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September 11, 2014 New York Giants Injury Report: Not practicing on Thursday were WR Odell Beckham (hamstring), OT James Brewer (back), DT Markus Kuhn (ankle), LB Jon Beason (foot), LB Devon Kennard (hamstring), and P Steve Weatherford (ankle).

“We’re going to go out there and test it tomorrow and see if it’s going to be good enough for me to be able to help the team on Sunday,” said Weatherford. “If it’s not, I’m not going to try to be a hero, because most importantly, it’s having somebody out there that’s going to be able to change field position and help the New York Giants. I’m not here to prove a point on how tough I am. I want to help this team and if I’m not able to do that, well I think I’ll tell them that. I’m optimistic and hopeful that I’ll be out there.”

DT Cullen Jenkins (hip) and OT Charles Brown (shoulder) practiced on a limited basis.

Perry Fewell, New York Giants (June 19, 2014)

Perry Fewell – Photo by Connor Hughes

September 11, 2014 New York Giants Coach Media Sessions: Transcripts and video clips of Thursday’s media sessions with the following coaches are available at

September 11, 2014 New York Giants Player Media Q&As: Transcripts and video of Thursday’s media Q&A sessions with the following players are available at

7 takeaways from Giants Media Hour by Dan Salomone of

Article on the New York Giants Offensive Line: Giants offensive line knows ‘it better click soon’ by Steve Serby of The New York Post

Articles on the New York Giants Defense:

Article on DE Damontre Moore: Now Tom Coughlin blaming D coordinator for sitting stud by Brian Lewis of The New York Post

Giants Online – Week 2 Preview: The video of this week’s Giants Online is available at

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September 10, 2014 New York Giants Injury Report: Not practicing on Wednesday were WR Odell Beckham (hamstring), OT James Brewer (back), DT Cullen Jenkins (hip), DT Markus Kuhn (ankle), LB Devon Kennard (hamstring), and P Steve Weatherford (ankle).

The Star-Ledger is reporting that Weatherford suffered several torn ligaments in his left ankle, but he will not require surgery.

Steve Weatherford, New York Giants (August 9, 2014)

Steve Weatherford – © USA TODAY Sports Images

“Just trying to get healthy at this point, trying to reduce inflammation, get the range of motion back and get ready and try to go on Sunday,” said Weatherford. “It’s my plant foot, so it’s weight bearing…Right now we’re not looking for me to just get the ball off. I’m not going to tell Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin that I’m ready to go unless I know that I can help my team and I can be as good as I can be. At the same time you don’t want to have another punter come in here that’s not used to this stadium, it’s not an easy place to play. I’m going to do what’s in the best interest of the team and if I don’t feel like I can help my team, I’m going to tell them that I need another week. It’s progressing well. It actually felt better yesterday than it did on Monday night.”

“His ankle actually looks better today than it did yesterday and he’s doing jumping jacks and stuff in there now,” said Head Coach Tom Coughlin. “Hopefully, that will continue.”

LB Jon Beason (foot) and OT Charles Brown (shoulder) practiced on a limited basis.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul, who suffered a neck stinger during the game on Monday, was not listed on the injury report and fully practiced.

September 10, 2014 Tom Coughlin Press Conference: The transcript and video from Wednesday’s press conference with Head Coach Tom Coughlin are available at

September 10, 2014 New York Giants Player Media Q&As: Transcripts and video of Wednesday’s media Q&A sessions with the following players are available at

Article on New York Giants President/CEO John Mara: Giants president John Mara will make changes if necessary by Bob Glauber of Newsday

Article on the New York Giants Offense: Giants’ O’s problem talent, not tactics by Johnette Howard of

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Article on WR Odell Beckham: Odell Beckham feels good but doesn’t want to rush back again by Jordan Raanan of

Article on the New York Giants Secondary: Giants’ secondary eager to get past Motor City meltdown by Zach Braziller of The New York Post

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Steve Weatherford (5), Josh Brown (3), New York Giants (December 22, 2013)

Josh Brown Kicks the Game-Winner in Overtime – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Steve Weatherford (5), Lawrence Tynes (9), New York Giants (October 28, 2012)

Steve Weatherford and Lawrence Tynes – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Not every punter can roam the sidelines of NFL games, look up into the stands and see their own jersey on kids, teens and parents.

