Mar 312008

Osi Umenyiora to Hold Out?:  According to The Daily News‘ Giants’ Blog, “a lot of people who know” Umenyiora “are absolutely convinced” that Umenyiora is going to hold out from training camp this summer if the Giants do not agree to re-structure his current contract.  One unidentified source said, “I guarantee you he’s not coming to camp.”

Umenyiora’s current contract – a 6-year, $41 million deal that included $15 million in guaranteed money – was extended in 2006.

Strahan’s Agent and the Giants to Talk Contract?:  The Daily News‘ Giants’ Blog is reporting that the agent for DE Michael Strahan plans to have a conversation with the Giants about his client’s current contract when Strahan returns from his African vacation sometime within the next two weeks.  Strahan is due $4 million in salary in 2008, the final year of his current contract.

Supposedly, Strahan has still not made a decision on whether he intends to retire or not.  The Giants likely would like to have this situation resolved before the NFL Draft at the end of April.

Giants’ Strength Training and Conditioning Program Begins Today:  The Giants’ “voluntary” strength training and conditioning program begins today at the Meadowlands.  The program runs through to the middle of June and culminates with a full-squad mandatory mini-camp that same month.

QB Eli Manning will miss the first day due to another commitment.  DE Michael Strahan will also not be in attendance as he is on vacation in Africa. The Star-Ledger reports that DE Osi Umenyiora is also currently on vacation (his agent told the paper that his absence has nothing to do with his contract situation).  WR Plaxico Burress and TE Jeremy Shockey are rehabbing from injuries suffered during the season.

Mar 272008

New York Giants to Open Against Washington Redskins:  According to various press reports, the Giants will open the 2008 NFL season at home against the Washington Redskins.  The game will start at 7:00PM on Thursday, September 4th.  The game will start earlier than normal because the NFL does not want the game to conflict with Senator John McCain’s acceptance speech during the final night of the Republican National Convention.

The entire NFL schedule for the 2008 season will be released in April.

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Mar 262008

Giants Officially Announce Rich Seubert Extension:  The Giants issued a press release yesterday officially announcing the story that broke on Monday that the Giants have extended the contract of LG Rich Seubert through the 2012 season.  Seubert’s previous contract had been set to expire after the 2009 season.

“It’s awesome,” said Seubert.  “The Giants have been really good to me over the years and it is just good to know where I am going to be.  I am going into my eighth season, so this is five more years.  It is a dream come true to play out your career with one team and for it to be the New York Giants.”

“The contract that I signed now, the extension, it is good, because it means that I am going to be here and finish up my career here,” said Seubert.  “I look at the last seven years and it has been a blast.  The ups and downs and knowing that I am going to be on here now for a few more years – you never think it is going to happen but it did and it has been great.  I am just looking forward to keep on playing for the Giants.  The extended contract is obviously good and I am happy and the Giants are happy, so it is good.”

Seubert suffered severe, career-threatening fractures in his right leg in a game against the Eagles in October 2003 and missed the entire 2004 season.  “I played, I broke my leg, I missed a couple years, then I came back and I was a backup, and last year I finally got back on the field playing again,” Seubert said.  “You realize how much you do like the game and how much you want to be part of it.”

The offseason weight training and conditioning program next Monday.  “You look forward to being back with your teammates and hanging out again,” said Seubert.  “I don’t think you look forward to the working out part of it, but just to be back in there around the guys and to start having fun again.  To start building the same thing that we built last year at this time of year, start building the camaraderie and the team to put a championship team on the field.  It is going to be fun and this offseason is going to be a blast.”

Mar 252008

Report Says Saints Still Interested in Jeremy Shockey:  According to, the New Orleans Saints are supposedly still interested in trading for TE Jeremy Shockey.

The Star-Ledger‘s Giants’ Blog is reporting that the Saints did try to trade for Shockey earlier this offseason, and the Saints’ offer was a #2 draft pick and safety Roman Harper, who the Saints drafted in the 2nd round of the 2006 NFL Draft.  The Star-Ledger reports the Giants turned down that offer.

