Jul 202014
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Eli Manning, New York Giants (August 3, 2012)

BBI Ceremony for Eli Manning

YOU are BigBlueInteractive.

Celebrating our 20th season, BBI continues to be the premier fan-operated New York Giants website. We remain a small operation – a sole proprietorship with a handful of writers, moderators, and a technical specialist.

Your financial donation right now will support:

  • The best Giants fan forum in the world.
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  • Game Previews and Reviews.
  • Regularly updated Roster, Depth Chart, Transactions, Scouting Reports, and Player Salaries.
  • New York Giants Team History and Photographs.

In addition, in 2014, we have added our own beat reporter, Connor Hughes, to cover New York Giants practices and games in person. Connor will provide live updates and regular original content throughout training camp, the preseason, and the regular season.

Contribution Campaign

Chances are BBI has become an important part of your life. Whether you post every day or just enjoy the articles, never forget that you make BBI what it is. If no one posted to The Corner Forum, what kind of site would we be?  What if no one read the articles?  What if no one contributed financially to BBI?

BBI is a community.

BBI has been around so long that many of us take it for granted. But BBI costs money to run. BBI is free for everyone to use and enjoy regardless of your ability to give. If you do have the means to give, we rely on your financial contribution during this one time of year to continue operating.

And please remember, our costs (money and time) are annual, and so must our contribution requests. That’s why we need our regular readership to contribute each year.

When to Contribute? This year’s campaign will run from July 20 until September 14.

How Much to Contribute? Whatever you feel comfortable contributing.

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Mar 232014
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Latest CineSport NFL Update

Antrel Rolle, New York Giants (November 17, 2013)

Antrel Rolle – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Antrel Rolle Wins 2013 “BBI Giant of the Year”: Safety Antrel Rolle has been voted “BBI Giant of the Year” for his performance in the 2013 NFL season. Rolle had his finest season as a New York Giant. He started all 16 games and finished with 98 tackles, 2 sacks, 12 pass defenses, 6 interceptions, and 1 forced fumble. Rolle also played in the 2013 Pro Bowl as a second-alternate.

Based on fan voting, the “BBI Giant of the Year” award is given to the Giants’ player, coach, or member of the front office who most contributed to the team’s success on the field in a given year. The vote is held at the end of each season by members of the BBI community and the award is presented at a ceremony on the practice fields during training camp.

The award carries a special significance as the trophy has been renamed to honor Hope Johnson, a beloved member of the BBI community and organizer of the “Giant of the Year” presentation, who died in 2009.

With 2,920 votes cast, Rolle received 64 percent of the vote followed by linebacker Jon Beason (16 percent), defensive end Justin Tuck (7 percent), Head Coach Tom Coughlin (4 percent), Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell (4 percent), cornerback Prince Amukamara (3 percent), and place kicker Josh Brown (1 percent).

For a listing of past winners, see the BBI Giant of the Year section of the website. Rolle is the first defensive player to win the award.

Article on the New York Giants and 2014 NFL Free Agency: NY Giants break from old way of doing business and spend big in free agency by Ralph Vacchiano of The New York Daily News

Article on S Quintin Demps: Giants’ Quintin Demps plays with a song in his heart by Conor Orr of The Star-Ledger

Aug 272013
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Hello Giants fans. The New BBI Front Page went live nearly two months ago. Since that time, we’ve had a lot of feedback, both positive and negative. We’ve made some changes based on that feedback with more tweaks and adjustments coming in the future.

However, it’s become clear to me that some people are still not quite sure how the new front page works and how to find the stuff they want to find. To that end, I’ve prepared this little primer to go over the various elements of the new BBI and how they work.

Broadly, the site consists of two areas, the main area and the sidebars. The main area is the large section on the left side with all the pictures and text. The sidebars are the long, skinny areas on the right with the ads and such. First, we’ll discuss the various sections of the main area, starting from top to bottom.

The Slider

The first section, the one with changing pictures at the very top of the site, is called The Slider. The Slider rotates through the last six items posted to BBI, including Articles and News & Notes. You’ll see a picture and the title. If you’re interested in reading it, just click on the picture. Below the pictures are the controls. You can use these controls to pause The Slider, go back and forward or go to a specific slide.

News & Notes

BBI’s old reliable News & Notes can be found just under The Slider. This section contains links to the last four News & Notes posts. The four titles of the News & Notes are on the right while the picture associated with each title is on the left. Mouse over the title to see the picture that goes with that post. Click on the title to go to the post.