Less can claim they attempted to get their team to the ‘next level’ by purchasing each member a “shake weight.” Even fewer can say they went to a prom at 32 years old, or started a social media tradition that is quickly reaching national holiday status.

Then again, not every punter is Steve Weatherford.

“I transcend the position,” Weatherford said with a smile. “I’m just having fun with it. It’s typical when people think of kickers and punters that they’re the guy you rarely see and are never heard of.

“I’m not necessarily a spotlight guy, I just enjoy what I’m doing.”

And New York loves him for it.

Since signing with the Giants as a free agent in 2011, Weatherford has done much more than win a kicking competition with Matt Dodge. He’s slowly but surely worked his way into the hearts of Giants’ fans across the country.

Be it his up-beat personality, signature laugh, body building motivation or self-created ‘Weatherford Wednesday,’ there’s something about the Indiana native that has fans gravitating towards him.

“I never thought I’d make it in the NFL, so for me, I enjoy every opportunity that I have,” Weatherford said. “It’s a blessing and an amazing opportunity. I think people kind of feel that.

“I think people see the stuff that I put up on social media and my interaction with people in general. They understand that I really do appreciate it.”

On instagram and twitter, Weatherford has amassed nearly 130,000 ‘followers.’ But it’s not just his name that has made the punter endearing to fans, it’s how he uses both outlets.

Weatherford is constantly reaching out to his following with motivation, appreciation and thanks. Anytime a picture pops up of anyone with ‘Weatherford’ etched across their back, there’s a ‘#TeamWeatherford’ response almost instantly.

In a world where professional athletes feel entitled to the fame bestowed upon them and believe they are above those that come to watch them play each Sunday, Weatherford consistently displays he’s the exact opposite. As was the case when he took Bayonne High School senior Lauren Delbert to her prom.

In April, Delbert tweeted Weatherford a photo of a football with ‘Wanna tackle prom with me?’ inscribed on the back. In typical Weatherford fashion, Weatherford responded in a way only Weatherford could.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 7.55.51 PM

“I was shocked,” Delbert told “The New York Giants sent me a direct message to confirm that it was real.”

Weatherford made good on his promise, taking Delbert and her boyfriend, Steven Schumann, to prom. Their ride? A 2008 Bentley.

“I think I had more fun than they did,” Weatherford said. “The fun thing about going back to prom this year is the principal couldn’t tell me anything. If I wanted to grab the microphone and get on the table and start dancing, he wasn’t going to tell me to get down.”

But there was a bigger picture for Weatherford than just showcasing his self proclaimed much-improved dance moves. His trip to prom wasn’t his last of the season.

Steve Weatherford, New York Giants (January 22, 2012)

Steve Weatherford – © USA TODAY Sports Images

After Delbert, Weatherford held a writing contest with seniors at Southern Regional High School, an area greatly impacted by Hurricane Sandy. While Weatherford took his wife, Laura, as his date this time, the winners and their dates were provided prom dresses, accessories, hair and make-up styling, transportation and more.

All organized by Weatherford, who plans to turn ‘Project Prom’ into an annual occurrence. This year, he’ll have some help.

“My teammates all saw the videos and pictures that were posted on my social media that weekend,” Weatherford said. “They were like, ‘Man, you look like you had so much fun. I wanna do it next year.’ That’s exactly what I wanted to have happen.

“I wanted other celebrities, not just my teammates, to want to do that, too. It was a lot of fun and it was an experience I’ll never forget. But more importantly, I was able to give 20 students the gift of going to their senior prom which is something they’ll never forget as well.”

