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Perry Fewell Named New Defensive Coordinator: Perry Fewell has agreed to become the new defensive coordinator for the Giants. Fewell is the only candidate known to have formally interviewed for the position, which he did last week. It was believed that he was leaning towards accepting the same position with the Chicago Bears.

Fewell served as the interim coach of the Buffalo Bills for the last seven regular-season games of the 2009 season. From 2006-09, he was the defensive coordinator for the Bills. Fewell coached under Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville from 1998-2002 as the Jaguars’ defensive backs coach.

In his four years as the coordinator in Buffalo, the Bills’ defense ranked 18th, 31st, 14th and 19th in the NFL.

“I expect Perry to bring the same qualities that I expect from myself,” said Coughlin. “I want him to be firm, fair, honest and demanding. My expectation is that he will solidify and unify our defense and be an outstanding teacher. I want energy, enthusiasm, toughness and to make the necessary corrections and game adjustments. Perry is a teacher and a leader and I thought he did an outstanding job of displaying great leadership as the interim head coach of Buffalo this season.”

“I am ecstatic to come to work for the New York Giants,” said Fewell. “It’s a good football team with good defensive players, and it is a franchise known for defense.”

The Giants fired defensive line coach Mike Waufle last week. It remains to be seen if Fewell will also want to replace linebackers coach Jim Hermann, cornerbacks coach Peter Giunta, and safeties coach David Merritt.

For an outline of where Fewell has coached, see the Coaching Staff section of the website.

Bill Cowher Wants to Coach the Giants?: According to former Steelers’ running back Jerome Bettis, Bill Cowher, the former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, wants to be the next head coach of the New York Giants.

“I think he’s going to be with the Giants,” said Bettis on a Sirius radio interview. “I believe he’s going to be with the Giants. I think that’s the team that he really coveted. This is where he always wanted to be. The Mara family, he’s been very close to them…He’s known them very well and was on the inside track, before the Giants won the Super Bowl, for that job and I think he’s holding out for that opportunity if it presents itself.”

“He would have definitely gotten the job (after the 2007 season, if the Giants hadn’t gone on a run),” Bettis said. “And if Coughlin doesn’t get that team back in the right direction next year I think they’ll pull the plug.”

“That’s what he’s doing (waiting on the Giants’ job),” said Bettis. “That’s where he’s got his eyes. Let me tell you the one thing I do know. I do know, because he told me, he doesn’t want to go anywhere that doesn’t have an established quarterback. He said he’s tired of doing the let me find a quarterback thing because in Pittsburgh he never had a quarterback until Roethlisberger and then he was like, ‘Hey, I’m ready to go. I finally got a quarterback.’ That’s not what he’s going to do again. He’s going to have an established quarterback wherever he goes.”

Marc Ross No Longer a GM Candidate in Seattle: It appears that Giants’ Director of College Scouting Marc Ross is no longer a candidate for the general manager vacancy with the Seattle Seahawks. Ross interviewed for the job on Wednesday.

Article on Former Giants’ DL Coach Mike Waufle: Former NY Giants Defensive Line Coach Mike Waufle Might Have Expedited His Firing Last Week by Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger

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