Latest Articles

In this section are the last four articles posted to BBI that aren’t News & Notes. Here you’ll find things like Game Previews and Reviews, Roster Articles, Salary Cap discussions and other writings. Scroll down to this section to get a quick overview of what’s been going on in the last few days on BBI. Click on the article title or read more button to see the whole thing.

Featured Content

Bored at work? This is the section for you. The Featured Content area has the three most recent articles in each of six content categories. Those categories will change throughout the year. A draft section will show up around draft time and go away when training camp starts. Game Previews/Reviews will show up before the first pre-season game and go away some time after the last game is played. And so on.

If you missed something on BBI in the past couple weeks or are just looking for some good Giants stuff to kill your productivity, this is the place to find it. Click on the title of the article to see that article or click on the See All Posts button to read all the posts in that category.


The sidebars are mostly self-explanatory, but I’ll briefly go over the content-oriented elements.

First, of course, we have the ads. Ads make BBI go. We have made a concerted effort to eliminate malware from our ad networks and curate the ads so that their impact on you is minimized. Please exclude BBI from your ad blocking software, if you have any. Look at the ads and click on them if anything interests you. This has been a paid announcement.

Under the top ad is the Corner Forum Highlights. This is a small selection of the most important, interesting or relevant Corner Forum threads as selected by the BBI admins. If you live on the Corner Forum, you’ve probably seen these. But if you’re only an occasional Corner Forum visitor, you might want to peek at this box when you visit the site and see if anything piques your interest.

Further down is the Content Sections dropdown. This is just a quick list of all the content areas on BBI with post counts for each one. Click on a content area to be taken to a page with just that content on it.

And way down at the bottom of the sidebar is the Posts By Month dropdown which lists month and year and the number of posts in that month. Select one to be taken to a page with posts from just that month. This is a great way to explore BBI and Giants history in a time machine fashion. Did you know that Dorsey Levens was once impressive vs the Eagles? True story.

Can I Have The Old BBI Back?

If none of this makes you happy and you just want your old, News & Notes and nothing else, BBI back, there is a partial solution. Bookmark this link, http://www.bigblueinteractive.com/category/news-and-notes/. This page mostly replicates the functionality of the old BBI, showing you the full News & Notes posts and nothing else.

Any questions? You can ask them in this Corner Forum Thread

Aug 192013
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Ahmad Bradshaw - Photo Courtesy of Evan Pinkus and the Giants

Ahmad Bradshaw – Photo Courtesy of Evan Pinkus and the Giants

Ahmad Bradshaw Receives BBI “Giant of the Year” Trophy: Before the Giants-Colts preseason game on Sunday night, former Giants’ running back Ahmad Bradshaw received the 2012 BigBlueInteractive.com (BBI) “Giant of the Year” Trophy.

Based on fan voting, the award is given to the Giants’ player, coach, or member of the front office who most contributed to the team’s success on the field in a given year. The vote is held at the end of each season by members of the BBI community.

BBI owner and senior editor Eric Kennedy presented the award to Bradshaw. Kennedy said that Giants’ fans not only recognized that Bradshaw had his second best season in 2012, but they wanted to thank him for six great seasons in which Bradshaw not only became the sixth-leading rusher in team history, but also a major factor in the Giants winning two NFL Championships. Kennedy also mentioned that fans recognized Bradshaw’s passion for the game and the tremendous amount of toughness he played with. Kennedy finished by saying that Giants’ fans will miss him, but will always consider him a New York Giant.

“I couldn’t give anything back but my passion for the game,” said Bradshaw at the ceremony. “The hard work and everything’s paid off to give me my accomplishments here today. Just the love for this game is what’s in me. Like I say, you guys don’t do anything but push me harder and push me to be even better and to work even harder for what I’ve done.”

For more on the ceremony, including a short video, see Giants.com.

A list of previous award winners is available in the BBI Giant of the Year section of the website.

Jul 082013
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I’ve been a member and reader of BBI for over 15 years and its webmaster and programmer for nearly six. If there’s one thing that I know that BBIers don’t like, it’s change. In fact, one of my main objectives when I took over this gig was to change as little as possible.

Well, here it is, change. I’d like to talk a little bit about the the reasons for the change and what it’s going to mean to you, now and down the road.