Why? Because that’s who he is. He’s not your everyday punter.

Then again, Steve Weatherford’s not like many other people, either.

Jul 182014
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Trindon Holliday, New York Giants (June 12, 2014)

Trindon Holliday – © USA TODAY Sports Images

With New York Giants training camp beginning next week, concludes our break down of each of the team’s positional groups. We finish by looking at this year’s special teams.



2013 YEAR IN REVIEW: For the most part, the specials of the New York Giants in 2013 were quite poor. The exception was PK Josh Brown who made 23-of-26 field goals (88.5 percent) with a long of 52 yards. In addition, half of Brown’s kickoffs (35-of-70) resulted in touchbacks. P Steve Weatherford was inconsistent. He started off poorly but improved as the season wore on. In 2013, Weatherford, averaged 46.9 yards per punt with a net average of 38.2. The usually reliable long-snapper Zak DeOssie had a poor snap against the Eagles that resulted in a touchdown.

Punt coverage was terrible. The Giants were 3rd-worst in the NFL in opposing punt return average (13.6 yards per return) and allowed three punts to be returned for touchdowns.

Kickoff coverage was better as the Giants were 9th-best in the NFL, allowing an average of 21.8 yards per return.

The Giants return game was not good. The Giants were 26th in the NFL in punt returns, averaging only 7.2 yards per return. WR Rueben Randle was the primary punt returner, averaging 8.2 yards per return with a long of 32 yards.

The Giants were 27th in the NFL in kickoff returns, averaging only 21.2 yards per return. The Giants tried a number of players with similar results, including RB Michael Cox (21.8 yards per return) and WR Jerrel JerniganRB David Wilson (24.7) had a bit more success on his limited number of returns.

In sum, the return yardage differential between the Giants and their opponents was too great, making it tougher for the Giants offense and defense and easier for the oppositions’ offense and defense. The Giants also gave up four special teams touchdowns.

ADDITIONS/SUBTRACTIONS: The primary punter, kicker, and long snapper all return though it appears that Josh Brown will face a bit of a challenge from strong-legged place kicker Brandon McManus.

On paper, it appears the Giants dramatically improved their stable of returners with the additions of Trindon Holliday, Quintin Demps, and Odell Beckham, Jr.

Holliday has averaged over 27 yards per kickoff return and 9 yards per punt return in his career, including a total of six return touchdowns the last two seasons (three kickoff, three punt). Demps has also averaged over 27 yards per kick return and has two career kickoff return touchdowns. Beckham was a dynamic kickoff and punt returner at LSU.

Who will form the cover teams and blockers on returns remains to be seen. Newcomers CB Zack Bowman (ex-Chicago Bears) and CB Bennett Jackson (Notre Dame) have strong special teams reputations.

TRAINING CAMP STORY LINES: Trindon Holliday is a home-run threat every time he touches the football as his six career return touchdowns in the last two seasons indicate, including two returns for touchdowns against the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs. However, he has major fumbling issues (10 lost in the last two seasons). Can the Giants improve his ball security?

David Wilson, New York Giants (December 9, 2012)

David Wilson – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Will David Wilson, if he is medically cleared (neck), be allowed to compete in the kickoff return game? Just two years ago, he set a team record with 1,533 kickoff return yards, averaging 26.9 yards per return. Same question regarding Odell Beckham…will the Giants seriously allow him to compete as a punt returner?

Based on comments from the coaches, Brandon McManus is more than an extra leg so his competition with Josh Brown will be more interesting than usual.

It’s not sexy, but the Giants have to find players who can do a better job of blocking for the returners and covering opposing returners. They need some headhunters out there.

ON THE BUBBLE: Trindon Holliday if he doesn’t fix his fumbling issues or show more than he has to date at wide receiver. There will only be one roster spot for Josh Brown vs. Brandon McManus. Brown is the reliable, experienced veteran, but he’s 35. McManus has the big leg but is a big unknown.

