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February 24, 2007 Jerry Reese Press Conference: General Manager Jerry Reese addressed the media at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis yesterday. Some of the points he made included:

  • Reese on the Giants and Free Agency: “We will do as much as possible in free agency, wherever the money takes us, that’s what we will try to do,” said Reese. “We have players coming in, we have a game plan going into free agency. We’ve scheduled a couple of groups of players to come in. We will be as active as possible, as far as our money goes.”
  • Giants Seeking Another Running Back: While Reese expects Brandon Jacobs to be the starting halfback, the Giants are also seeking a complementary back.
    “You always want a change-of-pace back,” said Reese. “If we get a big chain-mover or a big running back, I don’t know if that changes the pace for you a little bit. We need a quicker guy who can make their defense change their mentality. You always want a guy who can give you a little different look when you have your second running back. We’re looking for Brandon to carry the ball 20 times and another running back to carry it 15 times. (Jacobs will) carry the max amount of the load for us, I’m assuming, if everything goes the way I expect it to…(The coaches) can play them however they want to play them. I don’t care how they play them. But you have to have two running backs. Brandon could be the 10-to-15 guy, and the new guy is the 20-carry guy. Who knows? I don’t care how they do it as long as we get two healthy, strong running backs to carry the load.”
  • Possible Interest in HB Willis McGahee: The Buffalo Bills called the Giants to see if they were interested in HB Will McGahee. Reese said the Giants would investigate the matter. “There is some talk about Willis out there,” said Reese. “We’ll investigate Willis. We’ll investigate everybody out there with the trade talks. We’re not going to leave no stone unturned as far as that goes…(McGahee is) really more of a full-time running back. But if we wanted to go that route, I think (Jacobs and McGahee) could make a good combo.” Reese, however, indicated that the Giants would prefer not to part ways with any of their top three picks of the 2007 NFL Draft. “We’re not going to give away too much. If the right guy comes along there are some people we could package up and trade. Teams haven’t been asking about our players but we’ll be willing to package up a deal, players for players. We’re not giving up our first-day picks. You always want to keep your draft picks, but the back end of it for the right player, we can do that.”
  • Wilson and Torbor to Be Tendered: Reese said that the Giants plan to tender soon-to-be restricted free agents SS Gibril Wilson and LB Reggie Torbor. Wilson might receive a higher tender in order to protect him from receiving an offer sheet from another team. Reese said the Giants will probably tender soon-to-be restricted free agent HB Derrick Ward.
  • Injury Update on Amani Toomer: Reese said that WR Amani Toomer was ahead of schedule on his rehab for his surgically repaired knee. “We expect him to make a full recovery and be back for us,” Reese said.
  • Door Not Closed on Luke Petitgout: Reese said that it was not inconceivable that LT Luke Petitgout, who was waived by the team earlier this month, could re-sign with the Giants.
  • No More Cuts on Immediate Horizon: Reese said that the Giants are through with cutting players for now, but may do so down the road if they need additional cap space.
  • Views on Eli Manning: Reese said the Giants still have complete confidence in QB Eli Manning. “Obviously, he’s not where he wants to be right now,” Reese said. “But the guy’s been a full-time starter for two years. I really expect him to make a big step…I think in his third year, things will slow down even more for him, and he’ll start to do the things we expect him to do.”

Shaun O’Hara Receives Final Offer from Giants?: The Daily News is reporting that soon-to-be unrestricted free agent OC Shaun O’Hara has received a final, “take-it-or-leave-it” contract offer from the Giants. The offer is said to be a 6-year, $21.6 million contract that includes roughly $7 million in guaranteed money.

New York Giants Leaning Towards a Linebacker or Cornerback in the 1st Round?: According to The Star-Ledger, speculation among coaches and front office types from other teams at the NFL Combine is that the Giants will take a linebacker or cornerback in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft. But some think the Giants may be blowing smoke in order to hide their true intentions.

New York Giants and Agents for Strahan to Meet: According to The Star-Ledger, the agents for DE Michael Strahan and members of the Giants’ front office are expected to meet in the near future about Strahan’s recovery from his serious foot injury as well as his contract status. Strahan’s current contract is set to expire after the 2008 season. Strahan turns 36 in 2007.

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