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Steve Smith, David Diehl, and Chris Snee Headed to the Pro Bowl: Center Shaun O’Hara was the only Giant officially elected to the 2009 Pro Bowl. However, three other players, who were voted alternates, will now be going.

Wide receiver Steve Smith, a first-alternate, will now go due to an injury to Arizona Cardinals’ WR Larry Fitzgerald. Smith is the first Giants’ receiver to go to the Pro Bowl in 41 years, when Homer Jones went after the 1968 season.

“I’m really excited about playing in the Pro Bowl,” Smith said. “It’s truly an honor to be recognized by the fans, coaches and players as one of the best in the league. I realize how significant it is at the position I play, by being the first Giants wide receiver to be named to the Pro Bowl in such a long time. I plan to represent my teammates, my coaches and the entire Giants organization well, because I know I would not have made it without their support.”

In addition, though not official yet, first-alternates left tackle David Diehl and right guard Chris Snee will go since a pair of Saints and Vikings linemen will not go since one of those two teams will be playing in the  Super Bowl. It will be the first Pro Bowl appearance for Diehl and the second for Snee.

It will also be the first time the Giants have sent three offensive linemen to the Pro Bowl since 1962.

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