Tom Quinn, Tom Coughlin, New York Giants (August 29, 2012)

Tom Quinn and Tom Coughlin – © USA TODAY Sports Images

FROM THE POSITIONAL COACH: Tom Quinn on the gunners:  “(Zack) Bowman, (Bennett) Jackson, we’re really excited about those two. Charles James continues to do well so it will be exciting to see those guys run down and cover punts.”

Quinn on Trindon Holliday: “His speed’s an asset, that’s for sure. He’s a strong guy for his size, ball security obviously will be his biggest focus once we start putting pads on and start knocking him around a little bit.”

Quinn on Brandon McManus: “I really like McManus, I liked him coming out. He went to Indy for last training camp and preseason and I thought he was really a good kicker coming out of Temple. He’s kicked in the northeast at a high level, he did all three so I think he’s got a real big upside once it all starts clicking for him.”

Quinn on Quintin Demps: “Demps, we’re real excited to have him. He’s been consistent in this league and explosive. He’s a legitimate number one kickoff returner for us. He runs with good size and he has a real good understanding of the schemes. He’s been great with all teams. A real leader, coming in likely to start and he’ll be able to contribute on special teams.”


Eric Kennedy - I may go down in flames with this prediction but I think Trindon Holliday finds a home with the Giants both a less mistake-prone kickoff/punt returner and factor on offense as a role player. I think the Josh Brown vs. Brandon McManus battle could be very telling in terms of where this team actually thinks it is as viable Super Bowl competitor. If they believe they are rebuilding, the choice may be McManus.

Connor Hughes - It’s hard to think of a unit that was worse than the Giants’ offensive line last year, but the special teams sure give them a run for their money. Truly, things couldn’t have gotten much worse for Tom Quinn’s squad and there is only up to go from here. I’m very, very high on the addition of Trindon Holliday and Quintin Demps. While Demps may not have the touchdown returns, if he’s able to get the Giants the ball on the 30-35 yard line regularly it’ll pay huge dividends. Holliday, meanwhile, is the little spark plug the Giants have never really had on special teams.

During their prime, Willie Ponder and Domenik Hixon each were explosive, but none can match what Holliday can do when he’s ‘on.’ The ex-Bronco and Texan is electric and will take at least one to the house this year. If he can hold on to the ball…he may turn out to be one of the bigger acquisitions the Giants made this offseason.

The Giants’ coverage unit should also see improvements this year. Zack Bowman has excelled in the role throughout his career and Bennett Jackson had similar success in college. Barring injuries, I’m expecting to see vast improvements from the special teams.


Eric Kennedy - Trindon Holliday (kickoff and punt returner), Josh Brown (place kicker), Steve Weatherford (punter), Zak DeOssie (long snapper)

Connor Hughes - Quintin Demps (kickoff returner), Trindon Holliday (punt returner), Josh Brown (place kicker), Steve Weatherford (punter), Zak DeOssie (long snapper)

Mar 112014
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Trumaine McBride, New York Giants (December 15, 2013)

Trumaine McBride – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Re-Sign Trumaine McBride, Peyton Hillis, and Dallas Reynolds: According to multiple press reports, the Giants have re-signed unrestricted free agents cornerback Trumaine McBride and running back Peyton Hillis.

McBride’s contract is reportedly a 2-year, $3.1 million deal; Hillis’ contract is reportedly a 2-year, $1.8 million deal.

According to Newsday, the New York Giants have re-signed exclusive rights free agent guard/center Dallas Reynolds. No contract terms were provided.

Because of these moves, we have updated the Transactions, New York Giants Free Agent Signings (with scouting reports), and New York Giants 2014 Free Agency Scorecard sections of the website.

