Mar 122014
David Baas, New York Giants (July 28, 2013)

David Baas – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Officially Waive David Baas, Designate Him Post-June 1 Cut: The New York Giants have waived/failed physical center David Baas. According to the team’s press release, both the neck and knee injuries that Baas suffered last year are still issues. Baas said he may still need surgery on the neck.

Baas was set to make $4.75 million in salary in 2014 and count $8.225 million against the team’s 2014 salary cap. According to press reports, even though Baas has actually been waived now, he has been designated a post-June 1 cut. That means $3.225 million of the $6.45 million in dead money will now account against the 2015 salary cap. In the short-term, in 2014, the Giants will now “save” $5 million against the cap.

“I haven’t lost that drive, I haven’t lost that desire to play football,” said Baas. “But sometimes other things are more important, and we’ve come to that crossroads. The thing that takes precedence right now is my health…It’s part of the business. It’s something that you prepare for and you just kind of move on from there.

“The Giants have been absolutely fantastic. They definitely have changed mine and my family’s lives forever. Once we get the health issues taken care of, we’ll go from there, and maybe there’s another chance (to play). Coming back to the Giants, who knows? They’ve just been really great and the medical staff has been excellent. I enjoyed playing for (Head Coach) Tom Coughlin. I wish Tom Coughlin could have been my head coach my entire career. That would have been nice. (Offensive Line Coach Pat) Flaherty and everybody, they’ve just been awesome. I can’t say enough good things about the Giants organization, the owners and everybody. It’s part of the game. I thank them and definitely am grateful for everything they’ve done.”

Baas originally signed with the Giants as an unrestricted free agent from the San Francisco 49ers in July 2011. But he has been plagued with one injury after the other during his tenure with the team. He missed five games in 2011 (burner, knee, headaches). After the 2012 season, he had surgeries to his ankle, knee, hip, elbow, and shoulder. In 2013, he missed 13 games with the knee and neck issues.

“It’s been a tough road with injuries,” Baas said. “I’ve been able to battle through them for most of the time.”

As for the possibility of neck surgery, Baas said, “I’m actually going to get another opinion next week. I’ve gotten a couple different people saying that they would recommend it if I ever wanted to play again. It’s definitely something I have to think through. That’s what we’re going to do. I don’t want to make a rash decision and pay for it later, so we’ll listen to the experts.  The knee is a little bit disappointing, because it’s taking a little longer to recover. It’s something we’ll continue to try and get healthy.”

“I love the game of football,” said Baas. “My heart is still into it, but sometimes you’ve got to put your health and your future with your family and all that stuff first. We’re just gathering all the information right now and we’ll see. The Giants had to do what they had to do, and now I can focus on getting my knee better and I can also really gather all my information that I need for my neck and figure out what the best decision is.”

Baas also addressed the possibility that his career may be over.

“I got to play for two very good organizations, the 49ers and the Giants, and to get to win a Super Bowl with the Giants,” Baas said. “I met a lot of great people, established a lot of great relationships. I’ll forever be a Giant, and obviously when you come back and talk about the Super Bowl and all that stuff, it’s like you haven’t missed a beat. I’ll be looking forward to those moments. We’ll see what happens.”

New York Giants Confirm Re-Signing Stevie Brown and Josh Brown: The New York Giants have confirmed that they have re-signed unrestricted free agents safety Stevie Brown and place kicker Josh Brown.

New York Giants Waive LB Marcus Dowtin: The New York Giants also announced that they have waived linebacker Marcus Dowtin who spent time both on the Giants’ Practice Squad and 53-man roster last season.

Mar 102014
David Baas (64), New York Giants (September 16, 2012)

David Baas – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Will Cut David Baas: According to multiple press reports, the New York Giants will soon cut center David Baas. The injury-prone Baas was set to make $4.75 million in salary and count $8.225 million against the team’s 2014 salary cap.

“Not physically ready,” an unidentified source told The New York Daily News about Baas, who only played in three games in 2013 due to knee and neck injuries.

If Baas is cut before June 1, the Giants will “save” $1.775 million against the cap. Under this scenario, Baas will still count $6.45 million against the 2014 cap in “dead money” but he will be completely off of the books in 2015. If Baas is cut after June 1, the team would gain another $3.225 million cap space in 2014, but that amount would be counted against the cap in 2015 as dead money.

