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Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin, New York Giants (August 29, 2015)

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Not practicing due to injuries were WR Victor Cruz (calf), LT Will Beatty (pectoral – on PUP), RT/RG Brandon Mosley (back), DE/DT Cullen Jenkins (hamstring), DE Robert Ayers (ankle), LB Jon Beason (knee), CB Josh Gordy (hip), CB Chykie Brown (knee), S Jeromy Miles (groin), and S Nat Berhe (calf).

“(Beason) feels better,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “Yeah, he feels better. He’s got a routine now, and they get a little bit more aggressive each day with it. So he’s optimistic, let’s put it that way.”

CB Chandler Fenner (hamstring) participated in individual drills.

RT Bobby Hart (knee) returned to practice.

Some snippets from various media sources:

  • Landon Collins and Cooper Taylor remained the first-team safeties; Brandon Meriweather and Stevie Brown were the second-team safeties.
  • The first-team defensive line had George Selvie and Kerry Wynn at defensive end and Johnathan Hankins and Markus Kuhn at defensive tackle.
  • Right tackle Bobby Hart returned to practice and made a nice block on a running back Kenneth Harper carry.
  • Cornerback Trevin Wade intercepted a pass tipped by linebacker Unai’ Unga.
  • Wide receiver Odell Beckham beat cornerback Mike Harris and out-raced safety Landon Collins to the end zone.
  • Quarterback Ryan Nassib overthrew a wide open wide receiver Dwayne Harris deep.
  • Cornerback Jayron Hosley came close to picking off quarterback Ryan Nassib.
  • Safety Stevie Brown, playing alongside safety Landon Collins, intercepted a pass from quarterback Ricky Stanzi intended for tight end Will Tye and returned it for a touchdown.
  • Wide receiver Julian Talley threw a pass to wide receiver Juron Criner.
  • Wide receiver Corey Washington ended practice with a diving, one-handed reception for a touchdown.

Tom Coughlin addressed the media on Tuesday (video is available at

Q: Just a cramp for Jayron Hosley there at the end?

A: Yeah, yup.

Q: What’s your plan for the fourth game coming up against the Patriots, for the starters at least?

A: Very little. And the rest of the guys will play.

Q: Is it very little, as in it doesn’t matter what they do? Or could it be extended?

A: It’s a pitch count.

Q: Are you more watching for the guys below the starting level, the backups, guys fighting for jobs?

A: I am very interested in that, how they handle that, the situation. Some of the roster spots are definitely—decisions have to be made. It’s spelled opportunity. When you get a chance to play like this—have a game in which you can amass 60 snaps or something along those lines, plus special teams, would be a good thing.

Q: With all the nagging little injuries, does that complicate some of these decisions for either today or after the last game?

A: Well, it certainly always does. There’s no question about that part of it. Because you end up after today with your 75, and yet you still have a bunch of guys who couldn’t play. So that’s really not the intent of it, but that’s the way it happens.

Q: Any more information on Victor Cruz?

A: No. Nope. He’s not going to play in the (New England) game.

Q: We saw Jon Beason out here doing some work, it looks like he’s made some progress.

A: He feels better. Yeah, he feels better. He’s got a routine now, and they get a little bit more aggressive each day with it. So he’s optimistic, let’s put it that way.

Q: Are you guys optimistic?

A: He’s optimistic. Whatever they tell me. I’m the eternal optimist.

Q: Where does the punting situation stand right now with Steve Weatherford?

A: Where does it? Well, there’s a game to go and it’s going to be a competitive thing. Not necessarily with the guys that are here. That goes for any position. Any position. People have to understand that. You’re not competing just against the guys here, you’re competing against the waiver wire.

Q: Well, what have you wanted to see out of Steve?

A: Well, you know what we’re always after is directional, hang time, distance, location, hang, and the opportunity to put us in the best position from a coverage standpoint. Basically for me, it’s always been put it outside the numbers.

Q: How do you think he’s done with that?

A: Well, he’s been off and on. He’s had some good ones and he’s had some that aren’t so good.

Q: You talked about wanting to see more consistency in your passing game and get a little more timing and rhythm. With the starters not playing much in the last preseason game, can that be developed in practice?

A: Oh yeah, it can. If guys practice, it can. We had a couple real nice indications of that here this afternoon.

Q: With so many negative appraisals of the Giants this preseason, particularly from the outside, do you have to make sure your players believe?

A: Well, you always have to do that. But I don’t know if they’re anything like me, but I don’t read any of that stuff.

Q: What have you seen from your defense that gives you optimism that that can be a good, solid unit?

A: Well, I think that you focus on different people, different people on different days have shown the ability to do certain things. What we’ve got to do is take what we have and match it up with what they can do well. And then situationally, be able to utilize them. So I’ve seen things along those lines that are things that are positive. But there’s no doubt, we’re going to have to prove it against the best competition in football. It’s all in front of us.

Q: Do you have to do that more than usual with this group? You talk about it in regard of being able to mix and match skill sets because you don’t have a guy like Jason Pierre-Paul around.

A: There’s different ways in which you try to accomplish that. But yeah, you are going to have to—you always do that anyways. You’re going to have 16 to 18 guys that are your defensive team and they cover all the situations for you.

Q: Has the team ever gotten to the point with JPP where they have examined his hand?

A: No.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about Odell Beckham and what he is in your offense and his strengths?

A: Well, he’s very important. It’s obvious, because of the big play possibility he brings any time he touches the ball. You’re going to have an awful lot of direction, in terms of the defense, what they are trying to do about defending. That’s going to give others a chance as well.

Q: I know you probably talked about this yesterday, but Stevie Brown, you know what he can do because he’s been here before. Do you expect him to play in this game?

A: Yes.

Q: What are you looking for from him?

A: I’m looking for him to play. I’d like to see the Stevie Brown we had the year he had, what, (eight) interceptions or whatever that was. That’s what I’d like to see and that’s what we’re trying to get a feel for—where he is with his game and just see him play. Just put him in that position and see what happens.

Q: With veterans like Stevie and Brandon Meriweather and Jeromy Miles here, do you feel any better about your safety situation maybe than you did earlier in camp?

A: Well, we’ll see depending on how we do this weekend. I feel better with (Landon) Collins getting some kind of routine going. He practiced, he played, and I feel good about that. And, to be honest with you, Cooper Taylor played well the other night. So I’m excited about seeing him this weekend, too. Some of these people that are starters are still going to play a little more. They’re going to play more. Some will continue to play in the game for X amount of plays, others will come out. That’s going to give us a chance to see a little bit what they can do.

Q: Given how little that the starters will be playing as a group together, is there anything they can do success-wise or opposite that will change your opinion going into the regular season?

A: Yeah, play well. Take it and score. Stop the other guy. Stop the run. Run the ball. I’ll get some opinions based on that stuff.

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The Giants travel to New England on Wednesday in advance of Thursday’s preseason finale against the Patriots.

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