Bob Whitfield Officially Retires: The Giants have officially announced that OT Bob Whitfield has retired.

“It’s time to hang it up and move on to the next thing,” said Whitfield. “I can hang it up and be happy and move on. I had a great time – I had a blast.”

“In my conversation with Coach (Tom Coughlin), he indicated they were going to go younger,” Whitfield said. “So I’m going to go ride ponies in the sunset. I didn’t want to wear out my welcome. It’s time to give other players the opportunity to come up in the ranks. You have to move your older talent to make room for newer talent. I recognize that. It was my thought after the season that I would seriously consider retirement. So I’m going to go ahead and move on and give them an opportunity to let a Guy Whimper get some playing time.”

“My steady joke with Guy last year was, ‘I’m not supposed to be doing this. This is supposed to be you,'” Whitfield said. “I think the roles have changed for veteran players. Before, we were starters and a lot of coaches liked to play veterans. Now veteran players are mentors and just-in-casers. Teams want to give their young draft picks playing time. So a veteran guy becomes a mentor for a younger player or a guy who plays just in case the younger player gets hurt. I played that role the last two years. I did it the best I could and I enjoyed every minute of doing it. But I also know that the development of the young players has to come eventually, and it’s going to have to come in my space.”

Quotes: Tiki Barber on HB Brandon Jacobs: “Brandon is a powerful, determined runner. What I will continue to work with him on is controlling and harnessing his emotions, because sometimes they get the best of him. He also needs to learn how to be a complete player. He’s also got to run a little bit lower, because they’re going to come at his knees since he’s 6-foot-4. I think he can be a #1 back next year, but he has to win the job.”

Barber on General Manager Jerry Reese: “I give him credit for seeing issues and seeing things that he wanted to change and not being afraid to pull the trigger. It was surprising that Luke (Petitgout) was gone, and LaVar (Arrington), as well. So I give him credit for having the gumption to do what he wants to do and shape this team in his fashion. Whether that’s good or bad will be determined.”