The New York Post is saying Baas could be re-signed by the Giants at a reduced salary if he proves he is healthy.

Chris Snee Agrees to Pay Cut: According to multiple press reports, the right guard Chris Snee has accepted a sizable pay cut in order to remain with the New York Giants. Snee was due $6.75 million in salary and would have counted $11.3 million against the team’s 2014 salary cap. Snee’s 2014 salary will now be $1.1 million plus $1 million in incentives.

Steve Weatherford Agrees to Take a Pay Cut Too?: ESPN is reporting that the punter Steve Weatherford has accepted a pay cut, but did not provide any details. Weatherford has three years left on his current contract and is scheduled to make $2.025 million in salary and count $2.925 million against the team’s 2014 salary cap.

New York Giants Favorites to Sign OC Evan Dietrich-Smith?: The New York Daily News is reporting that unrestricted free agent center Evan Dietrich-Smith (Green Bay Packers) could sign quickly tomorrow and that the Giants could be the favorite to sign him.

New York Giants Interested in CB Corey Graham: is reporting that the Giants have expressed interest in unrestricted free agent cornerback Corey Graham (Baltimore Ravens).

Mar 012014
Chris Snee (76) and David Baas (64), New York Giants (September 30, 2012)

Chris Snee and David Baas – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Guard Chris Snee Willing to Accept Pay Cut: New York Giants right guard Chris Snee told The New York Post on Wednesday that he is not ready to retire from the NFL (see News and Notes update from Wednesday). On Friday, Snee was interviewed on SiriusXM NFL Radio, and he talked more about his desire to keep playing and his contract situation.

Snee is set to make $6.75 million in salary in 2014 (the final year of his contract) and will count $11.75 million against the team’s 2014 salary cap unless the Giants and Snee agree to a pay cut.

“I’m easy,” said Snee. “I’ve never complained, even when I was a younger guy on my rookie deal, I never complained about wanting to make more money. I’ve always restructured. Now comes a time where I know my (cap) number is high. The most important thing is to be a part of a winning team. My role is to take a pay cut and to bring in guys who can help the team…I’ve never complained about money. I’ll do what I have to do for this team to get better.”\

Snee reiterated that he not ready to retire.

“It became clear to me in January as I’m watching the playoff stretch that my passion for the game is still there,” said Snee. “So that’s when I knew that I still have it in me and I wanted to give it every shot that I can to come back and help the team right (the ship)…The main thing that was eating at me was the way in which our team played, leaving the team on a bad note. Being a part of the offensive line for 10 years where we were the strength and now to sit back and listen to all the criticism and leaving the team when it’s at its lowest point, it doesn’t sit well with me. I want to do what I can. Listen, if I come back and somebody beats me out and I have to mentor young guys and that’s my role in this whole deal, I’m all for it. Whatever I can do to help things get back on the right path is my mindset.”

“This is all I’ve known,” said Snee. “To have your dream job, you don’t want to walk away from it and regret it. Obviously you want to play as long as you can.”

The 32-year old Chris Snee is recovering from surgical procedures on both his right hip (October) and right elbow (November). He also had surgery on his left hip during the 2012 offseason.

“I’m curious to see how the OTAs and the minicamp part goes just because all of the training I’m doing, I haven’t done the football parts,” said Snee. “So when I get out there, my mindset is that my hips are going to feel great as I’m being told they will and I’ll breeze through these OTAs and I’ll be pain-free. That’s kind of what I’m thinking and I’ll let you know come June.”

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  • Center David Baas (Video)
  • Guard Kevin Boothe (Video)
Feb 272014
Eli Manning (10), David Baas (64), New York Giants (December 3, 2012)

Eli Manning and David Baas – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Ask Chris Snee and David Baas to Take Pay Cuts: According to ProFootballTalk, the New York Giants have approached right guard Chris Snee and center David Baas about taking pay cuts.

Snee has one year left on his current contract with a base salary of $6.75 million and an overall 2014 salary cap number of $11.3 million. Baas has two years left on his contract with base salaries of  $4.75 million in 2014 and $5 million 2015. His overall 2014 salary cap number is $8.225 million.

