September 11, 2006 New York Giants Injury Report: RG Chris Snee was forced to leave the game against the Colts with an ankle injury. Head Coach Tom Coughlin provided an update yesterday. “No fracture, no ligament damage, but an injured ankle, nevertheless,” said Coughlin. “He’s not able to do a whole lot with it today, but that’s good news – the fact that there’s no fracture.” When asked if Snee would be able to play this weekend against the Eagles, Coughlin replied, “I don’t know about that. We would say (he will be available) until something is proven otherwise.”

TE Jeremy Shockey’s ankle continues to bother him. “He’s sore,” said Coughlin. “He’s sore. But he was able to do a limited amount of stuff with it.”

Notes and Quotes: DT Montae Reagor of the Colts shouted “Hut, Hut” across the line of scrimmage during the game on Sunday, causing at least two false start penalties. According to NFL rules, Reagor should have been flagged with unsportsmanlike conduct, but he was not.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin on the attitude of his team the day after the disappointing loss to the Colts and what he told his players: “Remorse for opportunity lost. That’s what it is. Disappointment. Disappointment. They know they can play better. They know they can do better. They know that the game was so…the game could have been won at any point, and the inability to do that is a…The statement that I made to our team was this: I really think we have to stop talking about being good and get good. And get good. Play good. All of these expectations and all of this talk, it’s all nice and it’s wonderful to hear. Boom. It doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t win. You have to win. You have to perform when the pressure is on. Our game is all about pressure, and you have to win. When you’re given those opportunities, you have to produce.”

Eagles’ LB Jeremiah Trotter on playing the Giants this week: “I guarantee you one thing, when the Giants come to town somebody’s going to get hit in the mouth.”