Giants Extend LG Rich Seubert’s Contract:  According to The Star-Ledger, the Giants have extended LG Rich Seubert’s contract.  Seubert’s previous contract was set to expire after the 2009 season.  Seubert’s new deal will now run through the 2012 season.  Seubert turns 29-years old on Sunday.

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Mar 222008

New York Giants Raise Ticket Prices:  The Giants have raised their ticket prices for the sixth straight year.  The increases are as follows:

  • Sections 301-308, 314-328, and 334-340 will be $80 per seat.
  • Sections 309-313, 329-333, 101-107, 115-127, and 135-140 will be $85 per seat.
  • Sections 108, 114, 128, and 134 will be $90 per seat.
  • Sections 109, 113, 129, and 133 will be $95 per seat.
  • Sections 110-112 and 130-132 will be $100 per seat.
  • The mezzanine will be $105 per seat.

The price of the average ticket went up $7.01 and will now be $90.30, nearly double of the average ticket price in 2000.

The Giants finished 3-5 at home in both the 2006 and 2007 seasons.

Article on the New Stadium and Personal Seat Licenses:  Jets and Giants Fans May Pay For the Right to Pay for Tickets by Richard Sandomir of The New York Times

Mar 212008

DeAngelo Hall Traded to Raiders:  What had been rumored for several days finally became official yesterday as Pro Bowl CB DeAngelo Hall of the Atlanta Falcons was traded to the Oakland Raiders for 2nd and 6th round draft picks in the 2008 NFL Draft.  Hall also reportedly received a 7-year, $70 million contract from the Raiders that included $24.5 million in guaranteed money.

The Giants were widely reportedly to have had an interest in trading for Hall, but many press reports had also indicated that the Giants would only make a serious effort to do so if Hall reduced his contract demands.

Quotes:  QB Eli Manning on QB David Carr:  “It’s good to have a good backup.  He’s been around, he played under (Giants’ Quarterback Coach) Chris Palmer, he should do a good job of understanding the offense.”

Manning on the NY/NJ media:  “Anytime you’re the quarterback of a professional team in New York, there’s going to be tough times.  The way the media works, it’s ‘What have you done for me lately?’  Winning the Super Bowl is good, because I got five months while they praise me.  But if I lose the first game, they’ll hate me.”

Mar 162008

DeAngelo Hall Headed to Oakland?:  According to ESPN, the Atlanta Falcons and Oakland Raiders are on the verge of finalizing a trade that would send CB DeAngelo Hall to Oakland.  The Giants were widely reported to have an interest in trading for Hall if the Pro Bowl corner was willing to reduce his contract demands.  Hall will reportedly receive a 6-year, $57 million contract from the Raiders.

However, the Atlanta-Journal Constitutional is reporting that the Hall-to-Oakland trade is not a done deal and that the Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, and Jaguars are still in the picture. “As of right now, we’re still at the same stages that I was at with every other team,” said Hall.  “New York, Washington, Dallas, and Jacksonville.  Nothing has been OK’d on my end.  Unless they agreed to something that I don’t know about, but I don’t think no team is going to sign me without talking to me and getting everything right on my end.”

Nevertheless, if press reports (The Sacramento Bee) are accurate and Hall was in fact in Oakland on Friday, it is looking more likely that Hall will end up with the Raiders.

According to The Bergen Record‘s Giants’ blog, at some unspecified time, the Giants offered Atlanta their first round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft for Hall.  Supposedly, the Falcons first countered with a request for the Giants’ first round pick and HB Danny Ware, which the Giants rejected.  Atlanta then supposedly countered with an offer of Hall for the Giants’ first round pick and OG/OC Grey Ruegamer, but the The Bergen Record blog contends that by that time the Giants felt that “Hall would be a menace to their cap, a potential problem in their docile locker room and a headache for the coaches.”