ProFootballTalk says that while Snee has indicated a willingness to talk about a pay cut, Baas has not responded yet. Interview with Ben McAdoo: The video of a interview with new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is available at

Feb 262014
Chris Snee and Pat Flaherty, New York Giants (July 27, 2013)

Chris Snee and Pat Flaherty – © USA TODAY Sports Images

February 26, 2014 New York Giants Free Agency News and Rumors: According to, the New York Giants will target offensive guards in free agency. Free agency begins officially on March 11. speculates that the Giants may be interested in Jon Asamoah (Kansas City Chiefs), Geoff Schwartz (Kansas City Chiefs), Chad Rinehart (San Diego Chargers), Zane Beadles (Denver Broncos), and Shawn Lauvao (Cleveland Browns).

According to an unidentified source, also reports there is a good chance that guard Kevin Booth, a soon-to-be unrestricted free agent, will re-sign. What is not clear is how much the Giants are relying on left tackle Will Beatty, right guard Chris Snee, and center David Baas. All three players have significant injury and high salary-cap concerns. Beatty ($7.4 million 2014 cap number) broke his leg in the season finale, Snee ($11.3 million) has had serious problems with both hips and his elbow, and Baas ($8.225 million) had knee and neck issues.

Corey Webster Still Wants to Play: Cornerback According to The Star-Ledger, cornerback Corey Webster has no intention of retiring and wants to continue to play football. The Giants voided the last year of Webster’s contract earlier this month, a move that will make Webster an unrestricted free agent.

New York Giants Cornerbacks Coach Peter Giunta at the NFL Combine: A video of New York Giants Cornerbacks Coach Peter Giunta working with the defensive backs at the 2014 NFL Combine is available at

Feb 222014
Jerry Reese, New York Giants (February 22, 2014)

Jerry Reese at the NFL Combine – © USA TODAY Sports Images

General Manager Jerry Reese NFL Combine Media Sessions: Video clips of General Manager Jerry Reese’s media sessions at the NFL Combine on Saturday are available at

  • Main Press Conference (Video)
  • Media Session (Video)

Some tidbits of note:

  • Reese on picking at #12 in the first round: “We’ll try and get the best player available on the board. We’ll keep our options open there. If someone wants to come up to 12 and entertain us moving back, we’ll consider that as well.”
  • Reese on the salary cap being raised from $123 million to reportedly $130-132 million: “Anything is better than flat. It makes a difference to me…It’s been pretty flat for the last few years. It’s hard to maintain a high-caliber roster with a flat salary cap, especially when you’re picking late and last some of the times you’re picking. It’s not a lot higher, but it’s better than nothing.”
  • Reese on approaching the free agent market: “The last couple of years it’s been a pretty saturated market. If there are guys you like and you have the money, you can go get them. But if you can hold your water there will probably be some guys available in the second and third wave (of free agency)…If you have the funds available to extend (your own) guys and tie them up, we’ve done that a lot in the past. We think right now it’s best to see what the market is and make our move from there.”
  • Reese on WR Hakeem Nicks, DE Justin Tuck, and LB Jon Beason, all who will be free agents on March 11: “I have talks with all of those guys and free agency means free agency. It means you go out and try to get as much money as you can. I’m always in favor of guys getting as much money as they can. Justin deserves to see what the market is. We’d love to have him back, but we’ll see where it goes. Beason as well. We’ve had some talks with him and hopefully we’ll be able to get him back as well. Who knows? If we can get something done maybe neither one of those guys will go, but we’ll leave our options open and I’m sure they’ll do the same.”
  • Reese on RB David Wilson, who is recovering from offseason neck surgery: “Obviously, we can’t put all our eggs in that basket. We will continue to look for running backs in free agency and the draft as well.”
  • Reese on fixing the offensive line: “You start in-house with your offensive line. We (have) drafted a few young players and hopefully they can grow into a role for us. Obviously, you look at free agency and we have a couple guys that ended on (Injured Reserve) for us last year. We’ll see what their status is moving forward and, of course, the draft there seems to be some good offensive linemen in this draft…Obviously we’ll go out in free agency and we’ll see where we can find some guys that can fill some holes for us…The No. 1 factor is who is going to be healthy. We’ve got to see Chris (Snee) and David Baas – those guys went down for us early in the season – if they are going to be healthy, if they’re going to come back and be contributors. Everything else will take care of itself after that…Both (Snee and Baas) want to play. I’ve talked to them and they want to play. They had significant injuries and right now they seem to be on a good track to recovery and we’ll see where it goes.”
  • More from Reese on OG Chris Snee: “Is he going to be healthy? That’s the number one thing. Obviously he’s got a big contract. That’s an issue as well. All of that will get hashed out when we figure out if he’s going to be healthy or not…I talked to Chris Snee and he definitely wants to play. He has significant injuries and he’s not a baby at this point in his career. That always factors in, your age.”
  • Reese on what he looks for in an offensive lineman: “You just want some big nasty guys up front who can keep our quarterback upright. We always look for versatile guys on the offensive line. The more you can do, the better you are for us. If a guy can play some guard, some tackle, some center, the more versatile, we like it.”
  • Reese on changing offensive coordinators: “It was time to make a change…(new coordinator Ben McAdoo is) a bright guy, well-prepared. I think he’s going to bring some new life. Obviously Coach (Kevin) Gilbride did a terrific job for us, but the change is going to energize our offense a little bit and get some new learning for our quarterback and our offensive staff. He’s an interesting guy. He’s very bright…It was time to make a change. I think everybody is excited about what’s going on.”

