New York Giants Agree to Terms with Adam Koets and Ahmad Bradshaw: According to The Daily News, the Giants have agreed to contract terms with 2007 draft picks OT Adam Koets (6th round) and HB Ahmad Bradshaw (7th round).

The only picks that remained to signed are CB Aaron Ross (1st round), WR Steve Smith (2nd round), and S Michael Johnson (7th round). Johnson is said to be close to an agreement.

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Quotes: TE Jeremy Shockey on HB Brandon Jacobs: “He has every intangible possible. He’s huge, he’s fast, he’s smart, he’s a great guy. I’m actually excited to see him play this year. I know he has a competitive spirit like myself. He wants to go after it. He’s a talker. He’s not a guy who’s quiet. He wants to get out there and be very, very vocal.”

Jacobs on his physical running style: “You can’t take all those hits for 16 games. I’m counting on myself, my family is counting on me, my teammates are counting on me, my coaches, everybody is counting on me, the organization is counting on me. I need to go in there and have high performance for 16 games straight. Of course there are going to be bumps and bruises, but there are a lot of people counting on me. Of course you’ve got to change the way you run. I can’t just run into people. I need to be able to run by some people and make people miss. I most definitely have the other skills. All those skills are there, I just have to be put in position to use them.”

Jacobs on whether he can be a clutch player: “I have not been in those situations yet, but there’s nothing that tells me I can’t do that. I can get in there and get some big runs when we need them. My teammates are counting on me. We counted on Tiki. Tiki came through. Now my teammates are counting on me. I’m going to do the best I can to come through for our team.”

Former Giants’ HB Tiki Barber on the belief that he was the center of locker room dissention: “It (the dissension in the locker room) came from other people, too. A lot of it (came) to me. But whatever. If they want to make me the excuse, that’s fine by me.”