Sirius Radio Interview with LB Danny Clark:  The audio of yesterday’s Sirius radio’s interview with LB Danny Clark is available at The Daily News website.

“I am a starter,” said Clark.  “I am a starter in this league and I come to the Giants expecting to win a starting spot.  There’s a starting spot that Kawika Mitchell left open as a weakside linebacker.  Gerris Wilkinson is a guy that’s been in the organization for a while and is the next in line, so to speak.  In my opinion, my confidence – and you know, it’s not a cockiness, it’s a confidence – I’m expecting to go to win that spot.”

“I assure you that if I go do what Danny does, and that’s going and disconnect guys from the ball, make big hits and get the crowd excited, get his teammates excited – that’s what I do, I go make big hits,” said Clark.  “And I think what I bring to the table makes our defense better.”

Clark played with LT David Diehl in College at the University of Illinois.  “(Diehl said) ‘Man, it was great to win a championship, but I want another.'” said Clark.  “That was his first remarks welcoming me to the team.  He’s like ‘Man, I’m glad you’re here, but at the end of the day we’re trying to get another one.’…Anybody who gets a good taste in their mouth, they want to experience it again.  That’s the sense I got from every coach on that staff, every personnel person on that staff, (General Manager) Jerry Reese, everyone.”

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Mar 152008

New York Giants Re-Sign HB Derrick Ward:  The Giants have re-signed unrestricted free agent HB Derrick Ward.  The deal is reportedly a 1-year, $1.1 million contract that includes incentives that could allow Ward to earn another $1 million.

“We are glad to have Derrick back in our stable of running backs, which will create some real competition at that position,” said General Manager Jerry Reese.  “He brings a lot to the table as a runner, receiver, kick returner and cover specialist.”

“I had to keep my options open, but my main goal was to stay here with the Giants,” said Ward.  “The Giants gave me my start.  It feels good to come back to hopefully have a good year this year and be a part of the Super Bowl champion Giants.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish my career here.”

Ward broke his leg in early December, but he says he is 100 percent recovered and will be ready for the start of the Giants’ offseason program on March 31.  Ward also missed time in 2007 due to ankle and groin injuries.  Despite missing half the regular season, Ward finished the year as the Giants’ second leading rusher with 602 yards on 125 carries (4.8 yards per carry).  Ward was also fourth on the team in receptions with 26.

“It was hard sitting out (of the playoffs),” said Ward.  “It’s been my dream since I was a little kid to play in the Super Bowl.  I wasn’t able to play in it because of my injury, but I felt I helped the team enough to get us there.  It was a win-win situation for me.”

Giants Won’t Consider Hall Unless He Reduces Contract Demands:  According to Newsday‘s NFL Blog, “a league source familiar with the Giants situation” says the Giants are still interested in trading for CB DeAngelo Hall of the Falcons.  However, the source also says Hall will have to significantly reduce his contract demands, which are close to $10 million per season. The Blog speculates that while Hall is “shooting for the moon” now, a deal may be worked out as the NFL Draft approaches in late April.

DT William Joseph Signs With Raiders:  DT William Joseph, who had his contract voided by the Giants earlier this offseason, has signed with the Oakland Raiders.

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Mar 142008

New York Giants Sign LB Danny Clark:  The Giants have signed unrestricted free agent LB Danny Clark (Houston Texans).  Clark also has played for the Jaguars (2000-2003), Raiders (2004-2005), and Saints (2006).  Clark reportedly signed a 2-year, $4 million contract with the Giants.

“Danny Clark is a player I drafted a few years ago in Jacksonville,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin.  “We’re bringing him in as an outside linebacker.  He is a very physical, very versatile player.  Over the years, he has been a very good special teams player.  Clark is a veteran guy with an outstanding work ethic.  He will fit in well with our players in the locker room.  He will have an opportunity to compete for a position.”

“He is a veteran linebacker who can play all three spots,” said General Manager Jerry Reese.  “He has been an outstanding special teams player.  He is going to create competition in both areas, special teams and at linebacker.  He fits the New York Giant mold.”