March 11, 2014 New York Giants Free Agent News and Rumors: Here is the latest on the free agent front:

  • The New York Daily News is reporting that unrestricted free agent safety Ryan Mundy (New York Giants) is unlikely to re-sign with the team.
  • The Star-Ledger is reporting that the Giants are one of three teams with serious interest in unrestricted free agent offensive guard/tackle Geoff Schwartz (Kansas City Chiefs). The NFL Network is reporting that the Schwartz will sign with either the Giants or Rams.
  • is reporting that the Giants are unlikely to sign unrestricted free agent centers Evan Dietrich-Smith (Green Bay Packers) and Brian de la Puenta (New Orleans Saints). However, The New York Daily News and New York Post are reporting that the Giants are making a big push to sign Dietrich-Smith.
  • CBS and NFLNetwork are reporting that unrestricted free agent defensive end Justin Tuck (New York Giants) is likely to re-sign with Giants.
  • The Baltimore Sun is reporting that unrestricted free agent defensive end/tackle Arthur Jones, who the Giants had expressed interest in, will sign with the Indianapolis Colts.
  • CSN Bay Area is reporting that the Giants have made a contract offer to unrestricted free agent running back Rashad Jennings (Oakland Raiders).

More Details on Re-Structured Contracts for Chris Snee and Steve Weatherford: According to NFL Player Association records, right guard Chris Snee’s 2014 base salary was reduced from $6.75 million to $2 million (not the $1.1 million reported in the media). Records also indicate that punter Steve Weatherford’s 2014 base salary was reduced from $2.025 million in 2014 to $900,000. Weatherford’s base salaries in 2013 ($2.175 million) and 2014 ($2.325 million) were not changed.

Article on the New York Giants 2014 Salary Cap: Updated: Giants salary cap situation heading into free agency by Jordan Raanan of

Article on the New York Giants and 2014 NFL Free Agency: NFL free agency: How Giants look by Conor Orr of The Star-Ledger


Mar 102014
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David Baas (64), New York Giants (September 16, 2012)

David Baas – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Will Cut David Baas: According to multiple press reports, the New York Giants will soon cut center David Baas. The injury-prone Baas was set to make $4.75 million in salary and count $8.225 million against the team’s 2014 salary cap.

“Not physically ready,” an unidentified source told The New York Daily News about Baas, who only played in three games in 2013 due to knee and neck injuries.

If Baas is cut before June 1, the Giants will “save” $1.775 million against the cap. Under this scenario, Baas will still count $6.45 million against the 2014 cap in “dead money” but he will be completely off of the books in 2015. If Baas is cut after June 1, the team would gain another $3.225 million cap space in 2014, but that amount would be counted against the cap in 2015 as dead money.

The New York Post is saying Baas could be re-signed by the Giants at a reduced salary if he proves he is healthy.

Chris Snee Agrees to Pay Cut: According to multiple press reports, the right guard Chris Snee has accepted a sizable pay cut in order to remain with the New York Giants. Snee was due $6.75 million in salary and would have counted $11.3 million against the team’s 2014 salary cap. Snee’s 2014 salary will now be $1.1 million plus $1 million in incentives.

Steve Weatherford Agrees to Take a Pay Cut Too?: ESPN is reporting that the punter Steve Weatherford has accepted a pay cut, but did not provide any details. Weatherford has three years left on his current contract and is scheduled to make $2.025 million in salary and count $2.925 million against the team’s 2014 salary cap.

New York Giants Favorites to Sign OC Evan Dietrich-Smith?: The New York Daily News is reporting that unrestricted free agent center Evan Dietrich-Smith (Green Bay Packers) could sign quickly tomorrow and that the Giants could be the favorite to sign him.

New York Giants Interested in CB Corey Graham: is reporting that the Giants have expressed interest in unrestricted free agent cornerback Corey Graham (Baltimore Ravens).

Jan 302014
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Eli Manning, New York Giants (January 29, 2014)

Eli Manning and Michael Irvin – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Justin Tuck Says He Will Test Free Agent Market: Defensive end Justin Tuck, who is set to become an unrestricted free agent on March 11, told The New York Post that he will not re-sign with the Giants before free agency begins.

