Q&A: Running Back Ron Dayne

by BBI Reporter walterb

walterb: How do you feel about your running this year compared to your previous years?

Ron Dayne: Just more confident – more comfortable with my team, the situation that I’m in.

walterb: What’s the major difference between the offensive line you had here and the offensive line you had back in Wisconsin?

Ron Dayne: I don’t know, I can’t really compare – just because of the fact that I was with those guys for a while, like four years, I couldn’t really compare them. It’s not as fast in college.

walterb: Last year it appeared that on some plays you may have been slipping on the field. I heard that they might be improving the Giants Stadiums’ field and improving the grass – have you tested that yet, or has it worked better for you?

Ron Dayne: I haven’t tested it yet, we haven’t had a chance to get out there yet, yeah but when the field gets wet overnight, it’s kinda slippery and the grass comes up.

walterb: Take me through a play. What goes through your mind when you line up for a play that’s going to be run for you?

Ron Dayne: It depends on the situation. If it was 3rd-and-1, it’s just to get to first, if it’s 1st-and-10, just to get some yardage.

walterb: Last year when you’d get caught in the backfield on plays what usually went wrong?

Ron Dayne: Well it depends on who tackled me. If it was a linebacker, maybe a fullback missed a block or if it was a D-lineman, maybe the lineman came off and slipped or something.

walterb: What have you been doing to improve your weight and the physical parts of your game?

Ron Dayne: Just training almost year-round. I’ll take off maybe a month, to spend a lot of time with my kids, but I’m still being active not just sitting around, doing nothing.

walterb: What’s your favorite play?

Ron Dayne: I don’t know. We’ve been running some different plays. I’ll see Monday night which ones I like the best. Usually it’s just a draw play.

walterb: Why’s that?

Ron Dayne: Because I like being able to see everything

walterb: When you were younger, who did you admire as a running back? Who did you watch all the time?

Ron Dayne: John Riggins is my favorite running back, still is. I watched him. I grew up in Virginia, and up to ten I was able to watch him a lot. I admire his style.

walterb: After John Riggins, was there anyone else ?

Ron Dayne: No, not really. I liked him and Tony Dorsett. The only reason I didn’t like him too much is ’cause he was with Dallas and I was the Redskins’ fan. I wear his number (Tony Dorsett). I watched him wear 33, and I liked that number, and I got it in college.

walterb: You seemed to be getting through the holes quicker last year and this year, what’s the big difference?

Ron Dayne: Just knowing what I had to do, being confident in what I do.