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Corey Webster, New York Giants (September 8, 2013)

Corey Webster – © USA TODAY Sports Images

1Cleveland$14,339,575.00 $24,206,764.00
2Jacksonville$19,563,231.00 $19,977,549.00
3Buffalo$9,817,628.00 $18,941,156.00
4Miami$5,380,246.00 $17,780,846.00
5Philadelphia$23,046,035.00 $17,216,344.00
6Carolina$3,654,825.00 $11,637,268.00
7Green Bay$7,010,832.00 $9,841,383.00
8Cincinnati$8,579,575.00 $8,187,854.00
9Tennessee$12,867,893.00 $6,927,090.00
10Tampa Bay$8,527,866.00 $6,901,956.00
11Denver$11,537,924.00 $6,445,644.00
12Arizona$3,600,110.00 $5,750,006.00
13New England$5,607,914.00 $4,160,574.00
14Atlanta$307,540.00 $3,170,482.00
15Seattle$13,265,802.00 $2,963,806.00
16Kansas City$14,079,650.00 $2,608,881.00
17San Francisco$859,734.00 $2,600,957.00
18Oakland$4,504,761.00 $2,535,286.00
19San Diego$995,893.00 $2,367,666.00
20Detroit$466,992.00 $1,755,729.00
21Chicago$3,236,965.00 $1,713,800.00
22Washington$4,270,296.00 $1,577,486.00
23NY Jets$3,400,000.00 $1,510,437.00
24Houston$2,422,689.00 $1,505,569.00
25Baltimore$1,182,377.00 $1,500,876.00
26Pittsburgh$758,811.00 $1,319,803.00
27Dallas$2,335,379.00 $1,304,694.00
28Minnesota$8,004,734.00 $937,149.00
29Indianapolis$3,500,000.00 $713,497.00
30New Orleans$2,700,000.00 $644,991.00
31St. Louis$247,347.00 $126,397.00
32NY Giants$1,000,000.00 $41,888.00

December 18, 2013 NFL Salary Cap Update: In a little less than two weeks, the final carryover figures for the 20 non-playoff teams will be in, of which the Giants will unfortunately be one. I’ll write up another league-wide team cap report update then in order to reflect those figures. The Giants rank 32nd out of 32 clubs at the moment. The Rams ceded the title of team with the least amount of available cap space to the Giants a few days ago when they restructured the contract of DE Chris Long to the tune $200,000 to be able to make it through the rest of the regular season with respect to operational cap expenses sometimes known as “fudge money.”

As per the NFLPA’s League Cap Report website, the Giants are $41,888 under the salary cap. They placed Corey Webster on I.R. two days ago, and promoted WR Julian Talley to the 53-man roster from their Practice Squad, followed by signing RB Kendall Gaskins to fill the Practice Squad vacancy created by the promotion of Talley. Talley’s cap number is $47,647. The Giants’ cap number prior to these three roster moves was $89,535 – also last in the league.

The Giants can’t make any other roster moves this week without having to be forced to restructure a player contract in order to stay under the cap. As long as nothing freakish happens in practice injury-wise, and they get out of Detroit game reasonably unscathed, they’ll make it through the season without having to tweak a contract in order to make it through the last two weeks of the season. They’ll be able to I.R. someone next week (just 1) since the prorated cost to sign a player will decrease compared to this week. If Detroit lays a physical beating on the Giants, then things could get ugly.

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