Jul 072015
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Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants (August 28, 2014)

Jason Pierre-Paul – © USA TODAY Sports Images

New York Giants Officials Visit Jason Pierre-Paul: According to multiple media reports, New York Giants team officials traveled to Florida on Tuesday to visit defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul in a Miami-area hospital. Pierre-Paul badly injured himself in a July 4th fireworks accident at his South Florida home on Saturday. Media reports on Sunday and Monday indicated that Pierre-Paul suffered serious burns to fingers and palm of one of his hands, resulting in possible nerve damage to one of the fingers. However, the Giants are clearly trying to determine for themselves the true extent and severity of the injuries.

The New York Daily News is reporting that the team sent Vice President of Medical Services Ronnie Barnes to check on Pierre-Paul on Monday afternoon, but he was not able to receive much information or examine Pierre-Paul. Apparently most of the information has come from Pierre-Paul’s agent and that’s why the team has not issued a press release on the situation.

ESPN reported on Monday that Pierre-Paul might miss all of training camp and the preseason, as well as the start of the regular-season, because of the injuries. There is media speculation that Pierre-Paul will be placed on Non-Football Injury (NFI) List at the start of training camp. However, a team official told The Daily News, “Until we know what we’re dealing with, nobody knows if he’ll miss anything.”

Pierre-Paul was designated the team’s Franchise Player in early March with a 1-year, $14.813 million tender. Pierre-Paul has yet to sign the tender and the Giants have not yet rescinded it since the accident on Saturday. Per Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) rules, NFL teams have until July 15th to sign Franchise Players to multi-year contracts. If not, the Franchise Player must play out the 2015 season on his 1-year tender.

There were conflicting reports on Monday and Tuesday on the status of long-term contract talks between the Giants and Pierre-Paul. On Monday, NFL.com reported that the Giants had pulled a $60 million, multi-year contract offer off of the table. On the other hand, The New York Post said that the long-term offer had not been pulled.

On Tuesday, The New York Daily News reported that a team official said that the NFL.com story on the $60 million contract offer was not accurate since there had never been any serious long-term contract talks. That said, the team source told The Daily News that there is now “no chance” that the team would re-sign Pierre-Paul to a long-term deal before the July 15 deadline and that Pierre-Paul’s only option is to sign the 1-year, $14.813 million tender. The Daily News says the team is not currently considering rescinding the tender.

Jul 062015
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Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants (November 3, 2014)

Jason Pierre-Paul – © USA TODAY Sports Images

There still is no official word on the extent and severity of the injuries suffered by New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul in a fireworks accident at his South Florida home during July 4th festivities. According to NJ.com, Pierre-Paul remains hospitalized in Miami.

ESPN is reporting that Pierre-Paul is undergoing further medical evaluation today, but the Giants are “pretty pleased with the initial prognosis.” ESPN says Pierre-Paul suffered injuries to both hands, although the injuries to one hand are far more significant than the other. ESPN is reporting that Pierre-Paul badly burned three fingers and the palm of one of his hands. There is still concern that there may be nerve damage to one of the fingers.

BleacherReport.com is reporting that the injuries are not considered career- or season-threatening. BleacherReport says the injuries are “flesh wounds” to the hand.

Multiple press reports say the Giants are still in the process of collecting information on what happened and Pierre-Paul’s medical status.

Set to become an unrestricted free agent before free agency started in March, the Giants designated Pierre-Paul their Franchise Player with a 1-year, $14.813 million tender. Pierre-Paul and the Giants had until July 15 to agree to a long-term deal. After July 15, Pierre-Paul may only sign the 1-year tender for the 2015 season and a new contract cannot be negotiated until after the season.

NFL.com is reporting that the Giants had a long-term, $60 million contract offer (number of years not indicated) on the table for Pierre-Paul, but the Giants have now pulled that offer. According to NFL.com, “Given the timing of the (fireworks accident) and the apparent judgment displayed, the Giants do not believe a long-term offer is in the best interest of those involved at this point.”

Before the accident, it was unlikely that Pierre-Paul was going to accept the $60 million offer, choosing to play out the year on the tender.