“I will see what the market is for me,” Tuck said. “I’ve never been in this situation before, and it’s a great opportunity for myself. I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t see what the market is, and I will.”

Tuck did say he will extend the Giants the courtesy of sitting down with them in February.

“We will sit down in a couple of weeks and see what happens, but obviously, the Giants are going to do what’s best for the Giants, and vice versa with me and my family,” said Tuck. “I understand where they’re coming from and what obstacles they have to overcome this offseason. There’s no guarantee, and that’s obvious. It’s a business, and (I) understand both sides of it.”

“I’m a pretty good football player,” Tuck said, “and I’m pretty sure there will be some interest in a pretty good football player.”

Punter Steve Weatherford on ESPN Radio: The audio of Thursday’s ESPN Radio interview with punter Steve Weatherford is available at

Articles on Quarterback Eli Manning and the Giants:

Article on Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul: Pierre-Paul prepared to lead Giants defense if Tuck leaves by Zach Braziller of The New York Post

Article on Safety Antrel Rolle: Antrel Rolle: Giants needed to make changes by Zach Braziller of The New York Post

Article on Defensive Tackle Shaun Rogers and Linebacker Keith Rivers: Giants free agents: Keith Rivers, Shaun Rogers likely moving on by Jordan Raanan of

Article on Former Giants Defensive Coordinator John Fox: Broncos coach John Fox’s success stems from days with NY Giant by Ralph Vacchiano of The New York Daily News

Article on Former Giants Defensive Coordinator John Fox and Former Giants Running Back Coach Eric Studesville: Former NYG coaches together for SB run by Michael Eisen of

Article on Former Giants Center Shaun O’Hara: Shaun O’Hara makes most of post-NFL life by Michael Eisen of Video on Super Bowl XLVII: Super Bowl XLVII Flashback by

Jan 092014
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Karl Dorrell, Houston Texans (October 20, 2013)

Karl Dorrell – © USA TODAY Sports Images

John Mara and Jerry Reese on WFAN: The audio of Thursday’s WFAN interviews with New York Giants President/CEO John Mara and Senior Vice President/General Manager Jerry Reese are available at CBS New York:

An overview of Mara’s interview is available at

Jerry Reese on ESPN Radio: The audio of Thursday’s ESPN Radio interview with New York Giants Senior Vice President/General Manager Jerry Reese is available at

Neck Surgery for RB David Wilson: New York Giants Senior Vice President and General Manager Jerry Reese said on Thursday that RB David Wilson will have neck surgery. Wilson will have a procedure to fuse his vertebrae on January 16 to repair a herniated disc. The Giants were hoping to avoid surgery on the chance that rest and treatment would improve his condition. That obviously is not the case.

“You have to look at him differently, because he’s got the whole neck issue hovering over him right now,” said Reese. “So he’s got to come back and be healthy, number one. He’s planning to have surgery, and we’ll see how that comes out. Our medical staff feels like he’ll be ready to play this fall, but the neck and back – that’s pretty tricky. So you never know.”

“We’re hopeful that David will be able to play for us again next year,” said Giants President/CEO John Mara on Thursday on WFAN. “Time will tell on that one.”

Wilson injured his neck on October 6 in a Week 5 game against the Philadelphia Eagles. He did not play again and was placed on Injured Reserve on November 7.

Giants Will Interview Karl Dorrell for Offensive Coordinator Position: According to press reports, the Giants will interview Karl Dorrell for the team’s vacant offensive coordinator position. The 50-year old Dorrell has spent the last two season as the Houston Texan’s quarterbacks coach. Before that he was the wide receivers (2008-10) and quarterbacks coach (2011) for the Miami Dolphins. He has collegiate experience as head coach (UCLA) and offensive coordinator (Washington and Colorado).

Dorrell is the fourth candidate the Giants have or will interview for their vacant offensive coordinator position, including Mike Sullivan (ex-Buccaneers offensive coordinator), Dowell Loggains (ex-Titans offensive coordinator), and Ben McAdoo (Packers quarterbacks coach). Giants President and CEO John Mara said on WFAN on Thursday that the Giants could also interview additional candidates.