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Jan 142014
Eli Manning, New York Giants (November 25, 2012)

Aaron Rodgers’ QB Coach Will Now Work With Eli – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Hire Ben McAdoo as Offensive Coordinator: The New York Giants announced on Tuesday that they have hired Ben McAdoo as their new offensive coordinator. The contract is reportedly a two-year deal. The 36-year old McAdoo has served as an assistant coach with the Green Bay Packers for the last eight years, first as tight ends coach (2006-11), then quarterbacks coach (2012-13). He interviewed with the Giants on Monday.

McAdoo replaces Kevin Gilbride, who retired on January 2.

McAdoo had drawn interest from the Browns (as head coach), Dolphins (offensive coordinator), and Ravens (offensive coordinator). The Giants also interviewed Mike Sullivan (ex-Tampa Bay offensive coordinator), Dowell Loggains (ex-Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator), and Karl Dorrell (ex-Houston Texans quarterbacks coach) last week for the offensive coordinator position.

“I think this is the best coach for the job,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “With his experiences, I think he brings a lot to the table. Our players are going to be exited to hear what he has to say…(McAdoo) is a detailed, very, very meticulous coach who has been greatly influenced by Mike McCarthy. He has a great relationship with him. The thing I was impressed by is, he’s been in San Francisco, he’s been in Green Bay, now he has an opportunity to come to the New York Giants. He thinks these clubs represent the NFL. He feels privileged to be here. He’s looking forward in a very humble way to becoming a New York Giant.”

“He’s a very detail-oriented, meticulous teacher, a fundamentalist, first and foremost,” Coughlin said. “I was very, very impressed by the presentation that he made, in terms of the fundamental details of his presentation, whether it is quarterback fundamentals, offensive philosophy. I was just very, very impressed with that.  Whether he was the tight ends or the quarterbacks coach, he has prepared for this type of an interview for a long time. He comes with two notebooks, all the things he’s put together and thought about and when given the opportunity, wanted to present.”

“Mike McCarthy is an excellent football coach,” Coughlin said. “Ben McAdoo has been with Mike in New Orleans, in San Francisco and when Mike got the job in Green Bay, he brought Ben along as the tight ends coach. He’s been in this system for quite some time. He was the tight ends coach and then he became the quarterbacks coach. He’s been the quarterbacks coach there for two years. He’s prepared for this opportunity.”

“Working for a class organization like the Giants and a championship coach like Tom Coughlin, and being able to work with Eli Manning, who is a very talented and proven quarterback, is very exciting for me,” McAdoo said. “We have a great opportunity in front of us and I can’t wait to get started. This is obviously a big step. It’s also another step in the progression of a coach’s career. It’s a golden opportunity for me. It’s an opportunity I feel I’ve been groomed for. And I look forward to it.”

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Coach McAdoo,” said quarterback Eli Manning. “I was able to talk to him over the phone last week and we had a great conversation. Obviously he’s had a ton of success in Green Bay and I look forward to working with him and improving our offense.”

In the Giants’ official press release, the team stated that the offensive players must now learn new terminology and plays. “Here’s what I expect,” Coughlin said. “I think the players will respond to this. We’re going to try to compromise the system with what we have here. However, there will be change. And that change will be very positive and very well-received by our team and our players. And if our players are scrambling around to learn a new system – good. That’s another fire in their rear end.”

