Jan 262010

David Diehl and Chris Snee Going to the Pro Bowl: Following up on our “News and Notes” update from January 21, LT David Diehl and RG Chris Snee will officially be joining fellow Giants OC Shaun O’Hara and WR Steve Smith in the Pro Bowl.

Both Diehl and Snee were originally elected first alternates. They will be replacing two Saints’ players who are unable to play in the Pro Bowl because of New Orleans’ participation in the Super Bowl. Smith was also an alternate but is attending the Pro Bowl due to an injury to another player.

Snee was elected to the Pro Bowl in 2008. This is Diehl’s first appearance in the game.

“I am certainly extremely excited for both David and Chris,” O’Hara said. “Obviously, being there with Chris last year was great. It is very well deserved for both of them. I know they are both excited about the opportunity. As special as the Pro Bowl is, one of the things that really made it even more special last year was having guys down there that you could experience it with. With the addition of Steve and now with Chris and Dave, it certainly adds to that element.”

“It is an awesome accomplishment,” said Diehl. “This is what you dream of, not only playing in the Super Bowl, but being able to play in this game. It’s an awesome feeling. It is truly an honor to think about all the unbelievable players that have been selected and played in this game before.”

“I am honored and I am excited to go down there with Shaun and David,” Snee said. “Last year was the first time there for most of us. So we kind of went through it together and didn’t really know how hard to go, what to expect. Obviously I know now. I am excited to go down and hang out with those guys.”

Knee Surgery For Jacobs Goes Well: Paul Dottino of WFAN reported last week that the knee surgery to repair the partially-torn meniscus in one of halfback Brandon Jacobs’ knees went well. Jacobs is expected to be ready for the veteran mini-camp.

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