At the present moment, multiple sources say the Giants are not expected to rescind the 1-year, $14.813 million tender. That could change of course depending on the true severity of the injuries and Pierre-Paul’s state of mind. Rescinding the tender would make Pierre-Paul an unrestricted free agent and allow him to sign with any team.

Jul 052015
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Jason Pierre-Paul Suffers Hand Injury in Fireworks Accident: According to multiple media reports, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a potentially serious hand injury in a fireworks accident during July 4th festivities at his South Florida home on Saturday.

The full extent of the injuries are not yet known. According to ESPN, the palm and the tips of three fingers of one of Pierre-Paul’s hands were severely burned. Doctors are checking to see if one of his fingers suffered nerve damage. However, one source told ESPN that it is believed Pierre-Paul will be fine. Early reports had erroneously stated that Pierre-Paul had lost several fingers.

Pierre-Paul has yet to sign the 1-year, $14.813 million Franchise tender the team tagged him with. It is not yet known how this accident will affect his availability in training camp, the preseason, and/or the regular season.

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Jun 272015
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Eli Manning, New York Giants (June 16, 2015)

Eli Manning – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Eli Manning’s Agent Confident in a New Deal: The agent for New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, Tom Condon, told The New York Daily News that he is confident a new contract will be negotiated that will keep Manning in Giants Blue. Manning is entering the final year of his current contract. He is scheduled to make $17 million in base salary in 2015 and count $19.75 million against the team’s salary cap.

“The interesting part about it is, since 1993, the inception of free agency, has there ever been an elite quarterback hit the open market?” asked Condon. “Peyton (Manning did in 2012), but he had four neck surgeries and no idea if he would ever be well enough to play. Drew Brees, when he went to New Orleans (in 2006), he had 15 studs in his shoulder, in his throwing arm (from a hit he took in the final game of 2005). There’s nobody else that’s ever come up. They just re-do you.”

Condon also pointed to Manning’s reputation off of the field.

“In all the years that he’s been here, has he ever said anything that’s been scandalous in the newspaper?” Condon said. “Nothing. And in this market? He’s a genuinely good guy.”

“The quarterbacks always get done,” Condon said. “And the Giants are not a skittish team. So it’s not one of those things where they get nervous or they jump around or anything like that. You know you’re going to go in and it’s going to get done. I’m sure at the appropriate time it’ll happen.”

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Jun 262015
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Landon Collins, New York Giants (June 16, 2015)

Landon Collins – © USA TODAY Sports Images

Safety Landon Collins, the second-round draft pick of the New York Giants in the 2015 NFL Draft, was asked on Friday what his expectations were for his rookie season at the NFL’s Rookie Symposium.

“Defensive Rookie of the Year, that’s my expectation,” Collins responded.

The Giants traded up to take Collins with the first pick in the second round, giving up their fourth-round selection to do so. “They didn’t move up in the draft for no reason, that’s what I’m trying to prove and be ready to play,” said Collins.

Collins has practiced with the first-team defense since being drafted. While most draft pundits argued that Collins was strictly an in-the-box, run-defending safety, the Giants have insisted since the draft that he is more than that. And Collins practiced at both safety positions during the Organized Team Activity (OTA) and mini-camp practices.

“It’s been going fantastic,” said Collins. “The coaches love the range that I have. I get to go showcase it at practice…the more I work on it, the better I can get at it and the more I can help my corners if I need to help over the top.”

Last week, safeties coach David Merritt said the team is still looking for a leader to step forward at safety.

“You need to have one leader back there, and that’s what I’m still looking for,” said Merritt. “It’s elusive. I’m searching for it. If it’s Landon, great. If it’s Cooper (Taylor), great. If it’s Nat (Berhe), great. If it’s Mykkele (Thompson), great. But I need to have a leader come up and emerge out of this mini-camp and emerge out of training camp…(We’ve had) very slow leadership as far as making calls and controlling the defense. The guys right now are very slow at making those checks.”

Collins says he is ready to accept that challenge.

“First, what I’m trying to improve is my trust with the players,” said Collins. “I can’t be a leader until they trust me in my play calling and be able to call plays and make movements and make an adjustment. So that is what I need to work on and that’s what I’m going to work on day by day.”

