum (PUP – knee), DT Chris Canty (PUP – knee), and LB Clint Sintim (PUP – knee).

After seeking a third opinion from doctors, it has been decided that Thomas will try to return to the practice fields after further rehabilitating his right knee. No surgery is planned at this time. It had been feared that Thomas suffered a potential season-ending and career-threatening re-tear of his twice torn ACL on July 29.

“The suggestion on the part of the group of doctors that have looked at Terrell Thomas is that we try to rehab him and see how he does and if he can get back on the field to do so,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “He’s coming back to camp. He’ll jump into a rehab program. We’ll watch him very, very closely. We’ll hopefully accelerate his… the strengthening of the knee and see how soon he can join us and we’ll hope for the very best.”

Coughlin would not address the specifics of the injury to the ACL. When asked when Thomas might return to practice, Coughlin responded, “I wouldn’t even guess. I wouldn’t even try to guess that.”

“That’s the whole idea is to find out (if the knee swells),” said Coughlin. “So here we go. He’ll jump in there and I’m sure he’ll go hard…He feels very positive about it, before he left. He really doesn’t have any pain. Does not feel instability. The knee was not swollen. He went down and Dr. Andrews pretty much agreed with what the other doctors had said and what they felt was, ‘Let’s try to rehab him and see how far we can… see if we can get him right back on the field.'”

The Star-Ledger is reporting that the hope is that Thomas will be able to return to practice in 3-5 weeks. According to the paper, the consensus among doctors was that Thomas aggravated or stretched the ligament, but did not tear it completely.

Regarding Amukamara, Coughlin said, “He’s got a little bit of a hamstring.”

Regarding Beatty missing three straight practices, Coughlin said, “Beatty is here and, to be honest with you, the news that I got from down below is good. He does have some sciatic nerve issues so they’re trying to eliminate that. When they do eliminate that they think the guy can go and when he goes they don’t think he’ll have any repercussions. That’s why right at this point in time they’re being very cautious because of the sciatica. They’re trying to get that completely out of the equation. Anyone who has ever had a back, you know how that goes. It’s tough to get rid of that part. I’m hoping that they can control it. He is on some type of medication.”

Trattou is now out of his walking boot. “It feels good,” said Trattou. “It was definitely decently jammed up but now that I’m walking around I’m starting to get the blood flowing back in there. Now I’ve just got to get it stronger so I can go back out there and run full speed. I’m going to meet with the doctor later this week to get an update and go from there…Right now I’m just trying to get it stronger again. I can’t really walk 100 percent yet so once I get my strength back I’ll try and get back out there.”

DT Dwayne Hendricks injured his knee during practice. “I don’t know for sure,” said Coughlin. “I think it was the MCL they were worried about. He did some exercises on the side, including some zigzag stuff. So, I don’t know. I’m hoping that we can put a brace on him, and in a couple of days, he can go.”

LB Michael Boley (hamstring), LB Chase Blackburn (thigh), and OT James Brewer (back) returned to practice.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin’s Monday Press Conference: The transcript and video of yesterday’s press conference with Head Coach Tom Coughlin are available at

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Quotes: Head Coach Tom Coughlin on WR David Douglas: “He’s done well. There are a lot of roles that I’d like to see him in; as a kick returner, as a gunner, all that kind of stuff. He’s made some plays for sure.”

Coughlin on WR Ramses Barden: “Absolutely. It’s time (to start producing). It’s time. It was time last year. It’s time. The guy is going to make a mark in the league. He’s smart; he’s been around long enough. He’s been in the heat of it. You know, he’s made plays; he just needs to make them more consistently. That’s all I hope this is his time.”

Coughlin on OT Sean Locklear: “Off and on. He’s been in the league for a while, so I’m hoping that he can just pick it up and go from there. I think there have been some good and some bad, to be honest with you. Hopefully as we go forward there will be more good than bad.”

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