Jun 122008
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Mandatory Full-Squad Mini-Camp Begins:  The Giants three-day, full-squad mini-camp began yesterday.  The camp is mandatory for all Giants.

Injury Report:  The following players will not participate in this week’s mini-camp due to injury:  LB Danny Clark (sports hernia, post op), LB Zak DeOssie (back), LB Gerris Wilkinson (knee), CB Sam Madison (sports hernia, post op), CB Corey Webster (quad), WR David Tyree (knee and wrist), WR D.J. Hall (back), TE Jeremy Shockey (ankle), and TE Michael Matthews (shoulder).

Not practicing in the afternoon were LB Antonio Pierce (unknown), RB Derrick Ward (leg), LB Mathias Kiwanuka (leg), DE Osi Umenyiora (unknown), and DE Justin Tuck (unknown).

Plaxico Burress Won’t Practice Due to His Contract:  WR Plaxico Burress revealed yesterday that he is not practicing at the Giants’ mini-camp because of his contract.  Burress signed a 6-year, $25 million deal in 2005.

“Me and my agent have been trying to get a deal done, so I can (be) a New York Giant for a long time,” said Burress.  “I personally don’t like the way its going.  I’m not happy about it and I’m going to choose not to participate.”

“I would hope (for a deal to be done),” said Burress.  “For the best interests of myself and my family so I can remain here throughout the rest of my career.  I’m going to sit back and keep getting ready to play, keep getting in better shape, keep getting to 100 percent.  If it happens, it happens.”

“I don’t feel I’m being mistreated, but everybody wants to be treated fairly,” said Burress.  “I myself, I go out and do the things I do.  We came to them and said we wanted to get a deal done and it’s just not going the way we hoped to up to this point, but hopefully we can make something happen pretty soon.”

“This is only my ninth season,” said Burress.  “I’m in the prime years of my career.  I can play stellar football for at least another four or five years.  As far as me getting injured last year, that’s basically one of the most frustrating years I’ve been through.  I sit back and look at myself and if I can go out and do the things I did basically on one leg and a half a knee in the Super Bowl, what kind of performance am I going to give when I’m 100 percent?”

When asked if he would refuse to practice at training camp if not given a new contract, Burress responded, “I have a pretty good idea what I’ll do.”

Shockey Shows Up, Sort Of:  Disgruntled TE Jeremy Shockey decided to report to the mandatory mini-camp, but he stayed away from his teammates during both practices and lunch yesterday.  Shockey, who is recovering from significant injuries to both his leg and ankle, is not physically able to practice yet.  But he did not stand with other injured teammates to watch the practices,  preferring to remain inside.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin was asked if there was a reason why Shockey was not standing with his teammates during practice.  “Well, not really,” responded Coughlin.  “That will be between Shockey and I.”

An unidentified source has told The Star-Ledger that Shockey may sit out training camp and perhaps the season if he is not given fewer blocking assignments or traded.  The source says the Giants may be forced to trade Shockey, bench him, or send him home if he attends camp but continues to be a distraction.

Umenyiora Wants More Money Too, But Won’t Hold Out:  DE Osi Umenyiora has made it clear this offseason that he would like the Giants to redo his contract as well, but he said again yesterday that he will not hold out in order to do so.  Umenyiora signed a 6-year, $41 million extension in 2005.

“I will be in camp,” Umenyiora said.  “I’m not going to hold out.  My situation is a little different…I’m still not going to do that.  Winter time is when I think things would be taken care of.  Right now, contract is not even on my mind.”

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