“We’re going to be an up-tempo, attacking-style offense,” said McAdoo. “We’re going to play with good energy. And we’re going to rely on fundamentals.”

“This will be the first job where I call plays on Sunday,” McAdoo said. “When you get your first opportunity in this league, you start to prepare for that (calling plays). I feel like with the way we prepared with the coaches, and Mike McCarthy does a great job getting the coaches ready, we’ll respond. I’m ready to take that task head on.”

“I’ll be there to help him,” said Coughlin. “He’s obviously been influenced by Mike. And he has great respect for (Green Bay defensive coordinator) Dom Capers, so he’s seen it on both sides.”

“I spent some time looking at the Giants’ personnel last week,” McAdoo said. “It’s been a whirlwind. I look forward to meeting with the players and getting started…We need to get moving quickly. It’s a great staff. I look forward to coming in and starting with a clean slate.”

For McAdoo’s coaching resume, see the Coaching Staff section of the website.

Justin Pugh Named to All-Rookie Team: Right tackle Justin Pugh has been named to the Pro Football Writers Association 2013 All-Rookie Team. Pugh, who was drafted in the 1st round by the Giants, started all 16 games at right tackle, the first Giants’ offensive linemen to do so as a rookie since David Diehl in 2003.

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Oct 232013
Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin react to TE Larry Donnell falling down.

It’s Been a Frustrating Season

New York Giants Place Center David Baas on Injured Reserve: The New York Giants placed center David Baas on season-ending Injured Reserve on Wednesday. Baas injured the MCL in his left knee early in the game against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night. Baas had injured the same MCL in the preseason, which caused him to miss two preseason games and the regular-season opener. He also missed three games with a neck injury before the game against the Vikings.

“This is similar (to the preseason injury),” said Baas. “It’s worse, though. I’m just thankful my ACL is intact because I would have been really ticked off. It’s tough. As corny as it sounds, you get knocked down, but you’ve got to get back up every time.”

Baas is expected to undergo surgery to repair the MCL.

New York Giants Re-Sign LB Darin Drakeford to the Practice Squad: The Giants re-signed LB Darin Drakeford to the Practice Squad on Wednesday. The Giants originally signed Drakeford to the Practice Squad on October 8, but terminated his contract one week later. As previously reported, the Eagles signed LB Emmanuel Acho off of the Giants’ Practice Squad on Monday.

October 23, 2013 New York Giants Injury Report: The Giants held a walk-thru practice on Wednesday. Not practicing were RB Brandon Jacobs (hamstring), RB David Wilson (neck), DT Shaun Rogers (knee), and LB Spencer Paysinger (ankle).

Practicing on a limited basis were TE Adrien Robinson (foot), CB Corey Webster (groin), CB Terrell Thomas (knee), and CB Jayron Hosley (hamstring).

S Cooper Taylor (shoulder) fully practiced.

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Oct 222013
New York Giants Fans (October 21, 2013)

Giants Fans Finally Celebrate a Win – © USA TODAY Sports Images

David Baas May Have Injured MCL Again: According to press reports, center David Baas may have injured the MCL in his left knee again. Baas suffered an MCL injury to the same knee in the preseason, causing him to miss two preseason and one regular season games.

October 22, 2013 Tom Coughlin Media Press Conference: The transcript of Head Coach Tom Coughlin’s Tuesday media conference call is available in The Corner Forum.

New York Giants on WFAN: The audio of Tuesday’s WFAN interviews with the following players are available at

DE Mathias Kiwanuka on ESPN Radio: The audio of Tuesday’s ESPN Radio interview with DE Mathias Kiwanuka is available at

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Notes: The Giants have allowed three punt return touchdowns this season – the most such scores given up the by Giants since 1959, when four opponents scored on punt returns.

Oct 212013
Eli Manning, New York Giants (October 6, 2013)

Eli Manning – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Brandon Jacobs Not Playing Against Vikings? FOXSports is reporting that RB Brandon Jacobs, who is officially “questionable” to play in Monday night’s game against the Minnesota Vikings with a hamstring injury, is unlikely to play. After practicing on Thursday and Friday on a limited basis, Jacobs did not practice on Saturday.

If Jacobs cannot play, Michael Cox and Peyton Hillis will be the main running backs. Q&A With Head Coach Tom Coughlin: Coughlin Corner: Monday night matchup by Michael Eisen of

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