With Redskins Hiring Jay Gruden, Perry Fewell Appears Safe: The Washington Redskins hired Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden as their new head coach on Thursday. The Redskins had interviewed New York Giants Defensive Coordinator Perry Fewell for the position on Monday.

Tom Quinn to Remain New York Giants Special Teams Coordinator: The Star-Ledger is reporting that multiple team sources have indicated that New York Giants Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn will not be fired. Quinn has been heavily criticized by fans and the media for the Giants’ poor special teams performance in 2013, including allowing four special teams touchdowns (three by punt return, one by a bad long snap). The Giants’ kickoff and punt return games also struggled last season. Quinn became the Giants’ special teams coordinator in 2007. Q&A with P Steve Weatherford: The video of a recent Q&A with punter Steve Weatherford is available at

Article on QB Eli Manning: Jaws: Eli Manning will benefit from new Giants offensive coordinator by Jordan Raanan of

Jan 012014
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Jon Beason, New York Giants (December 22, 2013)

Jon Beason – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Organizational Meetings Begin on Thursday: According to press reports, the New York Giants organizational meetings will begin on Thursday and could last at least a few days. These meetings are expected to determine the fate of members of the coaching staff.

Star-Ledger: Jon Beason Likely to Re-Sign with Giants: According to The Star-Ledger, there are strong indications from multiple sources that soon-to-be unrestricted free agent LB Jon Beason will re-sign with the New York Giants. “I would love to play here next year,” said Beason after the last game on Sunday.

S Antrel Rolle on WFAN: The audio of Tuesday’s WFAN interview with S Antrel Rolle is available at

P Steve Weatherford on ESPN Radio: The audio of Sunday’s ESPN Radio interview with P Steve Weatherford is available at

Article on the New York Giants 2014 Offseason: Giants offseason primer: Big decisions for Big Blue by Paul Schwartz of The New York Post

Article on Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride: Assessing the Kevin Gilbride situation by Dan Graziano of

Article on QB Eli Manning: Eli aims for bounce-back 2014 season by Michael Eisen of

Articles on the New York Giants Defensive Backs:

Sights and Sounds from New York Giants-Washington Redskins Game: A sights and sounds video from the Giants-Redskins game is available at Website Updates: We have updated the following sections of the website:

Dec 072013
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Victor Cruz (80), Louis Murphy, Jr. (18), New York Giants (November 24, 2013)

Victor Cruz and Louis Murphy – © USA TODAY Sports Images

RB Brandon Jacobs Makes Trip to San Diego: Although he did not practice on Thursday and Friday, and was officially listed as “doubtful” for the game against the Chargers on Sunday, RB Brandon Jacobs (knee) did travel with the team to San Diego.

DE Jason Pierre-Paul (shoulder) and CB Corey Webster (ankle) were ruled out of the game on Friday and did not make the trip. CB Trumaine McBride (groin) remains “questionable” while TE Brandon Myers (groin) and CB Terrell Thomas (knee) are “probable.”

Article on the New York Giants Offense: Faulty Opening Drives Leave Giants Step Behind by Jonathan Clegg of The Wall Street Journal

Article on RB Andre Brown: Andre sees bright future as RB with Giants by Zach Braziller of The New York Post

Article on OT Justin Pugh: Giants RT Justin Pugh compares favorably so far to Chargers’ D.J. Fluker by Jordan Raanan of

Articles on DE Damontre Moore:

Article on LB Jon Beason: Fiery Beason Is ‘Godsend’ for Giants’ Defense by Tom Pedulla of The New York Times

Article on New York Giants Defensive Backs:

Article on P Steve Weatherford: Giants P Steve Weatherford getting over slump by Tom Canavan of The Associated Press

Giants Online: The video of this week’s edition of Giants Online is available at