“I have a passion for all three linebacker spots,” said Clark.  “I am a middle linebacker by trade and I am darn good at outside linebacker as well.  I think when you go downhill my emphasis is on making big hits and disconnecting the ball from the ballcarrier.  It doesn’t matter where you line up as long as you go and make plays doing it.”

“It is an honor (to be joining the Giants),” said Clark.  “It is tough to repeat, but I think it is definitely a huge possibility with the guys they have in that locker room and the coaching staff and ultimately the organization.  This is a storied organization that in the past has won several championships and it is an honor for me to put on the helmet.  I just want to be a part of this defense that is just tearing people apart.  I want to be able to help get us to the fourth Super Bowl title.”

Clark credits Coughlin, who drafted him in Jacksonville, with his career success.  “He made me do the right things,” Clark said.  “He ultimately teaches you how to be a professional.  He teaches you to be accountable to your teammates and be on time and dressed appropriately.  All of that stuff molds a young guy into an upstanding citizen in this league, which is hard to find sometimes.  You knew what you were going to get day-in and day-out and that stuck with me throughout my career in the NFL.  I spoke with him the other day and I made him aware of that.”

Trade Possibility for Hall Not Dead?:  The Journal News reports that General Manager Jerry Reese has not declared trade talks for CB DeAngelo Hall (Atlanta Falcons) dead.  In addition, Reese told the paper that the Giants still may sign other players in free agency.

“We’re just laying in the weeds and seeing what comes by,” Reese said.

Giants Now $8.5-9 Million Under Salary Cap?:  The New York Post is reporting that the Giants are now roughly $9 million underneath the 2008 NFL salary cap.  The Journal News says the figure is closer to $8.5 million.

More Money for Dockery and Johnson:  According to The Star-Ledger, as part of the NFL’s performance-based pay system, S Michael Johnson and CB Kevin Dockery have been awarded more money.  Dockery will receive an extra $198,000 while Johnson will receive an extra $215,000.

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Article on Giants’ Chairman and Executive Vice President Steve Tisch:  Giants Co-Owner: Super Bowl Win Means More Than Academy Award by The Associated Press

Mar 132008

New York Giants Sign QB David Carr:  The Giants have signed unrestricted free agent QB David Carr.  According to The Star–Ledger, the deal is a 1-year, $1 million contract plus playing time-based incentives worth up to another $500,000.  Carr was waived by the Carolina Panthers at the end of February.

“David Carr is a talented player who came out as the number one pick in the draft,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin.  “He is a smart and athletic player who has put up some big passing game numbers.  We look forward to working with him on the fundamentals of the game.  We do have some technical things to work on, but we are anxious to work with him in our program.  If we can place him in a positive environment, perhaps he can reclaim some of the things that people saw to draft him in the first round.”

“One of the reasons I’m excited about coming here is they protect the quarterback well and they have playmakers on the outside,” said Carr.  “I think any player coming into a situation like this has to prove something.  I have to work just as hard or harder than the guys there.  They’ve been to the top.  They won a Super Bowl.  They don’t need our help.”

Giants’ Quarterback Coach Chris Palmer was Carr’s offensive coordinator in Houston for four seasons.  “I’m excited to meet up with Chris again,” said Carr.  “That’s really the main reason I came up here.  He has the best feel for what I’m doing.  He knows what’s best as far as what my mechanics should be when I throw the football.”

“He has a strong skill set for the position and he has a history with Chris Palmer,” said General Manager Jerry Reese.  “He is here to compete for a job, and I am looking forward to seeing him compete.”

Giants Agree to Terms With LB Danny Clark?:  The New York Post is reporting that the Giants agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent LB Danny Clark (Houston Texans) last night.  However, other news sources say Clark left the Giants without signing a contract.  Clark visited with the Giants Tuesday and Wednesday.  The Oakland Raiders are (or were) reportedly interested in Clark as well.

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