“(Collins) has to make the calls and get everyone lined up,” said Merritt. “I really do (think Collins can do it). He is starting to realize that these missed alignments and the minus plays, I have to cut those out of my game in order for the guys around me to trust me. That is what he wants to be. He wants to be a leader. Okay, we are putting him out there. I think he is going to be ready to go, definitely, for Dallas.”

Jun 262015
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Odell Beckham Victor Cruz, New York Giants (June 8, 2015)

Odell Beckham and Victor Cruz – © USA TODAY Sports Images

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Jun 212015
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Jun 192015
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Landon Collins Signs: According to multiple press reports, the New York Giants have signed safety Landon Collins, the team’s second-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Terms of the deal are not yet known but it is expected the contract will be in the 4-year, $6 million range. All of the team’s 2015 NFL Draft picks are now signed.

Eli Manning on WFAN: The audio of Friday’s WFAN interview of quarterback Eli Manning is available at CBS New York. Some of the points raised by Manning:

  • On his contract status: “I never got concerned about contract stuff…I started (with the Giants)…I don’t want to change teams…I want to stay here. Hopefully it works out that way.”
  • On Odell Beckham getting ribbed by teammates for missing practice: “We have a great relationship. You’re not practicing, people will get on you a little bit. It’s usually in fun. I am sure he is sick of it. He wants to be out there practicing…It’s in fun. Guys are not mad at him…Sometimes when things go wrong and you’re not practicing, you just got to sit there and take it, and be a man and learn from it.”
  • On the West Coast Offense: “I like the West Coast (Offense)…It all makes sense. There is a reason for the footwork…It’s quarterback friendly.”
  • On Shane Vereen: “It’s a little different even for (Offensive Coordinator Ben) McAdoo, having a running back with those abilities…we have some stuff where the running back is your first read…sometimes we will have both of them (Vereen and Rashad Jennings) in the game at the same time.”
  • On 2014: “Last year I had so many doubts or unknowns about how I was going to adjust to a new offense…after being in the same offense for 10 years. Now changing all of your footwork…and so many new guys.”

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Jun 152015
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Report: Jason Pierre-Paul Expected to Skip Mini-Camp:  According to multiple media reports, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul will likely not attend this week’s 3-day mandatory mini-camp that begins on Tuesday. Pierre-Paul was designated as the team’s Franchise Player in early March. Since he has not yet signed his 1-year, $14.813 million tender, Pierre-Paul cannot be fined by Giants for skipping the mini-camp.

Pierre-Paul has not attended any of the Giants voluntary offseason program workouts (which began in April) and Organized Team Activity (OTA) sessions (which ended last week). He has been working out with his own personnel trainer in Miami. Without a contract, Pierre-Paul is unlikely to risk an injury during on-field practice sessions. The New York Daily News is reporting that even if Pierre-Paul decides to show up for mini-camp team meetings, he will not participate in practices because of the injury risk.

July 15 is the deadline for all teams to sign their Franchise Players to long-term contracts. After this date, Pierre-Paul may only sign his one-year tender with the Giants and his contract cannot be extended until the 2015 season is over.

The Daily News is reporting that no serious long-term contract negotiations have taken place between the Giants and Pierre-Paul and that Pierre-Paul will likely sign his $14.813 million tender before training camp begins in late July. The paper says the Giants “are leery of entering into a long-term deal” with Pierre-Paul due to concerns about previous back injury issues that affected him in 2012 and 2013.

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Jun 112015
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The New York Giants have signed undrafted rookie free agent linebacker Tony Johnson. Johnson fills the roster spot created when the Giants waived linebacker Ryan Jones last week with an undisclosed injury.

The 6’2”, 254-pound Johnson played collegiately at Louisiana Tech. As a senior, Johnson was credited with 69 tackles, seven tackles for a loss, 2.5 sacks, three pass defenses, and two forced fumbles. At his Pro Day, Johnson ran the 40-yard dash in the 4.81 range.

Because of this roster move, we have updated the Transactions, Roster, and Depth Chart sections of the website.