First, from a technical standpoint, the update was well overdue. The template on which the 2007 design of the BBI front page was based hasn’t been updated in over four years. This really limited our ability to use the latest features of WordPress, the software that runs this site’s back end, and made staying up to date with the latest security patches a bit of an adventure. Not to mention that I worried someone would find a security hole in that old code and I would wake up one day to find BBI serving up trojans and malware from some place deep behind the former iron curtain.

From a design standpoint, the look of 2007 BBI could be most charitably described as “dated”. In my opinion, the new design preserves some of the funky, old school vibe that is BBI’s hallmark with a slicker, more modern layout.

But maybe the most important reason for the change is content. Except for the News & Notes posts, most of BBI’s great content was buried two or three clicks deep in the bowels of the page structure. Even on Mondays after game days, the percentage of front page viewers who would bother to click though for a game review or other article was shockingly low. In the past few weeks we’ve tried to remedy this by posting content directly on the front page. But this was a half measure at best. The new design brings the content bubbling up to the front where people can see it.

I’ll have a new post up later in the day explaining the layout, the new content sections and how everything works. Right now it’s three in the morning and the bed is calling to me. If you have a question about the new design, e-mail me at webguy (at) bigblueinteractive.com and I’ll answer either by e-mail or in my next post.

Goodnight all.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

May 202013
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Ahmad Bradshaw, New York Giants (December 30, 2012)

Ahmad Bradshaw – © USA TODAY Sports Images

RB Ahmad Bradshaw Voted BBI Giant of the Year: RB Ahmad Bradshaw has been voted “BBI Giant of the Year” by registered members of The Corner Forum for his performance during the 2012 NFL season.

In 14 games, Bradshaw rushed for 1,015 yards and six touchdowns on 221 carries (4.6 yards per carry). He also caught 23 passes for 245 yards. All of this despite chronic foot issues that caused him once again miss most regular-season practices. Because of the foot problems, Bradshaw was released by the Giants in February.

801 registered BBI members voted. The results of the voting were as follows:

  • 265 – RB Ahmad Bradshaw
  • 170 – S Stevie Brown
  • 100 – Head Coach Tom Coughlin
  • 57 – TE Coach Mike Pope
  • 56 – QB Eli Manning
  • 51 – S Antrel Rolle
  • 40 – WR Victor Cruz
  • 29 – PK Lawrence Tynes
  • 17 – LT Will Beatty
  • 8 – LG Kevin Boothe
  • 8 – TE Martellus Bennett

For a listing of past winners, see the BBI Giant of the Year section of the website.

May 252012
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Eli Manning, New York Giants (August 3, 2012)

BBI Ceremony for Eli Manning

Eli Manning Wins “BBI Giant of the Year” Award: After a week of fan voting, QB Eli Manning has won the “BBI Giant of the Year” award for his performance during the 2011 NFL season. It is tentatively planned that Manning will be handed the annual BBI trophy at a training camp ceremony in early August.

In terms of percentage of the vote, the final results were:

  • QB Eli Manning: 52%
  • HC Tom Coughlin: 30%
  • WR Victor Cruz: 8%
  • GM Jerry Reese: 7%
  • DE Jason Pierre-Paul: 2%
  • WR Hakeem Nicks: 0%

For a complete list of past winners, see the BBI Giant of the Year section of the website.

May 222011
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Rich Seubert, New York Giants (August 19, 2011)

Rich Seubert Receiving BBI Giant of the Year Trophy

Rich Seubert Wins BBI Giant of the Year Award: Guard/center Rich Seubert has won the BigBlueInteractive “Giant of the Year” award for his performance during the 2010 season. Seubert started all 16 games, splitting time at left guard and center when regular center Shaun O’Hara could not play due to injury.

With almost 600 fans voting between 12 candidates, those finishing in the top five were:

  1. Guard/center Rich Seubert – 36% of the vote
  2. Offensive Line Coach Pat Flaherty – 20% of the vote
  3. Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks – 11% of the vote
  4. Defensive end Osi Umenyiora – 8% of the vote
  5. Defensive end Justin Tuck – 7% of the vote

The BBI award is given to the Giants’ player, coach, or member of the front office who most contributed to the team’s success on the field in a given year.

The award is presented at a ceremony on the practice fields during training camp. To see past winners, see the Giant of the Year Award section of the website.

The award carries a special significance as the trophy has been renamed to honor Hope Johnson, a beloved member of the BBI community and organizer of the “Giant of the Year” presentation, who died in 2009.