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BBI New York Giants Training Camp Reports: To see the latest BBI training camp reports and training camp schedule, please visit the Training Camp section of the website.

Injury Report –  Thomas May Not Have Torn ACL?: Not practicing yesterday were LB Michael Boley (hamstring), CB Terrell Thomas (knee), DE Justin Trattou (ankle), LB Jake Muasau (not reported), WR Hakeem Nicks (PUP – foot), TE Travis Beckum (PUP – knee), DT Chris Canty (PUP – knee), and LB Clint Sintim (PUP – knee).

ESPN (Adam Schefter) is reporting that doctors who have examined Thomas so far do not believe he has torn his ACL again. Thomas is now scheduled to meet Tuesday in Pensacola, Florida with noted specialist Dr. James Andrews.

However, Head Coach Tom Coughlin’s comments earlier in the day suggested otherwise. “I’m always going to hope,” said Coughlin. “I have enough information, though, to counter some of that hope but I’ll always hold out hope.”

“(Boley is) still sore and he doesn’t feel like he can really explode, so we’re trying to get him healthy,” said Coughlin.

Canty was asked if he would be ready for the regular-season opener. “I don’t know. I don’t know,” replied Canty. “That’s just (up to) the coaching staff and the medical staff. They’re probably the better people to ask that question. I feel good, but if they told me I’m not ready, I’m not ready. I trust them whole-heartedly. The fact of the matter is, Coach (Coughlin) said it’s going to be a little time, it’s going to be a little time.”

LB Keith Rivers (hamstring) and CB Jayron Hosley (knee/stitches) returned to practice.

Head Coach Tom Coughlin’s Wednesday Press Conference: The transcript and video of yesterday’s press conference with Head Coach Tom Coughlin are available at

Media Q&As With Assistant Coaches: The transcripts and video of yesterday’s media Q&As with the following assistant coaches are available at

Player Media Q&As: Transcripts and video clips of media Q&As with the following players are available at

Article on DE Jason Pierre-Paul: A Giant’s Goal: Become Refined, but Not Too Fine by Tim Rohan of The New York Times

Article on CB Prince Amukamara: CB Amukamara Steps Up After Team Injury by Michael Eisen of

Article on Injuries and the Giants:Recent Run of ACL Injuries Have Several Giants MIA by Mike Garafolo of The Star-Ledger

Quotes: WR Victor Cruz on CB Prince Amukamara: “I think last year he was a little tentative in wondering what the NFL was really all about, being that he missed a couple games early on in that season, but he’s doing well. He’s doing good. He’s physical. He definitely has great footwork. He has great hands and stuff off the ball.”

Head Coach Tom Coughlin on Amukamara: “He’s gotten better. As we were able to use him and play him, coming down the stretch there, he has improved. The very fact that he is here and healthy is the biggest thing of all because, if that’s the case, he’s a tough kid. He’ll make the physical plays and he’ll make his share of plays, too, from the standpoint of coverage. He made a great interception last week during practice. We’re excited about his development. He’s a good kid, he keeps quiet, he keeps to himself. He’s a competitive guy. Hopefully, he’s ready to unleash.”

Cruz on HB David Wilson: “That’s my man there. He’s one of the most explosive guys I’ve seen in a while and I talk to him all the time, just to keep his head on right, and he’s going to make some big plays for us this year…I think he has all of the attributes. He’s a different player than (Brandon) Jacobs. He’s more explosive. He can go inside, outside at the drop of a dime. I’m excited to watch him play, personally.”

TE Martellus Bennett on QB Eli Manning: “Eli’s a real laid back guy. You can talk to him and just ask him what he wants. Sometimes, like the wife, you know, you never know what she wants. You ask her, and she’s like “I don’t want chicken.” Well, do you want steak? She’ll be like, “No, I don’t want steak.” Eli knows if he wants chicken or steak. So, he helps me out a whole lot. I’ll come back to him and he’s like, “I didn’t like that, I want you to do this.” I’ll be like, “OK.” Then the next time I do it, I do it the way he likes it. I like playing for Eli.”

Cornerbacks Coach Peter Giunta on CB Jayron Hosley: “He’s done a very good job. He’s learning the defense. He did a good job in the minicamps and the OTAs. He’s done a good job of picking up the nickel spot as well as the corner spot. He’s very conscientious young man. Knows what to do. He spent extra time learning his technique. Learning his role. It’s just a question of going to the Pro game. And playing the techniques the techniques where you can’t bang the guys five yards down the field. And playing against great receivers and great quarterbacks every down.”

Safeties Coach David Merritt on S Will Hill: “Will is a guy that we all see his athletic ability. This kid has speed. He has quickness, he has burst and acceleration, and this young man has all the tools that you want as a defensive back. The thing that Will is going to have learn, and we all know, is the playbook – the details of the details. And when you come here as a safety, you have to be ready to control all the coverage adjustments and you have to be ready to get everyone lined up accordingly. That’s going to be a challenge for him because I don’t know if he had to do that at Florida, but he’s learning. He is definitely learning.”

Coughlin on WR David Douglas: “David Douglas has had a heck of a preseason.”

DE Justin Tuck on the possibility that there may be replacement officials this season: “Maybe we’ll get some holding calls.”

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